VVersion / Volt
V&VVerification and Validation
V)=|Pacman Champion
V.FCV.Fast Class
V+TUVoice Plus Teleprinter Unit
VAVirtual Address
VACValue-Added Carrier / Voltage Alternating Current / Volts - A/C Current
VADValue Added Dealer/Distributor
VADDValue Added Disk Driver
VADSValue Added Data Services
VADSLVery-High-Rate Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
VALValue / Voice Application Language
VAMVirtual Access Method
VANValue Added Network
VANValue-Added Network
VAPValue-Added Process
VARValue-Added Reseller / Value-Added Retailer
VARPVINES Address Resolution Protocol
VASValue Added Service
VASTVariable Array Storage Technology
VAXVirtual Access Extended/eXtension
VAX/VMSVirtual Address Extension/Virtual Memory System
VAXftVAX Fault Tolerant
VAXFTVirtual Address Extension Fault Tolerant (usually VAXft)
VBVariable Block / Visual Basic
VBAVisual Basic for Applications
VBE/AIVESA BIOS Extension/Audio Interface
VBIVertical Blanking Interface
VBIVertical Blanking Interval
VBNVermittelandes BreitbandNetz
VBNSVery-high-speed Backbone Network Service / Very-high Bandwidth Network Service
VBPJVisual Basic Programmer's Journal
VBRVariable Bit Rate
VBSVisual Basic Script
VCVirtual Call / Virtual Channel / Virtual Circuit / Virtual Container / Virtual Community
VCCVirtual Channel Connection
VCCIVoluntary Control Council for Interference
VCDVirtual Communications Driver
VCIVirtual Channel Identifier / Virtual Circuit Identifier
VCLVirtual Channel Link / Visual Component Library
VCOSVisual Caching Operating System
VCPVideo Cassette Player
VCPIVirtual Control Program Interface
VCRVictims of Credit Reporting (victims advocacy group) / Video Cassette Recorder
VCSVirtual Circuit Switch / Virtual Circuit System
VCXOVoltage - Controlled Crystal Oscillator
VDVideo Dox
VDAVisual Data Analysis
VDCVolts(age) Direct Current
VDDVersion Description Document / Virtual Device Driver
VDDMVirtual Device Driver Manager
VDEVideo Display Editor / Visual Development Environment / Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker
VDIVirtual Device Interface
VDMVirtual DOS Machine
VDMADVirtual Direct Memory Access Device
VDSVirtual DMA Services
VDSLVery-high-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line / Very-high-data-rate Digital Subscriber Line
VDTVideo Dial Tone / Video Display Terminal / Visual Display Terminal / Volume Definition Table
VDUVideo Display Unit / Visual Display Unit
VEGAVideo-7 Enhanced Graphics Adapter
VEMMVirtual Expanded Memory Manager
VEMMIVErsatile MultiMedia Interface
VERONICAVery Easy Rodent-Oriented Netwide Index to Computerized Archives
VERRVERify Read access
VERTISVehicle Road and Traffic Intelligence Society (of Japan)
VERWVERify Write access
VESAVideo Electronics/Equipment Standards Association
VETLAVery Enhanced TLA
VEXVideo Extensions for X-windows
VFVirtual Floppy / Voice Frequency
VFATVirtual File Allocation Table
VFCVector Function Chainer / Video Feature Connector / Version.First Class / Video Feature Connector
VFDVacuum Fluorescent Display
VFPVertical Forms Printing
VFRPVINES Fragmentation Protocol
VFSVINES File System / Virtual File Store / Virtual File System
VFTVoice Frequency Telegraph
VFUVertical Forms Unit
VFWVideo For Windows
VGVoice Grade
VGAVideo Graphics Adapter / Video Graphics Array
VGBVoice Grade Budget
VGCVideo Graphics Controller
VGFVoice Grade Facility
VHDLVHSIC Hardware Description Language
VHFVery High Frequency
VHSVery High Speed / Virtual Host Storage
VHSICVery High Speed Integrated Circuit
VIVisual Interactive
VIAVax Information Architecture / Virtual Interface Architecture
VICARVideo Image Communication And Retrieval
VICIVendor Independent Component Imaging
VICPVINES Internet Control Protocol
VICSVoluntary Interindustry Communications Standards (committee)
VIDSVICAR/Video Interactive Display Subsystem
VIEVirtual Information Environment
VIFVIrtual Interface / Virtual Interrupt Flag
VIMVendor Independent Mail/Messaging / Video Interface Module
VINVehicle Identification Number
VINCEVendor Independent Network Control Entity
VINESVIrtual NEtwork Software / Virtual Networking System
VIOVideo Input/Output / Virtual Input/Output
VIPVersatile Interface Processor / VINES (Virtual Networking System) Internet Protocol / Visual Information Processing / VIsual Programmer / Variable Information Processing / Video Information Provider / Virtual Interrupt Pending
VIPCVINES InterProcess Protocol
VIPERVerifiable Integrated Processor for Enhanced Reliability
VIPRVisual Imperative PRogramming (language)
VIPSVideo Image Printer Systems
VISVideo Information System / Visual Instruction Set / Voice Information System
VISCVideo Instruction Set Computing
VITALVirtually Integrated Technical Architecture Lifecycle
VIUVoiceband Interface Unit
VIUFVHDL International Users Forum
VJHEADERVan Jacobsen Header
VLVESA Local (bus) / Virtual Link
VLAVolume Licensing Agreement
VLANVirtual Local Area Network
VLBUSVesa Local-Bus
VLDVariable-Length Decoder
VLDBVery Large DataBase
VLFVery Low Frequency
VLICVery Large Integrated Circuit
VLIWVery Large Instruction Word
VLMVery Large Memory (architecture) / Virtual Loadable Module
VLSIVery Large Scale Integrated circuitry / Very Large Scale Integration
VLSIPSVery Large Scale Immobilized Polymer Synthesis
VLTVariable List Table
VMVirtual (8086) Mode / Virtual Machine / Virtual Memory / Voice Messaging
VM/CMSVirtual Machine Conversation Monitor System
VM/SPVirtual Machine / System Product
VM/SPVirtual Machine/System product
VMAVirtual Memory Address
VMBVoice Mail Box
VMBVoice Mail Box / Virtual Machine Boot
VMCVESA Media Channel
VMCFVirtual Machine Communications Facility
VMCMSVirtual Machine Conversation Monitor System
VMDVirtual Manufacturing Device
VMEVersa Module Eurocard / Virtual Memory Environment / Virtual Mode Extensions (OS/2)
VMEVersa Module Europa (IEEE 1014)
VMIVertical Motion Index
VMMVirtual Machine Manager / Virtual Memory Manager
VMOSVertical Metal Oxide Semiconductor
VMPVirtual Modem Protocol
VMRVolt-Meter Reverse
VMRSVoice Message Relay System
VMSVirtual Memory (Operation) System / Voice Message System / Voice Mail System / Voice Management System
VMSPVirtual Machine System Product
VMTVirtual Memory Technique
VMTPVersatile Message Transaction Protocol
VNVirtual Network
VNAVirtual Networking Architecture
VNETVirtual NETwork
VNFVirtual Network Feature
VNLVia Net Loss (plan)
VNLFVia Net Loss Factor
VNLPVia Net Loss Plan
VODVideo On Demand
VODASVoice Over Data Access Station
VOIPVoice over IP (usually as VoIP)
VOMVolt Ohm Meter
VOPVelocity Of Propagation
VORVisions Of Reality
VOSVirtual Operating System / Verbal Operating System / Voice Operating System
VOTSVAX OSI Transport Service
VOXVolume Element
VPVirtual Path
VPAVAX Performance Advisor
VPCVirtual Path Connection
VPCIVirtual Path Connection Identifier
VPDVirtual Printer Device / Vital Product Data
VPDNVirtual Private Data Network
VPDSVirtual Private Data Service
VPEVideo Port Extensions / Virtual Programming Environment
VPIVirginia Polytechnical Institute / Virtual Path Identifier
VPLVirtual Path Link / Virtual Programming Language / Visual Programming Language
VPLAVisual Programming Language for Animation
VPMVideo Port Manager
VPNVirtual Page Number / Virtual Private Network
VPPPeak-Point Voltage (usually Vpp)
VPSVoice Processing System
VPSCVault Process Structure Configuration
VPTVirtual Path Terminator
VPTVirtual Print Technology
VQVector Quantication
VRVirtual Reality / Voltage Regulated/Regulator/Regulation
VRAMVideo Random Access Memory
VRCVertical Redundancy Check
VRDIVirtual Raster Display Interface
VREVoltage Regulation Extended
VRMVoltage Regulator Module
VRMLVirtual Reality Markup Language / Virtual Reality Modeling Language
VROOMMVirtual Real-time Object Oriented Memory Manager
VRSVoice Response System
VRTVoltage Regulation Technology
VRTPVINES Routing Transport Protocol
VRUVoice Response Unit
VRUPVINES Routing Update Protocol
VSVirtual Scheduling / Virtual Storage
VS/VDVirtual Source / Virtual Destination
VSAMVirtual Sequential Access Method / Virtual Storage Access Method
VSATVery Small Aperture Terminal
VSBVestigial SideBand (modulation)
VSCVocalTec Software Compression
VSEVirtual Storage Extended
VSFVertical Scanning Frequency / Voice Store and Forward
VSIVirtual Socket Interface
VSIOVirtual Serial Input Output
VSLIVery Large Scale Integration
VSMVirtual Shared Memory / Virtual Storage Management / Visual System Management
VSNVolume Serial Number
VSOSVirtual Storage Operating System
VSPCVisual Storage Personal Computing
VSPPVINES Sequenced Packet Protocol
VSRVoice Storage and Retrieval
VSSVoice Storage System
VSSPVoice Switch Signaling Point
VSVDVirtual Source / Virtual Destination
VSWRVoltage Standing Wave Radio
VSYNCVertical Sync
VTVertical Tabulation (ASCII) / Video Terminal / Virtual Terminal / Virtual Tributary
VTAMVirtual Telecommunications Access Method
VTAMEVirtual Telecommunications Access Method Entry
VTCVolume Tape Catalog
VTGVirtual Trunk Group
VTIVirtual Terminal Interface
VTNSVirtual Telecommunications Network Service
VTOAVoice and Telephony Over ATM
VTOCVolume Table of Contents
VTPVirtual Terminal Protocol
VTPPVariable Team Pricing Plan
VTRVideo Tape Recorder
VTSVideo Teleconferencing System
VUVolume Unit
VUEVisual User Environment
VUIVideo User Interface
VUITVisual User Interface Tool
VUPVAX Unit of Performance
VUPVax Unit of Processing
VWBVisual WorkBench
VxDVirtual Device Driver
VXDVirtual eXtended Driver


VABAL          :- Value Based Advanced License

VAT               :- Value Added Tax

VCO              :- Viceroy Commissioned Officer

VIP                :- Very Important Person

VPP               :- Value Payable Post

VRDE           :- Vehicle Research and Development Establishment

VRS               :- Voluntary Retirement Scheme

VSNL            :- Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited

VSSC            :- Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre

VTMS           :- Versel Traffic Management System

VVF               :- Village Volunteer Force