Top 10 Best Photo editing software for PC 2017 | windows 7,windows 8 & windows 10. (Review)

NEW Photo editors with! Advanced features, layer support etc.

Number 10 is Google Nik Collection: it’s a powerful plugins in a single suite for Photoshop, Light room, and Aperture. It has powerful effects if you’re looking for classic effect or color correction for your photos, even black and white photography and noise reduction. (Free)
You can download it and install it for MAC and Windows.

Number 9 is DXO Optics pro it’s a wonferful software for photographers it has a lot of features but the ones I like is the smart lighting where you can easily restore the balance of light even the faces will be detected automatically. And the prim 2016 for dark places shots it has high sensitivity for details and colors in shadow.
Tailor made optical corrections that corrects all the optical defects: distortion, chromatic aberration and lens softness.
and with Clear view you can remove the haze and smog in single click
DXO presets where you can apply multiple corrections in a single click.
You can buy the essential edition 129 USD, ELITE Edition for 199USD.

Number 8 cyberlink photodirectior 6 ultra, its currently on sale you can buy it around 50 USD. this software has been designed to do almost everything lightroom dose, and a few more tasks. It has great tools for noise reduction, blur, lens correction and one click presets. And it have a wonderful tools for body and face beautification.

Number 7 corel paintshop pro, you can buy its ultimate version for 100USD, it has most of photoshop tools and filters and you can instantly enhance your photo with perfectly clear 2SE. you can also record your screen to create custom video for you presentation. And it has dozens of brushes and textures.

Number 6 on1 photo 10.5, it is a powerful software that combines quick and easy edits based on a powerful range of preset enhancement, corrections, effects, and filters, very good portrait retouching and export options. You can buy around 110USD.

Number 5 Macphun creative Kit 2016,its photography software made for MAC users, you can get instant result with dozens of pro presets like intensify, tonality, snapheal where you can erase unwanted objects and straingers, FX photo studio with great filters and focus effect and noiseless for noise removing. Its price is 130 USD.

Number 4 adobe photoshop elements 14, it’s just like the lighter version of Photoshop and its more beginners friendly, it’s available for 60 USD, it has 3 editing modes Quick, guided and experts. It’s easy for creating and organizing photo and it can be shared directly on social media.

Number 3 capture one pro 9, it’s a nice software for detailing coloring and image rendering, many of the world best photographers using it. It supports over 400 cameras. Capture one express 9 for Sony it’s free to use with the compatible Sony cameras.
But it’s a bit expensive you can buy it for 279EUR. Or subscribe for 12 EUR a month.

Number 2 serif affinity photo, it’s available for MAC users only for 40 EUR, and I think its worth it. It has been selected as the best MAC app on 2013. You can work with incredible editing work place and it has all the tools that you need to improve your photo lighting and shadows. It has a very accurate objects selection and extensive retouching tools.

Number 1 adobe photography plan, in this plan you will get Photoshop cc and lightroom cc, you can edit with best presets and adjustments and also in this plan you will get adobe mobile apps all of that for 10USD a month, and with light room you can enhance your photographs and organize it anywhere, and its user friendly.