SDSSales and Distribution Systems / Switched Data Service / Synchronous Data Set
SDSAFSwitched Digital Services Applications Forum
SDSCSan Diego Supercomputer Center / Synchronous Data Set Controller
SDSEShadowed Directory Service area specific Entry
SDSFSystem (Spool) Display and Search Facility
SDSISimple Distributed Security Infrastructure
SDSLSingle-line Digital Subscriber Line / Symmetric Digital Subscriber Loop
SDTVStandard-Definition Television
SDUService Data Unit
SDXStorage Data Acceleration(Xceleration)
SESession Entity / Society Elite / Sweden / Switching Element
SEASelf Extracting Archive (usually as .SEA) / Society for Electronic Access / System Enhancement Associates
SEALScreening External Access Link / Secure Electronic Authorization Laboratory / Secure Electronic Authorization Laboratory / Simple and Efficent Adaption Layer
SEASSignaling Engineering and Administration System
SECSecond (usually as sec) / Single Edge Contact
SECAMSEquential And Memory / Sequential Couleur Avec Memoire / Systeme En Couleur Avec Memoire
SECBSeverely Errored Cell Block
SEDAStaff and Education Development Association
SEESystems Equipment Engineering
SEFSeverely Errored Framing /
SEF/AISSeverely Errored Framing Alarm Indication Signal
SEGSemiconductor Engineering Organization
SEHStructured Exception Handling
SEISoftware Engineering Institute
SEISSoftware Engineering & Information Systems (research group)
SEKSwedish Electrical Commission
SELVSafety Extra-Low Voltage (circuit)
SEMSystem Error Message
SEPSomeone Else's Problem
SEPPSecure Electronic Payment Protocol (specification)
SEQUELStructured English QUEry Language
SERCScience and Engineering Research Council
SESService Evaluation System
SESFESeverely Errored Second Far End
SESPSeverely Errored Second Path
SETSecure Electronic Transaction(s) (specification)
SETESmiling Ear To Ear
SETSSelected Executable Test Suite
SFScience Fiction / Sign Flag / Single Frequency / Summarization Function / Supervision-control Frequency / Switching Fabric
SFASales Force Automation
SFAIAASo Far As I Am Aware
SFDSimple Formattable Document
SFESecure Front End
SFISingle Frequency Interface / Society for the Freedom of Information
SFLAStupid Four Letter Acronym
SFMCSatellite Facility Management Center
SFQLStructured Full-text Query Language
SFSSuomen Standardisoimisliitto (Standards Association of Finland)
SFTSystem Fault Tolerance
SFUStore and Forward Unit
SGSignal Ground / Study Group / Supergroup
SGASysops Guild Association
SGAUAScitex Graphic Arts Users Association
SGFSSpecial Group on Functional Standardization
SGISilicon Graphics Inc.
SGISPSpecial Group on International Standardized Profiles
SGMLStandard Generalized Markup Language / Standard Generic Markup Languange
SGML-BStandard Generalized Markup Language - Binary
SGMLBStandard Generalized Markup Language Binary
SGMPSimple Gateway Management Protocol / Simple Gateway Monitoring Protocol
SGNDSignal Ground
SGRAMSynchronous Graphics Random Access Memory
SHASecure Hash Algorithm / Swedish Hackers Association
SHDSLSingle-Line - High-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line
S-HDSLSingle-Line - High-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line
SHEFCScottish Higher Education Funding Council
SHERIFFStatistical Heuristic Engine to Reliably and Intelligently Fight Fraud
SHFSuper High Frequency
SHIBNISHIpped But Not Invoiced
SHIDSlaps Head In Disgust
SHITSee here - you're gonna get kicked :)
SHMShi* Happens Mate
SHSSecret Hackers Society
SHTShort Holding Time
SHTMLSuper HyperText Markup Language
S-HTTPSecure HyperText Transfer Protocol
SHVStandard High Volume
SIShift In (ASCII) / Source Index / SPDU Identifier / Status Indicator / Step Index
SIASemiconductor Industry Association / Stable Implementation Agreements
SICSerial Interface Card / Silicon Integrated Circuit / Standard Industrial Classification
SICSSitting in Chair Snickering / Service Implementation Conformance Statement
SIDSatanic Incarnate of Doom / Security IDentifier / Signaling Identifier / Source Identifier / Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance / Switch Interface Device / System IDentification
SIDFSystem Independent Data Format
SIDHSystem Identification Home
SIFStandard Input Format
SIGSpecial Interest Group
SIGCATSpecial Interest Group on CD-Rom Applications and Technology
SIGWEBSpecial Interest Group on the World Wide Web
SIINShi* if I Know
SILSemiconductor Injection Laser
SILSStandard for Interoperable LAN Security
SIMService Industry Marketing / Subscriber Identity Module
SIMAStrategic (Support?) Initiative for Multimedia Application
SIMCAsitting in my chair amused
SIMDSingle Instruction Multiple Data
SIMMSingle Inline Memory Module
SIMPSatellite Information Message Protocol
SINAStatic Integrated Network Access
SIOSecurity Information Object
SIPSingle In-line Package / SMDS Interface Protocol
SIPLState In Programming Languages
SIPPSingle In-line Pin Package / Single Internet Protocol Plus
SIPRNETSecret IP Router Network (usually as SIPRnet)
SIRSpeaker Independent Recognition
SIRDSSingle Image Random Dot Stereograms
SISStructured Information Store / Standardisering-skommissionen In Sverige (Swedish Standards Committee)
SITSpecial Information Tones
SITASociety for International Telecommunications for Aeronautics
SITDStill in the dark
SIVRSpeaker Independent Voice Recognition
SJGSteve Jackson Games
SJWGSecurity Joint Working Group
SKSofdox Krackers
SKIPSimple Key management for Internet Protocols
SKISMSmart Kids Into Sick Methods
SKUStock Keeping Unit
SLSection Leader / Session Layer
SLAService Level Agreement
SLACStanford Linear Accelerator Laboratory
sLagSo Lovely a Guy
SLAPSounds Like A Plan
SLCSemiconductor Laser Configurations / Service Level Contract / Software License Configurator / Subscriber Line Charges / Subscriber Loop Carrier
SLDSecond Level Domain
SLEScreen List Editing / Screening Line Editor
SLEDSingle Large Expensive Disk
SLFSmurf Liberation Front
SLISouthern Lights Incorporated (usually as SLi)
SLICSubscriber Line Interface Card / Subscriber Line Interface Circuit
SLIMSubscriber Line Interface Module
SLIPSerial Line Interface Protocol / Serial Line Internet Protocol
SLMRSilly Little Mail Reader
SLRService Level Reporter / Single Lens Reflex (camera)
SLSSequential Logic Systems / Storage Library System
SLTSystem Load Tape
SLUSecondary Logical Unit / Serial Line Unit
SMSnail Mail / Standby Monitor / Switching Module
SMASub-Miniature Assembly
SMAESystems Management Application Entity
SMAPSystems Management Application Process
SMAPISimple Messaging Application Programming Interface
SMARTSource Migration And Reporting Tool
SMASSupplementary MAin Store / Switched Maintenance Access System
SMASESystems Management Application Service Element
SMASFSwitched Maintenance Access System Frame
SMASPUSwitched Maintenance Access System Power Unit
SMBServer Message Block (protocol)
SMCSecretariat Management Committee / Sleep Mode Connection / Standard Microsystems Corporation
SMCCSun Microsystems Computer Company
SMDStorage Module Device
SMDFSubscriber Main Distributing Frame
SMDISimplified Message Desk Interface / Storage Module Disk Interconnect / Subscriber Message Desk Interface
SMDLStandard Music Description Language
SMDRStation Message Detailed(ing) Recording
SMDSSwitched Multimegabit Data Service / Switched Multi-Megabit Data Service / Switched Multi-Megabit Data Services
SMESociety of Manufacturing Engineers
SMFSingle Mode Fiber
SMFASystems Management Functional Area
SMGSuper Master Group
SMIStructure of Management Information / System Management Interrupt
SMIBSystem Management Information Base
SMIMESecure Multimedia Internet Mail Extension / Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
SMISSpecific Management Information Service
SMISESpecific Management Information Service Element
SMKShared Management Knowledge
SMMSystem Management Mode
SMOSerious Mode On / System Management Overview
SMOffSerious Mode Off
SMOPSimply a Matter Of Programming / Small Matter Of Programming
SMPService Message Blocks / Symetric MultiProcessing / Session Management Protocol / Standby Monitor Present / Symmetrical Multiprocessing
SMPDUService Message Protocol Data Unit / System Management Protocol Data Unit
SMPTESociety of Motion Picture and Television Engineers
SMRAMSystem Management Random Access Memory
SMRP(AppleTalk) Simple Multicast Routing Protocol
SMRTSignal Message Rate Timing
SMSSelf-Maintenance Services / Service Management System / Service Management Systems / Short Message Service / Station Management System / Storage Management Services / Storage Management Subsystem / Systems Management Server
SMSAStandard Metropolitan Statistical Area
SMSPStorage Management Services Protocol / Simple Mail Transfer Protocol / Simple Mail Transport Protocol
SMUStrategic Marketing Unit
SNSequence Number
SNASystems Network Architecture
SNACPSubNetwork Access Protocol (usually as SNAcP)
SNADSSystems Network Architecture Distribution Services
SNAFUSituation Normal All "fixed" Up or Fouled UP or Fu**ed Up
SNAPSub-Network Access Protocol
SNARESubNetwork Address Resolution Entity
SNCPSingle Node Control Point
SNDCFSubNetwork Dependent Convergence Facility / SubNetwork Dependent Convergen
SNDCPSubNetwork Dependent Convergence Protocol
SNERTSnot-Nosed Egotistical Rude Teenager
SNETSouthern New England Telephone
SNGSecured Network Gateway
SNISiemens Nixdorf Informationsysteme / Subscriber Network Interface
SNICFSubNetwork Independent Convergence Facility
SNICPSubNetwork Independent Convergence Protocol
SNMPSimple Network Management Protocol
SNPSequence Number Protection
SNPASubNetwork Point of Attachment
SNPCSoftware New Products Committee
SNRSignal to Noise Radio
SNRMSet Normal Response Mode
SNSSatellite Navigation System
SOShift Out (ASCII) / Significant Other aka Spouse boyfriend/girlfriend) / System Option
SOASafe Operating Area
SOACService Order Analysis Control
SOBDo you really need *me* to explain this one? Well Son of a Female Dog
SOCService Oversight Center / Systems and Option Catalog
SOCCStandard Optical Cable Code
SOCCASpecification Of Coordinated and Cooperative Activities
SODIMMSmall Outline Dual Inline Memory Module
SO-DIMMSmall Outline Dual Inline Memory Module
SOESilly/Stupid Operator Error / Standard Operating Environment / Standards of Excellence
SOFSave our Freeware
SOGITSSenior Officials' Group for Information Technology Standardization
SOGTSenior Officials' Group for Telecommunications
SOHSection OverHead / Service Order History / Start Of Header / Start Of Heading (ASCII)
SOHOSmall Office Home Office
SO-JSmall Outline J-lead
SOLSh*t Outta Luck / Sons Of Liberty.
SOMStart Of Message
SONARService Order Negotiation And Retrieval
SONDSSmall Office Network Data System
SONETSnychronous Optical NETwork
SOPStandard Operating Procedure / Sum Of the Pieces / Same old stuff
SOSSave our Shareware
SOSIGSocial Science Information Gateway
SOSTSpecial Operator Service Treatment
SOTShort Of Time / (SoT) The Sea of Tranquility
SOTMGShort Of Time Must Go
SPSecurity Protocol / Service Provider / Sharp Private / Signal Processor / Signaling Point / Stack Pointer
SPASoftware Publishers Association
SPAGStandards Promotion and Application Group
SPAMSPiced hAM. Hormel's canned meat.
SPANSpace Physics Analysis Network
SPARCScalable Performance Architecture
SPCSouthern Pacific Communications / Stored Program Control
SPCSStored Program Control Systems
SPCSSStored Program Control Switching System
SPDSoftware Product Description
SPDASupplier Data Program
SPDLStandard Page Description Language
SPDUSession Protocol Data Unit
SPESynchronous Payload Envelope
SPECStandard Performance Evaluation Corporation
SPFShortest Path First
SPGSoftware Product Group
SPHSets Per Hour
SPISafeguarding Proprietary Information / Self-Paced Instruction / Serial Peripheral Interface / Subsequent Protocol Identifier
SPIDService Profile Identification / Service Protocol Identifier
SPKISimple Public Key Infrastructure
SPLaTSociety for the Preservation of Lasting Anarchy and Terrorism
SPMSession Protocol Machine / Sheets Per Minute / Software Performance Monitor
SPMFServo Play Mode Function
SPNSignal Processor Network
SPOOLSimultaneous Peripheral Operation OnLine
SPPSequenced Packet Protocol / Ship Plan / Standard Parallel Port
SPSSelf Preservation Society / Software Product Services / Standby Power Supply
SPTSSingle Program Transport Stream
SPUCSerial Peripheral Unit Controller
SPUC/DLSerial Peripheral Unit Controller / Data Link
SPXSequenced Packet eXchange
SQDSignal Quality Detector
SQESignal Quality Error
SQLStructural Query Language
SQL/DSStructured Query Language / Data System
SQL-DMOStructured Query Language - Distributed Management Objects
SQMSoftware Quality Management
SQUIDSuper-conducting Quantum Interference Device
SRSource Routing
SRASelective Routing Arrangement
SRAMStatic Random Access Memory
SRBSource Route Bridging
SRCSource (code) / System Resource Center
SREScully Rational Explanation / Standards for Robot Exclusion
SREJSelective Reject
SRFSpecifically Routed Frame
SRGShareware Reference Guide / Strategic Relations Group
SRIStanford Research Institute
SRLSinging Return Loss
SRTSource Routing Transparent
SRTCService Right-to-Copy
SRTSSynchronous Residual Time Stamp
SRUAPDUStatus Report User Agent Protocol Data Unit
SR-UAPDUStatus Report User Agent Protocol Data Unit
SS(U.S.) Secret Service / Server-to-Server / Session Service / Signaling System / Socket Services / Special Services / Stack Segment / Standard System
SS/DDSingle - Sided Double Density
SS6Signaling System 6
SS7Signaling System 7
SSASerial Storage Architecture
SSANSocial Security Account Number
SSAPSession Service Access Point / Source Service Access Point
SSASStation Signaling and Announcement System/Subsystem
SSBSingle Side Band / Software Supply Business
SSBAMSingle-Side Band Amplitude Modulation
SSBSCSingle SideBand Suppressed Carrier
SSCSpecial Services Carrier/Center
SSCFService Specific Coordination Function
SSCOPService Sepecified COnvergence Protocol / Service Specific Connection Oriented Protocol
SSCPSystem/Subsystem Services Control Point / Service Specific Convergence Sublayer
SSDSolid State Disk
SSDDSame stuff different day
SSDUSession Service Data Unit
SSELSession Selector
SSFDSolid State Floppy Disk
SSGSoftware Systems Group / Strategic Studies Group / Suburban Survival Guide
SSISmall Scale Integration
SSLSecure Sockets Layer (security protocol) / Standard Security Label
SSMSingle Segment Message
SSNSocial Security Number
SSNSwitched Service Network
SSOSatellite Switching Office
SSODBSecret Society Of Dark Birds
SSPService Switching Point / Switching Service Point / Sponsor Selective Pricing / System Status Panel
SSPASolid State Power Amplifier
SSPCSystem Status Panel Controller
SSPISecurity Service Provider Interface
SSPRUSystem Status Panel Relay Unit
SSSServer Session Socket / Software Support Services / Strowger Switching System
SSTSingle Sideband Transmitter
SSTDMASpacecraft Switched Time Division Multiple Access
SSTTSSSpace-Space-Time-Time-Space-Space Network
STSeagate Technology (as in ST506 and ST412 interfaces) / Segment Type / Start / Straight Tip
STASpanning Tree Algorithm
STANOSurveillance Target Acquisition and Night Observation
STARSystems and Technology Applications Requirements
STBStart of Text Block
STCServing Test Center / Switching and Testing Center / Switching Technical Center
STDSubscriber Trunk Dialing
STDAStreetTalk Directory Assistance
STDMStatistical Time Division Multiplexing
STESection Terminating Equipment (SONET) / Signal Terminal Equipment / Spanning Tree Explorer
STEPSoftware Test and Evaluation Panel
STFStandard Transaction Format
STFUShut The Fu*k Up
STGStrategic Technologies Group
STISingle Tuned Interstage
STI/ST-TMPStar Trek first movie/The Motion Picture
STII/ST-WOKStar Trek second movie/'Wrath of Khan'
STIII/ST-SFSStar Trek third movie/'Search for Spock'
STIV/ST-TVHStar Trek fourth movie/'The Voyage Home'
STMScanning-Tunneling electron Microscope / Synchronous Transfer Mode
STMFState Management Function
STMISynchronous Transport Module i (usually as STM-i)
STM-ISynchronous Transport Module i (usually as STM-i)
STNSuper Twisted Nematic (material)
STOCSymposium on the Theory Of Computing
StorageManagement Subsystem
STPShielded Twisted Pair / Shielded Twisted Pair / Signal Transfer Point / Signal Transfer Protocol
STRSynchronous Transmit Receive
STSShared Tenant Service / Space-Time-Space Network / Synchronous Time Stamp / Synchronous Transport Signal
STS3CSynchronous Transport System level 3 Concatenated (usually as STS-3c)
STTSecure Transaction Technology
ST-TNGStar Trek The Next Generation
ST-TOSStar Trek The Original Series
STV/ST-TFFStar Trek fifth movie/'The Final Frontier'
STVI/ST-TUCStar Trek sixth movie/'The Undiscovered Country'
STXStart of TeXt (ASCII)
SUService User
SUAStored Upstream Address
SUABORTSession User Abort
SUBLIBSUBroutine LIBrary
SUEStupid User Error
SUMSmart Uplink Module
SUNStanford University Networks
SUNetStanford University Network
SUPWhat's up
SUTSystem Under Test
SUVSport Utility Vehicle
SVC(frame relay) Switched Virtual Channel / Switched Virtual Circuit
SVCISwitched Virtual Circuit Identifier
SVDSimultaneous Voice / Data
SVGASuper Video Graphics Adapter
SVGASuper Video Graphics Array
SVIDSystem V Interface Definition
SVNSwitched Virtual Network
SVPSwitched Virtual Path
SVPNSecure Virtual Private Network
SVSSwitched Voice Service
SWAGScientific Wild A** Guess
SWAKSealed With A Kiss
SWANSatellite Wide Area Network / Secure Wide Area Network
SWaTSpecial Warez Acquisition Team
SWBSouthWestern Bell
SWCServing Wire Center
SWGSpecial Working Group / Sub-Working Group / Standards Working Group
SWIFTSociety for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications
SWIMSuper Woz Integrated Machine
SWLScreaming with Laughter
SWMSemiconductor Worldwide Management
SWMBOShe Who Must Be Obeyed
SWMC(DMTF) Support Management Working Committee
SWOStandards Writing Organization
SWOASocial Workers On Acid (usually as SWoA)
SWSSoftWare Services
SXSimplex (signaling)
SXSStep-by-Step / Strowger Switch
SYCSYstem Control / Synchronize (flag) / SYNchronous / idle (ASCII)
SYLSee you later
SYSSee You Soon / System
SYSCONSystem Configuration
SYSEXSYStem EXclusive (message)
SYSOPSYStem Operator aka God
SysopSystems Operator; person who manages a Forum
S&NIJUGScottish and Northern Ireland Janet User Group
SShareable / Sleeve
S/MIMESecure Multimedia Internet Mail Extensions
S/WANSecure Wide Area Network
S2MPScalable Shared memory MultiProcessor
SAAssistant Scoutmaster / Selective Availability / Source Address / Storage Array / Study Administration
SAAService Aspects and Applications / Systems Application Architecture
SAALSignalling ATM Adaptation Layer
SABBStorage Array Building Block
SABMSet Asynchronous Balanced Mode
SABMESet Asynchronous Balanced Mode Extended
SABRESemi-Automatic Business Research Environment
SACService Area Code / Special Area Code / Service Area Computer / Simplified Access Control / Single Attachment Concentrator /
SACFSingle Association Control Function
SACKSelective ACKnowledgment
SAFSubnetwork Access Facility
SAFESecurity And Freedom through Encryption / Security Awareness From Education
SAFENETSurvivable Adaptable Fiberoptic Embedded Network
SAFTESCSI Accessed Fault-Tolerant Enclosure
SAF-TESCSI Accessed Fault-Tolerant Enclosure
SAGSQL Access Group / Street Address Guide
SAGESemi-Automatic Ground Environment
SAIServing Area Interface
SAILStanford Artificial Intelligence Lab
SAKSelective AcKnowledgment
SALIStandalone Automatic Location Identification/Information
SALSERScottish Academic Libraries Serials Project
SAMSecure Access Multiport
SAMAStep-by-step Automatic Message Accounting
SAMNET(UK) Sub-Auroral Magnetometer Network
SANSystem Area Network / Storage Area Network
SAOSingle Association Object
SAPSecondary or Separate Audio Program / Service Access Point / Service Advertising Protocol
SAPIService Access Point Identifier / Speech Application Programming Interface
SARSome Assembly Required / Segmentation And Reassembly / Store Address Register
SARCSymantec Antivirus Research Center
SARFSecurity Alarm Reporting Function
SARMSet Asynchronous Response Mode
SARTSSwitched Access Remote Test System
SASSingle Attachment Station/System / Special Access Surcharge / Statistically Assigned Sockets / SWITCH Access System / Switched Access Services
SASESelf Addressed Stamped Envelope / Special Application Service Element / System And Support Engineering
SASIShugart Associates System Interface
SASOSaudi Arabian Standards Organization
SATSpecial Access Termination / Supervisory Audio Tone
SATANSecurity Administrator Tool for Analyzing Networks
SATFSecurity Audit Trail Function
SATSSelected Abstract Test Suite
SAWSurface Acoustic Wave
SBAShipping and Billing Authorization
SBBSystem Building Block
SBCSingle Board Computer
SBCNSitting Behind the Computer Naked
SBCSSingle - Byte Character Set
SBDsilent but deadly (fart) [Beavis & Butthead] cos because
SBDNSouthern Bell Data Network
SBIStorage Bus Interconnect
SBIRSmall Business Innovation Research (program)
SBITStartup Built In Test
SBLSoftbridge BASIC Language
SBMSSouthwestern Bell Mobile Service
S-BOXSkunk Box
SBPSerial Bus Protocol (sometimes as SBP-2)
SBRStorage Business Review
SBSSatellite Business Systems / Skyline Business Systems
SBTSoftware Business Technologies
SCScanner Controller / Sectional Center / SubCommittee / Subscriber Connector
SCAShort Code Address / Strategic Capital Acquisitions / Subsidiary Communication Authorization / Swiss Cracking Association
SCAISwitch to Computer Application Interface
SCAMSCSI Configured Auto-Magically
SCATSpecial Computerized Attack Team / Stromberg-Carlson Assistance Team
SCCSatellite Communications Control / Specialized Common Carrier(s) / Standards Council of Canada / Switching Control Center
SCCPSignaling Connection Control Part
SCCSSpecialized Common Carrier Service / Switching Control Center System
SCDSoftware Chronical Digest
SCEService Creation Environment
SCFSectional Center Facility / Selective Call Forwarding
SCFMSub-Carrier Frequency Modulation
SCIScalable Coherent Interface / Strategic Computing Initiative
SCITSemi-Conductor and Interconnect Technologies
SCLSwitch to Computer Link
SCLMSoftware Configuration and Library Manager
SCMSoftware Configuration Management / Station Class Mark / Subscriber Carrier Module
SCMPSystem Cooperative Marketing Program
SCNRSorry CouldN't Resist
SCNRSorry CouldN't Resist
SCOSemiConductor Operations / Serving Central Office
SCONULStanding Council of National and University Libraries
SCOPStanding Conference of Principals of Colleges
SCOTStepper Central Office Tester
SCOTSSurveillance and Control Of Transmission System
SCPService/Signal/System Control Point / Signal Conversion Point / System Control Program
SCPAMSimple Coded - Pulse Amplitude Modulation
SC-PAMSimple Coded - Pulse Amplitude Modulation
SCPCSingle-Channel Per Carrier / Single-Channel Per Connection
SCPDSupplementary Central Pulse Distributor
SCRSelective Call Rejection / Silicon Control Rectifiers / Sustainable Cell Rate / Sustained Cell Rate / Satellite Communications Systems
SCSSilicon Controlled Switches / SNA Character String / SWITCH Central System / System Communication Services / System Conformance Statement
SCSASignal Computing System Architecture
SCSISystem Can't See It / Small Computer Standard/System/Storage Interface
SCTScreen Capture Text
SCTOSoft Carrier Turn-Off
SCTRSystem Conformance Test Report
SCUSelector Control Unit
SCUSAStandards Council of the United States of America
SCXSpecialized Communications eXchange
SD(modem) Send Data / Start Delimiter
SD&DSpecific Development & Design
SDASecurity Domain Authority / Silicon Dream Artists / Software Design Automation
SDAPStandard Document Application Profile
SDCSoftware Distribution Center
SDESubmission and Delivery Entity
SDFScreen Definition Facility / Standard Data Format
SDHSynchronous Digital Hierarchy
SDIStandard Disk Interconnect / Standard Drive Interface / Strategic Defense Initiative / Supplier Declaration of Inter-operation
SDIFSGML Document Interchange Format
SDISSwitched Digital Integrated Service
SDKSoftware Development Kit / Software Developer's Kit
SDLShielded Data Link / Specification and Description Language
SDL/GRSpecification and Description Language Graphical Representation
SDL/PRSpecification and Description Language Phrase Representation
SDLCSynchronous Data Link Control
SDLGRSpecification and Description Language Graphical Representation
SDLPStandard Device Level Protocol
SDLPRSpecification and Description Language Phrase Representation
SDMSpace Division Multiplexing / Shareware Distribution Network / Software Defined Network
SDNSSecure Data Network System
SDSNSecure Data System Network
SDOStandards Development Organization
SDOCSelective Dynamic Overload Controls
SDPService Delivery Point / Store Delivery Point
SDRStore Data Register
SDRAMSynchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
SDRPSource Demand Routing Protocol


SAAF              :- South Asian Accountants Federation

SAARC           :- South Asian Association for Regional  Cooperation

SADCC           :- South African Development Corporation Conference

SAFMA          :- South Asian Free Media Association

SAHR             :- South Asians for Human Rights

SAI                  :- Sports Authority of India

SAIL               :- Steel Authority of India Limited

SALT              :- Strategic Arms Limitation Tax

SAPTA           :- South Asian Preferential Trade Arrangement

SARS             :- Service Acute Respiratory Syndrome

SATO            :- South Atlantic Treaty Organization

SATTE           :- South Asian Travel and Tourism Exchange

SC                  :- Security Council / Supreme Court / Scheduled Caste

SCHIL            :- Stock Holding Corporation of India

SCI                  :- Shipping Corporation of India

SCL                 :- Space Corporation Limited

SCOPE           :- Standing Conference of Public Enterprises

SCRA             :- Special Class Railway Apprentice

SDK                :- System Development Kit OR Sun Development Kit

SDR                :- Special Drawing Rights

SEARCH        :- Society for Environmental Awareness and Rehabilitation of Child and       Handicapped

SEATO           :- South East Asia Treaty Organization

SEBI               :- Security Exchange Board of India

SEEPZ            :- Santacruz Electronic Export Processing Zone

SEO                :- Satellite for Earth Observation

SERC             :- Structural Engineering Research Centre

SETS             :- Society of Electronics Transaction and Security

SEWA            :- Self Employed Women's Association

SFALA           :- Small Farmers and Agricultural Labourers Agency

SFC                 :- Strategic Force Command

SGPC             :- Siromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee

SHAR            :- Shri Harikota Range

SAHMAT      :- Safdar Hashmi Memorial Trust

SIAM            :- Society of Indian Automobiles Manufacturers

SIDS             :- Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

SIDBI            :- Small Industries Development Bank of India

SITA              :- Separation of Immoral Traffic in Women and Girls Act

SIS                  :- Secret Intelligence Service

SIV                  :- Semen Immuno Deficiency Virus

SLAR              :- Sight Looking Environment Radar

SLBM             :- Submarine Launch Balistic Missile

SLV                 :- Satellite Launch Vehicle

SMART          :- Small Mission for Advance Research

SMS                :- Short Messaging System

SNIPES           :- Society of National Institutes for Physical Education and Sports

SPCA               :- Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

SROSS           :- Stretched Rohini Satellite Series

SSD                 :- Satellite System Division

SSN                 :- Social Security Number

SSTEP            :- Symphonic Satellite Telecommunication Experiment Project

STARS           :- Satellite Training and Ranging System

START           :- Strategic Armed Reduction Talks

STD                :- Subscribers Trunk Dialing OR Sexually Transmitted Disease

STEC             :- Solar Thermal Energy Centre

STEP              :- Satellite Telecommunication Experiment Project

STPI               :- Software Technology Park of India

SUNFED        :- Special United Nations Fund for Economic Development

SWAPO          :- South West African Peoples Organization

SWIFT            :- Short Work Programme in Information Technology