TTera / Terabyte / Tip
T&CTime and Charge
T1/OST1 Carrier Outstate
T1FET1 Carrier Front End
TAThanks Again / Terminal Adapter / Transfer Allowed / Transferred Account
TAASTrunk Answer from Any Station
TACTechnical Assistance Center / Telnet Access Card / Terminal Access Circuit / Terminal Access Controller
TADTelephone Answering Device
TADPTests and Analyses of Data Protocols
TAETransportable Applications Environment
TAFNThat's All For Now
TAFTThat's a frightening thought
TAGTchnical Advisory Group
TALiSMANTeaching and Learning in Scottish Metropolitan Area Networks
TAMTelephone Aswering Machine
TAMUTexas A&M University
TANTechnical Assistance Center / Telecomm and Networks
TANJThere Ain't No Justice
TANSTAAFLThere Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
TAPTechnical Assistance Program/Party / Test Access Port / Telephone Assistance Plan / Trans-Atlantic Project
TAPITelephony Application(s) Program(ming) Interface
TAPInTraining and Awareness Programme in Networks
TARTape Archive
TARFUthings are really fouled up
TARRTest Action Request Receiver
TASTelephone Answering Service / The Apostle Syndicate
TASCTechnical Assistance Service Center / Technology Applications Sub Committee / Telecommunications Alarm Surveillance and Control System
TASDThe Association of Social Disorder
TASITime Assignment Speech Interpolation
TATTheoretical Arrival Time / Trans-Atlantic Telephone
TAUTechnical Advisory Unit (for UKERNA) / Telematic Access Unit
TAVLThreaded Adelson - Velskii - Landis (programming method)
TAXITransparent Asynchronous Transmitter/Receiver Interface
TBTerabit (usually as Tb) / TeraByte / Transparent Bridging / Treasury Board
TBBSThe Bread Board System
TBCTime-Based Corrector / Token Bus Controller
TBDTo Be Determined
TBGTelecomm Business Group
TBITSTreasury Board Information Technology Standard
TBPSTerabits Per Second (usually as Tbps) / TeraBytes Per Second (usually as TBps)
TBRTechnical Basis for Regulation
TBSTreasury Board Secretariat
TBTTechnology Based Training
TBUTerminals Business Unit
TCTechnical Committee / Terminal Controller / Test Conductor / Timing Center / Timing Counter / Toll Center / Toll Charge / Transaction Capabilities / Transfer Cost / Transmission Convergence (sublayer) / Transport Connection
TCAMTelecommunications Access Method
TCAPTelecommunications Alarm Surveillance / Transaction Capabilities Application Part / Transaction Capabilities Applications Port
TCAST-Carrier Administration System
TCBTaking Care of Business / Trouble Came Back / Transmission Control Block / Trusted Computing Base / Technical Consulting Center
TCCTrunk Class Code
TCCCTechnical Committee for Computer Communications
TCEThe Cutting Edge
TCFWToo cute for words
TCGTeleport Communications Group / Test Call Generation
TCHThe Crowbar Hotel
TCIThe Criminaly insane / Tele-Communications Inc. / Test Cell Input
TCIFTelecommunications Industry Forum
TCLTAE Command Language / Tool Command Language (usually as Tcl)
TCMTest Compression Multiplexer / Time Compression Multiplexor(ing) / Trellis Coded Modulation
TCNTelecommunications Networks
TCNSThomas - Conrad Network System
TCOTest Cell Output
TCOYTake Care Of Yourself
TCPTransmission Control Protocol / Tape Carrier Package / Test Coordination Procedure
TCP/IPTransmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TCPATelephone Consumers Protection Act
TCQAMTrellis Coded Quadrature Amplitude Modulation
TCRTransient Call Record
TCRTRTechnical Committee Reference Technical Report
TCR-TRTechnical Committee Reference Technical Report
TCSThe Criminal Syndicate / The Criminal Syndicate (The Crime Syndicate)/ Trans-Caribbean System (sometimes as TCS-1) / Transmission Convergence Sublayer
TCS-1Trans-Caribbean System-1
TCSECTrusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria
TCUTransmission Control Unit
TDTable Data / Transmit Data (signal) / Typed Data
TDASTraffic Data Administration System
TDCTape Data Controller / Terrestrial Data Circuit
TDCCTransport Data Coordinating Committee
TDDTelecommunications Device for the Deaf
TDDITwisted-pair Distributed Data Interface
TDEDTrade Data Elements Directory
TDFTrunk Distribution Frame
TDITransit Delay Indication
TDIDTrade Data Interchange Directory
TDJTransfer Delay Jitter
TDMToo Damn Many / Time Division Multiplexing / Time-Division Multiplexing
TDMATime Division Multiple Access
TDMATBICPLYThis Doesn't Mean A Thing But It Confuses People Like You
TDMSTerminal Data Management System
TDRTime Domain Reflectometer(y)
TDSTransit Delay Selection
TDSAITransit Delay Selection And Indication
TDTThe Dream Team
TETerminal Equipment / Transverse Electric
TEDTechnology Entertainment Design
TEDISTrade Electronic Data Interchange System
TEHOTail End Hop Off
TEITerminal End-point Identifier
TELCOTelephone Company
TELNETTelecommunications Network / Terminal Emulation Link Network
TELOPTELeconference OPerator
TELSAMTelephone Service Attitude Measurement
TELSETTelephone Set
TEMTransverse Electromagnetic
TEMPESTTransient ElectroMagnetic Emanations STandard
TENTelephone Equipment Network
TERCTechnology Education Research Center
TERENATrans-European Research and Education Networking Association
TFTrap Flag
TFATransparent File Access
TFBSThe Fucking Boy Scouts
TFLAPT-Carrier Fault Locating Applications Program
TFMTagged Font Metric (file)
TFPTOPS Filing Protocol
TFSTrunk Forecasting System
TFTThin Film Transistor
TFTPTrivial File Transfer Protocol / Telnet File Transfer Protocol
TGTask Group / Technical Guide
TGATarga (graphic file format)
TGALThink Globally Act Locally
TGBTrunk Group Busy
TGCTerminal Group Controller
TGIDTrunk Group Identification Number
TGIFThank God Its Friday
TGITMThe Ghost In The Machine
TGLThird Generation Language (3GL)
TGNTrunk Group Number
TGTTicket - Granting Ticket
TGWTrunk Group Warning
THTable Header / Transmission Header / Trouble History
THCThe Hellfire Club
THDTen High Day
THDTotal Harmonic Distortion
THENETTexas Higher Education Network (sometimes as THEnet)
THGThe Humble Guys
THPThe Hill People
THTToken Holding Time
THZTeraHertz (usually as THz)
TITexas Instruments / Time In
TIAThanks in advance / Telecommunications Industry Association / Telematic Internetworking Application / Telephone Information Access / The Internet Adapter
TIASTelematic Internetworking Abstract Service
TIATLGTruly I Am The Living God
TICTongue In Cheek / Token-ring Interface Coupler / TID Transaction IDentifier
TIDTraveling Ionospheric Disturbance
TIDETraffic Information Distributor and Editor
TIDLTransaction Interface Definition Language
TIFFTagged Image File Format (graphic file format .tif)
TIGTopology Information Group (ATM Forum)
TIGATexas Instruments Graphics Architecture
TIGERThe Internet Gateway and E-Mail Router (Previously known as PIMP)
TIITechnology Independent Interface
TILIITell It Like It Is
TIMSTransmission Impairment Measuring Sets
TINTracking Identification Number
TINATelecommunications Information Networking Architecture
TINA-CTelecommunications Information Networking Architecture Consortium
TINACTelecommunications Information Networking Architecture Consortium
TINALOThis is Not a Legal Opinion
TINARThis is Not a Recommendation
TINWISThat is Not What I Said
TIPTerminal IMP / Terminal Interface Package / Terminal Interface Processor
TIRISTexas Instruments Registration and Information System
TIRKSTrunk Integrated Record Keeping System
TIRPCTransport Independent Remote Procedure Call
TISTechnical Information Systems
TIUTelematic Internetworking Unit
TIUATeknekron Infoswitch Users Association
TKKThe Kiwi Killers
TLTransport Layer
TLAThree-Letter Acronym (such as this see also Eand DETLA)
TLAPTokenTalk Link Access Protocol
TLA'sThree Letter Acronyms (such as this)
TLBTransLAN Bridge / Translation Look-aside Buffer
TLDTop Level Domain
TLFTrunk Line Frame
TLFFTechnical Level Feeders Forum
TLGThe Living God
TLITransport Library Interface / Transport Layer Interface
TLMTrouble Locating Manual
TLMATelematic Agent
TLMAUTelematic Access Unit
TLNTrunk Line Network
TLPTransmission Level Point
TLSPPTransport Layer Sequenced Packet Protocol
TLTPTeaching and Learning Technology Programme / Trunk Line and Test Panel
TLTSNTeaching and Learning Technology Support Network
TLVType Length Value
TLXAUTelex Access Unit
TMTrust Me / Terminal Management / Transverse Magnetic
TMCTelemarketing Communications / The Movie Channel / Traffice Management Control (center) / Traffic Management Center
TMDFTrunk Main Distributing Frame
TMFTest Management Function
TMItoo much info
TMIYTake me i'm yours
TMMSTelephone Message Management System
TMNTelecommunications Management Network / Time Management Networking
TMPTest Management Protocol
TMPDUTest Management Protocol Data Unit
TMRTransient Memory Record
TMRSTraffic Measurement and Recording System
TMSTelecommunications Message Switcher / Telephone Management System / Time Multiplexed Switch / Transient Memory Record
TMSCPTape Mass Storage Control Protocol
TMSWGTraffic Management Sub-Working Group
TMUTransmission Message Unit
TNTelephone Number / Transaction Number
TNCTerminal Node Controller / The Networking Center / Threaded Navy Connector / Threaded Neill-Concelnan connector / Threaded Nut Connector
TNDSTotal Network Data System
TNICTransit Network Identification Code
TNNTrunk Network Number
TNOThe New Order
TNOPTotal/Traffic Network Operation Plan
TNOTVSThere's Nothing on Television so…
TNPCTraffic Network Planning Center
TNSTolmes News Service / Transaction Network Service
TNSTAAFLThere's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
TNTTill Next Time
TNTLTrying not to laugh
TNVTelephone Network Voltage (circuit)
TNXThanks 1.0E6 Thanks a million
TOTest Object
TOAOThe One and Only
TOBGThis oughta be good
TOEMTechnical Original Equipment Manufacturer
TOFTop Of File / Top Of Form
TOMText Object Model
TONICThe Online Netskills Interactive Course
TOPTechnical Office Protocol / Technology and Organizational Performance
TOPSTapes and Optical Products / Timesharing Operating System / Traffic Operator Position System
TOSTechnical and Office Systems / Terms Of Service
TOYThinking Of You
TPToll Point / Transaction Processing / Transport Protocol (class 0 2 3 or 4) / Twisted Pair (wire)
TP-4Transport Protocol 4
TPAThird Party Application
TPADTerminal Packet Assembler / Disassembler
TPCThe Phoney Coders / Transaction Processing Performance Council / Trans-Pacific Cable / Two Phase Commit
TPCCThird Party Call Control
TPDThird Party Developer
TPDDITwisted Pair Distributed Data Interface
TPDUTransport Protocol Data Unit
TPETwisted Pair Ethernet
TPITracks Per Inch / Transport Protocol Interface
TPLTraditional Product Line
TPMTeleProfessional Magazine
TPMPTotal Performance Measurement Plan
TPPDTwisted Pair - Physical-media Dependent
TPPMDTwisted Pair Physical Media Dependent
TPSThis Program Sucks / Transactions Per Second (usually tps)
TPS(S)This Program Sucks (Severely)
TPTThird Party Transfer
TPTAEThird Party Transfer Application Entity
TPTBThe Powers That Be
TQCTotal Quality Control
TQFPThin Quad Flat Pack
TQMTotal Quality Management
TR(modem) Terminal Ready
TRTable Row
TRTask (state segment) Register
TRTechnical Report
TRTest Register
TRTest Responder
TRTransfer Register
TRACTechnical Recommendation Application Committee
TRACTelecommunications Research and Action Center
TRACTransactional Records Access Clearinghouse
TRDMCTears Running Down My Cheeks
TREATTrouble Report Evaluation Analysis Tool
TREATTrouble Report Evaluation and Analysis Tool
TRIThe Remote Informer
TRIBTransmission Rate In Bits
TRILToken Ring Interoperability Lab
TRIPTranscontinental ISDN Project
TRONThe Real-time Operating system Nucleus (project)
TRPTechnology Reinvestment Project
TRPCTransaction Remote Procedure Call
TRRTip-Ring Reverse
TRSTandy Radio Shack / The RapeWare Syndicate
TRSIThe Red Sector Inc.
TRSLTest Requirements Specification Language
TRSZThe Red Salamander Zaruga (Hey he offered me chocolate :-) .)
TRTToken Rotation Timer
TRWSThe Rape Ware Syndicate
TSTime Slot
TSTime Stamp / Toxic Shock / Traffic Shaping / Transport Service / Transport Stream
T's&C'sTerms and Conditions
TSATarget Service Agent / Technical Support Alliance
TSANThe Sysop's Area Network / The Sysops Association Network / Tri-State Area (sysop's) Network / Tri-State Area Sysop's Network
TSAPTransport Service Access Point
TSAPITelephony Server/Services Application Program Interface
TSCTelecommunications Security Council
TSCPFTime Switch and Call Processor Frame / Time Switch and Central Processor Frame
TSDUTransport (layer) Service Data Unit
TSETerminal Switching Exchange
TSELTransport SELector
TSFTone Set File
TSGTelecommunications Systems Group / Timing Signal Generator
TSITime Slot Interchange(r)
TSJDTexas Size Jelly Donut - official food of Texas sysops
TSNTerminal Switching Network / The Sierra Network (renamed ImagiNation)
TSOTechnical Services Organization / Terminating Service Office / Time Sharing Option
TSO/ETime Sharing Option / Extensions
TSOHFTotal Sense of Humor Failure
TSORTTransmission System Optimum Relief Tool
TSPTechnology Strategy and Planning / Test Supervisor / Traffic Service Position
TSPITelephony Service Provider Interface
TSPSTraffic Service Position System
TSQLTransact - Structured Query Language
T-SQLTransact - Structured Query Language
TSRTerminate and Stay Resident (Computer Program) / Telemarketing Sales Rule / The Syndicate Report
TSS(ITU) Telecommunications Standardization Section / Task State Segment / Time Sharing System / Trunk Servicing System
TSS&TPTest Suite Structure and Test Purposes
TSSDUTyped data Session Service Data Unit
TSSTTime-Space-Space-Time Network
TSTTime-Space-Time Network
TSUTime Sharing User
TTText Telephone / Trunk Type
TTATeacher Training Agency / Telecommunication Technology Association
TTAPTrust Technology Assessment Program
TTBOMKTo the Best of My Knowledge
TTCTelecommunications Technology Council / Terminating Toll Center
TTCNTree and Tabular Combined Notation
TTCN.GRTree and Tabular Combined Notation Graphical Representation
TTCN.MPTree and Tabular Combined Notation Machine Processable
TTCNGRTree and Tabular Combined Notation Graphical Representation
TTCNMPTree and Tabular Combined Notation Machine Processable
TTDTarget Transit Delay / Temporary Text Delay
TTFTrue Type Font
TTFNTa Ta For Now [a sign off]
TTITerminal Transmission Identification / Transmitter Terminal Identification
TTITMFThis thing is too much fun
TTLTime To Live / Transistor-to-Transistor Logic
TTL4NThat's The Lot For Now
TTMTime to Market / To The Moderator
TTMLTagged Text Markup Language
TTNTandem Tie-line Network
TTPTrunk Test Panel
TTRTTarget Token Rotation Time
TTSText To Speech / Transaction Tracking System / Trunk Time Switch / Trunk-to-Trunk Transfer
TTTNTandem Tie Trunk Network
TTULTalk (or Type) To You Later
TTXAUTeletex Access Unit
TTYCTeletypewriter Controller
TTYLTalk To You Later
TTYL(8R)talk to you later
TTYRSTalk To You Real Soon
TTYSTalk to you soon
TUBATCP and UDP with Bigger Addresses
TUCTotal User Cell (count)
TUCCTriangle University Computing Center
TUCDTotal User Cell Difference
TUFDThe User File Died
TUFFThe Underground Fone Foundation
TUGTeX User's Group
TUGOSThe United Guild Of Sysops
TUIMGTelecom/Utilities Industry Marketing Group
TUPTelephone User Part
TURTraffic Usage Recorder(ing) / Trunk Usage Recording / Trunk Utilization Report
TUTLATotally Useless Three Letter Acronym
TVCTrunk Verification by Customer
TVMThanks Very Much
TVROTeleVision - Receive Only
TVSTrunk Verification by Station
TV-VTV Frame
TWAThe Warez Alliance
TWATwo-Way Alternate
TWAINTechnology Without An Interesting Name
TWATThe Winner ANSI Team (usually as TWaT)
TWCBThe Whacko Cracko Brothers
TWICSTwo Way Information Communication System
TWIGTechnical Wizard Interest Group
TWIRPTwo-Way Infra-Red Protocol?
TWSTwo Way Simultaneous
TWTATraveling Wave Tube Amplifier
TWXTeletypewriter Exchange
TXTransmit (data) / Transmission
TXSTelephone eXchange Strowger
TYCLOTurn your CAPS LOCK off. (Quit shouting.)
TYLTalk to You Later
TYMNETTimeshare Inc. Network
TYTTake Your Time
TYVMthank you very much


TACDE           :- Tactics & Aircrafts Development Establishment

TAPS              :- Tarapur Atomic Power Station

TANSI            :- Tamil Nadu Small Industries Corporation

TAMP             :- Tariff Authority for Major Port

TB                   :- Tuberculosis

TCI                 :- Trading Corporation of India

TCPO             :- Town and Country Planning Organization

TDSAT           :- Telecom Dispute Settlement and Appellate Tribunal

TELCO           :- Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company

TELEX           :- Teleprinter Exchange

TRELS           :- Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station

TGIT              :- Telecom Group on Information Technology

TIFAC            :- Technology Information Forecasting and Assessment Council

TISCO            :- Tata Iron & Steel Company

TIN                 :- Taxpayer's Identification Number

TMO              :- Telegraphic Money Order

TNT                :- Tri Nitro Toluene

TRACT           :- Transportable Remote Area Communications Terminal

TRAI              :- Telecom Regulatory Authority of India

TRQ               :- Tariff Rate Quota

TTFI              :- Table Tennis Federation of India

TVA               :- Tennesey Valley Authority

TWA              :- Trans World Airlines

TWAS             :- Third World Academy of Science

TWHS            :- Traditional Water Harvesting Systems

TWMF           :- Third World Monetary Fund

TWSI             :- Tourism and Wild Life Society of India