01.What are the first names of the four members of The Vamps?

02.What song by Pharrell Williams begins with the lyrics, 'It might sound crazy what I'm about to say..'?

03.What song did Jessie J sing with Nicki Manaj and Ariana Grande in 2014:
a. Bang Bang, b. Domino, c. Super Bass?

04.How many members were originally in One Direction?

05.Which of the following songs features a young girl singing with a young boy in the music video:
a. Everything Has Changed, b. The Story of Us, c. Love Story?

06.Complete the title of Miley Cyrus' 2014 song 'Wrecking ....'?

07.What is Luke's surname from 5 Seconds of Summer:
a. Smith, b. Bradley, c. Hemmings?

08.What album did Meghan Trainor release in May 2016: a. Title, b. Thank You, c. Only 17?

09.Which of these songs was released by The Vamps: a. Wild Horse, b. Wild Heart, c. Wild Ways?

10.Which of the following songs features Ed Sheeran performing a professional dance routine in the music video:
a. Don't, b. Thinking Out Loud, c. Lego House?

11.What talent show did Little Mix win:
a. Britain's Got Talent, b. The Voice, c. The X Factor?

12.Complete the song title from the 2014 Lego Movie, 'Everything is...'?

13.Who released a hit song in 2014 called 'Ghost'?

14.Which of the following songs did OneRepublic release in 2014:
a. Chasing Stars, b. Catching Stars, c. Counting Stars?

15.Who was winner of the X Factor 2014?

16.Which song was released by The Wanted in 2013: a. We Own the Night, b. Golden, c. High and Low?


01.Bradley, Connor, Tristan, James


03.a. Bang Bang


05.a. Everything Has Changed


07.c. Hemmings

08.b. Thank you

09.b. Wild Heart

10.b. Thinking Out Loud

11.c. The X Factor


13.Ella Henderson

14.Counting Stars

15.Ben Haenow

16.a. We Own the Night