W3World Wide Web
W3AWorld Wide Web Applets
W3CWorld Wide Web Consortium
W4WGWindows For WorkGroups
WAWrite Audit
WAASWide Area Augmentation System
WABWhat Another Bill
WABIWindows Application Binary Interface
WACKWait for Acknowledgment
WACSWestern and Central States
WAGwild ass guess
WAISWide Area Information Server/Service/Search
WAITSWide Area Information Transfer Systems
WAMKSAMWhy are My Kitties (Kids) Staring at Me
WANWide Area Network
WAOSSWide Angle Optoelectronic Stereo Scanner
WAPWireless Access Protocol / Wireless Application Protocol
WARCWorld Administrative Radio Conference
WARPWeather And Radar Processor systems
WASWild A** Guess / Web Application Server / Windows Application Server
WASPWarriors Against Software Protection
WATSWebsite Activity Tracking Statistics / Wide Area Telecommunications Service / Wide Area Telephone Service
WAVWave (waveform) data file (music)
WAVESWaveform And Vector Exchange Specification
WAYWWhat are you wearing?
WBWelcome back
WBCWideBand Channel
WBEMWeb-Based Enterprise Management
WBEMWeb-Based Enterprise Management (initiative)
WBSWrite Back Soon / Work Breakdown Structure
WCWildCat! (BBS Software) / Wire Center / Word Count
WCCWorld Congress on Computing
WCPCWire Center Planning Center
WCSWireless Communication Service(s) / World Coordinate System
WCUWater Cooling Unit
WDWorking Document / Working Draft
WDCSWideband Digital Cross-Connect System
WDFWorld Domination Force
WDLWindow Driver Library
WDMWave(length) Division MultiPlexing / Win32 Driver Model / Windows Driver Model
WDRAMWindows Dynamic Random Access Memory
WDTWatch Dog Timer
WDYLLWhat do you look like?
WDYMBTWhat do You Mean by That?
WEBNFSWEB Network File System
WECWestinghouse Electric Corporation
WELACWestern Europe Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation
WELLWhole Earth 'Lectronic Link
WEPWell-known Entry Point
WEPNWorldwide Electronic Publishing Network
WESWestern Electronics Switching
WESSTWestern Engineering Student Society Team
WFMWorks For Me
WFMCWorkflow Management Coalition (usually as WfMC)
WFMTUGWorld Federation of MAP / TOP Users' Group
WFPWell Formed Path
WFQWeighted Fair Queuing
WFWWindows For Workgroups (sometimes as WfW)
WGWorking Group
WGASWho gives a sh*t?
WGSWork Group System
WHAMWaveform Hold and Modify
WHCWorkstation Host Connection
WIBAMUWell I'll be a Monkey's Uncle
WIBNIWould It Be Nice If
WICWAN Interface Card
WIDEWidely Interconnected Distributed Environment
WIDLWeb Interface Definition Language
WILWindows Interface Language
WIMPWashed-up Information Media Phobe / Window Icon Mouse Pointer (interface)
WINWindows / Wissenschaftsnetz (science network)
WINDOWide Information Network for Data Online
WINDOWSWill Install Needless Data On Whole System / Won't Intentionally Nacker Drive Or Wipe Spreadsheets
WINEWINdows Emulator
WINFORUMWireless Information Networks Forum
WINGSWeb Interactive Network of Government Services
WINHECWINdows Hardware Engineering Conference
WINSWarehouse Information Network Standards / Windows Internet Name Service
WIPWork In Progress/Process / Workcenter Information Package
WIPOWorld Intellectual Property Organization
WISEWordPerfect Information System Environment
WITWeb Interactive Talk
WITTWorkstation Interactive Test Tool
WizOpWizard Sysop; the primary Forum Administrator/Sysop
WLWord Line / Wright-Patterson Laboratory
WLIFWireless LAN Interface Forum
WMWork Manager
WMCWorkflow Management Coalition
WMFWindows Metafile (usually as .WMF) / Workload Monitoring Function
WMMOWSWash My Mouth Out with Soap
WNICWide area Network Interface Co-processor
WNIMWide area Network Interface Module
WNOHGBWhere No One Has Gone Before
WOAWork Of Art
WOBWaste of Bandwidth
WOFTAMWaste Of Flaming Time And Money
WOMWeb Object Management
WORMWrite Once - Read Many
WOSWorkstation Operating System
WOSAWindows Open Services Architecture / Windows Open Services Architecture
WOTWWord of the week
WOWWindows On Windows (layer)
WPWhite Pages / Word Perfect / Word Processing / Write Protected / Working Party
WPDWindows Printer Description (file)
WPEWorld Pirate Echo
WPGWordPerfect Graphics (format) (usually .WPG)
WPHDWrite-Protect Hard Disk
WPMWords Per Minute
WPMWords Per Minute (usually as wpm)
WPOSWorkPlace Operating System
WPSWindows Printing System / WorkPlace Shell / Word Processing Software
WPVMWindows Parallel Virtual Machine
WRAMWindow Random Access Memory
WRBWeb Request Broker
WRBDWeb Request Broker Dispatcher
WRKWindows Resource Kit
WRQWalker Richer + Quinn
WRTWith Regard To / With Respect To
WRUWho Are You
WSAPIWeb Site Application Program Interface
WSATWinSock Application Programming Interface Test
WSFWorkStation Function
WTWithout Thinking / Write Through
WTBWireless Telecommunications Bureau
WTFWhat The F**k / Who the Fu** !
WTFDIKWhat the Fu#? Do I Know
WTFIGOWhat The Fu** Is Going On?
WTFRU?Who the F#~$ are you?
WTGWay To Go
WTG!Way to Go!
WTGPWant to go private?
WTHWhat/Who The Heck / What/Who the Hell
WTLOBwatch "The Life of Brian"
WTMWhite Trash Magazine
WTOWorld Trade Organization
WTORWrite To Operator with Reply
WTTMWithout Thinking Too Much
WUIWestern Union International
WVIEWWorld View (Magazine)
WVIEWWorld View Magazine
WWWeenie Warriors
WWWorld - Wide / Worldwide
WWANWireless Wide Area Network
WWISWorld Wide Information System
WWMCCSWorldWide Military Command and Control System
WWWWorld Wide Wait / World Wide Web
WWWWWorld Wide Web Worm
WYGIWYPFWhat You Get Is What You Pay For
WYLABOCTGWTRWould You Like a Bowl of Cream to go with That Remark?
WYLASOMWTCWould You Like a Saucer of Milk with that Comment?
WYMMWill You Marry Me?
WYPIWYGWhat You Printed Is What You've Got
WYSBYGIWhat You See Before You Get It
WYSIAWYGWhat You See is Almost What You Get
WYSIAYGWhat You See Is All You Get
WYSINWNWYGWhat You See Is No Where Near What You Get
WYSINWYGWhat You See Is NOT What You Get
WYSIWYGWhat You See Is What You Get
WYTYSYDGWhat You Thought You Saw You Didn't Get
WYWOWhile You Were Out


WANO           :- World Association of Nuclear Operators

WAY             :- World Assembly of Youth

WEF             :- World Economic Forum

WFTU           :- World Federation of Trade Union

WHO             :- World Health Organization

WIDF            :- Women's International Democratic Federation

WIPO           :- World Intellectual Property Organization

WIPSA          :- Women's Initiative for Peace in South Asia

WMO            :- World Meteorological Organization

WWF            :- World Wild Life Fund

WWFI           :- World Wide Fund for Nature India

WWPA          :- World Wild Life Protection Agency