U&CRL Universities and Colleges Research Libraries
U/LUniversal / Local
UAUnderground America / Universal Access / Unnumbered Acknowledgment / User Account / User Agent
UAAUnited Anarchists of America
UAEUnrecoverable application error (Bane of Windows' users!) / User Agent Entity
UALUser Agent Layer
UAMUser Authentication Method
UAOSUser Alliance for Open Systems
UAPDUUser Agent Protocol Data Unit
UARTUniversal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter
UASUnAvailable Second
UASFEUnAvailable Second Far End
UASLUser Agent SubLayer
UAVUnmanned Air Vehicle
UBCIMUniversal Bibliographic Control / International MARC
UBDUser Brain Damage
UBRUnspecified Bit Rate
UCUnited Couriers
UCASUniversities and Colleges Admissions Service
UCCUniform Code Council / Uniform Commercial Codes
UCDUniform Call Distribution
UCEUnsolicited Commerical E-mail
UCETUniversities Council for the Education of Teachers
UCFUnderground Computing Foundation / Untouchable Cracking Force
UCHGUniversities and Colleges Hardware Group
UCISAUniversities and Colleges Information Systems Association (Formerly UCTG)
UCLUniversity College London
UCMUniversal Cable Module
UCMISGUniversities and Colleges Management Information Services Group
UCNGUniversities and Colleges Networking Group
UCoSDAUniversities' and Colleges' Staff Development Agency
UCRUnder Color Removal
UCSUniform Communication Standard / Universal Component System
UCSGUniversities and Colleges Software Group
UCTGUniversities and Colleges Training Group (Now UCISA)
UCTLIGUniversities and Colleges Teaching
UDUnit Data
UDAUser-Defined Applications
UDCUniversal Digital Channel / User Defined Command
UDFUniversal Disk Format / Universal Data Format / User Defined Functions
UDLCUniversal Data Link Control
UDMAUltra Direct Memory Access
UDPUser Datagram Protocol
UDTUser Defined Type
UDVMUniversal Data Voice Multiplexer
UEUser Element
UFCUniversities Funding Council
UFDUser Friendly Diagnostics
UFSUnix File System
UGCUniversity Grants Committee
UHFUltra - High Frequency
UHQUltra High Quality (image technology)
UIUnit Interval / UNIX International / Unnumbered Information / Unnumbered Interrupt / User Interface
UICUser Identification Code
UIDUser Identification
UIDEUser Interface Design Environment
UIFUnited Ignorance Front
UIMSUser Interface Management Systems
UISUniversal Information Services
UISTUser Interface Software and Technology (symposium)
UITPUniversal Information Transport Plan
UKUnited Kingdom
UKERNAUnited Kingdom Educational and Research Network Association (formerly the JNT)
UKOLNThe United Kingdom Office for Library and Information Networking
UKRAUnited Kingdom Registration Authority
ULAUpper Layer Architecture
ULCCUniversity of London Computing Centre
ULCTUpper Layer Conformance Testing
ULLUnix Linkable Library
ULPUpper Layer Protocol / Upper Layer Process
ULTRAUnderground Legion of Terroristic Research Activists
UMAUpper Memory Area
UMBUpper Memory Block
UMDUser Manager for Domains
UMEUNI Management Entity
UMLUnified Modeling Language
UMPDUUser Message Protocol Data Unit
UMSLGUniversity Medical-School Librarians Group
UNUnited Nations
UNAUpstream Neighbors Address
UNCUniform Naming Convention / Universal Naming Convention
UNHIOLUniversity of New Hampshire InterOperability Lab
UNIUser-to-Network Interface / User-to-Network Interface (ATM specification)
UNICODEUnique Universal and Uniform character enCoding
UNISTARUNIversal Single call Telecommunications Answering and Repair
UNISTARUniversal Single-Call Telecommunications Answering & Repairing
UNITEUser Network Interface to Everything
UNIVACUniversal Automatic Computer
UNIXUniplexed Information and Computer Systems
UNJEDIUnited Nations Joint Electronic Data Interchange
UNMAUnified Network Management Architecture
UNNUrine Nation News
unPCPolitically incorrect
UNTDIUnited Nations Trade Data Interchange
UOFUnusual Order Form
UPCUniversal Product Code / Update Protect Checking / Usage Parameter Control / Utility Port Conditioner
UPHUnits Per Hour
UPIUnited Phreaker's Incorporated / United Press International
UPNUniversal Product Number
UPSUninterruptable Power Supply/System / United Parcel Service / United Pirate Syndicate
UPTUniversal Personal Telecommunications
UPUUniversal Postal Union
URBANUndaground Rap Blastin Asiatic Newsletter
URGUrgent (flag)
URIUniform Resource Indicator
URLUniform Resource Locator
URLUniform Resource Locator / Universal Resource Locator
URLUniversal Resource Locator
URNUnderground Rip-Off Network
URRUrgent reply requested
URSIUnion Radio Scientifique Internationale
USUnit Separator (ASCII) / United States
USAUndedicated Switch Access / United Software Association / United States Alliance (Amiga Group) / United States of America
USA/FLTUnited Software Association/Fairlight
USARTUniversal Synchronous Asynchronous Receiver / Transmitter
USBUniversal Serial Bus / Upper Side Band
USCUser Steering Committee
USCICU.S. Country Information Center
USDAUncle Sam's Demo Agency
USDNUnited States Digital Network
USFDCU.S. Financial Data Center
USIBCU.S. Integrated Business Center
USIPAUnited States Internet Providers Association
USITAUnited States Independent Telephone Association
USLUnix System Laboratories
USMUnSharp Masking
USMPU.S. Manufacturing Planning
USNCUnited States National Committee
USOUniversal Service Order
USOCUniversal Service Ordering Code
USPUniversal Sampling Plan
USPLU.S. Price List
USPSUnited States Postal Service
USRU.S. Robotics
USRAUniversities Space Research Association
USRTUniversal Synchronous Receiver Transmitter
USSSUnited States Secret Service
USTUnresolved Sexual Tension [X-Philes (fans)]
USVUser Services
UTUpper Tester
UTAMUnlicensed Transition And Management
UTCUniversal Time Coordinated (usually listed as Universal Coordinated Time)
UTGUnited Traders of Germany
UTMCUnited Technologies Microelectronics Center
UTOPIAUniversal Test and Operations PHY Interface for ATM
UTPUnshielded Twisted-Pair
UTTPUnshielded Telephone Twisted Pair
UTXUniversal Transaction eXchange
UUCICOUnix to Unix Copy Incoming Copy Outgoing
UUCPUNIX to UNIX copy [an archaic file transfer program]
UUIDUniversal Unique IDentifier
UUSUser to User Signalling
UUTUnit Under Test
UVCUniversal Voice Channel
UXUUnderground Experts United


UANC             :- United African National Council

UBLF             :- United Bengali Liberation Front

UDC               :- Upper Division Clerk /University Development Commission

UDI                 :- Unilateral Declaration of Independence

UEEM             :- Universalization of Elementary Education Mission

UGC                :- University Grant Commission

ULFA              :- United Liberation Front of Assam

UNAEC          :- United Nations Atomic Energy Commission

UNCED          :- United Nations Conference on Environment and Development

UNCHS          :- United Nations Commission on Human Settlements

UNCLOS        :- United Nations Conference on Law of the Sea

UNCSTD        :- United Nations Conference on Sciences and Technology for Development

UNCTC          :- United Nations Counter Terrorism Committee

UNCTAD       :- United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

UNDP             :- United Nations Development Programme

UNECAFE      :- United Nations Economic Commission for Asia and Far East

UNEF             :- United Nations Emergency Force

UNEP             :- United Nations Environment Programme

UNESCO        :- United Nations Economic and Social Commission

UNFCC           :- United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change

UNFPA           :- United Nations Framework for Population Activities

UNHCR          :- United Nations High Commission for Refugees

UNI                 :- United News of India

UNICEF         :- United Nations International Children Emergency Fund

UNIDO           :- United Nations Industrial Development Organization

UNISPACE   :- United Nations Conference on Exploration and Peaceful Usage of Outer Space

UNMIL          :- United Nations Mission in Libra

UNMOVIC   :- United Nations Monitoring Verification and Inspection Commission

UNO              :- United Nations Organization

UNRRA         :- United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration

UNSCOM      :- United Nations Special Commission

UNTAG          :- United Nations Transition Assistance Group

UPROV          :- Union for Protection of New Varieties of Plants

UPSC              :- Union Public Service Commission

UPTN              :- Universal Personal Tele Number

UPU                :- Universal Postal Union

USAID           :- United States Agency for International Development

USIS              :- United States Information Service

USITC            :- United States International Trade Corporation

USSR             :- Union of Soviet Socialist Republic

UTS                :- Unreserved Ticketing System