RReminde/ Ring
R&RRate & Route
R&SEResearch & Systems Engineering
R-)Broken Glasses
R/WRead Write
R/WMRead/Write Memory
RARate Adapter (0 1 2) / Read Audit / Recognition Arrangement / Registration Authority
RABRAID Advisory Board
RABIDRebellion Against Big Irrepressible Dweebs
RACEResearch and development of Advanced Communication in Europe
RADRapid Application Development / Remote Antenna Driver
RAD/RASPRemote Antenna Driver / Remote Antenna Signal Processor
RADARRAdio Detection And Ranging
RADDRapid Application Development and Deployment
RADFReversing Automatic Document Feeder
RADIUSRemote Authentication Dial-In User Service
RADSLRate Adaptive Digital Subscriber Line
RAEBNCRead and enjoyed but no comment.
RAFRecord Address File
RAGRegistration and Advisory Group
RAIRemote Alarm Signal
RAIDRedundant Array of Independent Disks / Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disk/Drives
RAMRandom Access Memory / Remote Access Modem
RAMACRAID Architecture with Multilevel Adaptive Cache
RAMDACRandom Access Memory Digital To Analog Converter
RAMPReliability Availability Maintainability Program
RANDRural Area Network Design
RAORegional Accounting Office / Remote Automation Objects / Revenue Accounting Office
RARReturn Address Register
RAREReseaux Associes pour la Recherche Europeenne (Europe - see TERNA)
RARPReverse Address Resolution Protocol
RASRemote Access Server / Remote Access Service / Row Address Strobe
RASCResidence Account Service Center
RASPRemote Antenna Signal Processor
RBBResidential Broadband
RBDSRadio Broadcast Data System
RBGRealtime Business Group
RBHCRegional Bell Holding Company
RBOCRegional Bell Operating Company(ies)
RBORRequest Basic Output Report
RBSRobbed Bit Signaling
RCMAC Recent Change Memory Administration Center / Read Committed (isolation level) / Reduced Cost / Regional Center / Remote Control / Resistance-Capacitance / Routing Control
RCACRemote Computer Access Communications service
RCCRadio Common Carrier / Remote Cluster Controller / Reverse Command Channel
RCDReceiver-Carrier Detector
RCFRemote Call Forwarding
RCLDNRetrieval of Calling Line Directory Number
RCMRemote Carrier Module
RCSCRemote Spooling Communications Subsystem
RCURadio Channel Unit
RD(modem) Receive Data / Remove Directory (DOS) / Route Descriptor
RDARemote Data Access / Remote Database Access
RDAURemote Data Access Unit
RDBRelational DataBase
RDBARemote DataBase Access
RDBMSRelational DataBase Management System / Remote DataBase Management System
RDCRemote Data Concentrator
RDESRemote Data Entry System
RDFRadio Direction Finding / Rate Decrease Factor
RDIRemote Defect Identification / Remote Defect Indicator / Remote Defect Ind
RDLRelational Database Language
RDL-SQLRelational Database Language - Structured Query Language
RDLSQLRelational Database Language Structured Query Language
RDMReport Display Manager
RDNRelative Distinguished Name
RDORemote Data Objects
RDPReliable Datagram Protocol
RDSRadio Digital System
RDSNRegion Digital Switched Network
RDTRadio Digital Terminal / Recall Dial Tone / Referenced Data Transfer / Remote Digital Terminal / Restricted Data Transmissions
RERepeat / Returned / Recall (a supplementary service) / Reference Equivalent / Regarding
REBIReliability of Electronic Business Information
RECRARE Executive Committee / Record (as in tape Record-ing) / Regional Engineering Center
RECSReseller Electronic Communication System
REHIHello Again (returned/repeat - Hi!)
REMRemark / Remote Equipment Module / Ring Error Monitor
REMFReverse ElectroMagnetic Force
REMOBREMote OBservation
REMOBSREMote OBservation System
RENRename (DOS) / Ring Equivalence Number / Ringer Equivalence Number
REPRepeater Expansion Port / Repertory Dialing
RESCURemote Emergency Satellite ResCue Unit
RETResolution Enhancement Technology (usually as REt)
RETLAReally Extended Three Letter Acronym
REVRevenue / Revision
REXECREmote eXECutable/Execution
REXXREstructured eXtended eXecuter (language)
RFRadio Frequency / Resume Flag
RF/DCRadio Frequency / Data Communication
RF/IDRadio Frequency Identification
RFARemote File Access
RFC[Internet] Request For Comment / Radio Frequency Choke
RFDRegional Frequency Divider / Request For Discussion
RFDCRadio Frequency Data Communication
RFIRadio Frequency Interface/Interference / Request for Information
RFIDRadio Frequency Identification
RFNMRequest For Next Message
RFPRequest For Proposal
RFQRequest For Quotation
RFSRemote File Server/Service / Remote File System
RFTRequest For Technology / Revisable Form Text / Revisable Format Text
RFTDCARevisable Form Text Document Content Architecture
RGRadio Government
RHRelative Humidity / Request Header / Response Header
RHOBRelevant Hierarchical Operational Binding
RIReference Implementation / Rename Inhibit / Ring In (MAU Connector) / Ring Indication / Ring Indicator (signal) / Routing Indicator / Routing Information
RIBRouting Information Base
RIDRemote Isolation Device
RIIRouting Information Indicator
RINRelative Intensity Noise
RIOTRevolution In Our Time
RIPRest in Peace / Raster Image Processor / Remote Imaging Protocol / Revolutionizing International Piracy / Router Information Protocol / Routing Information Protocol
RIPEReseaux IP Europeenne
RISRemote Installation Service
RISCReduced Into Silly Code / Reduced Instruction Set Computer(ing) / Reduced Instruction Set Code
RISDReference Information Systems Development
RISERetrieval and Interchange of Standards in Europe
RISLURemote Integrated Services Line Unit
RJRegistered Jack (as in RJ-11 and RJ-45)
RJERemote Job Entry
RLReal life
RLCMRemote Line Concentrating Module
RLERun Lenth Encoded (graphic format)
RLLRun Length Limited
RLMRemote Line Module
RLOGINRemote Login
RLSDReceived Line Signal Detector
RLTRemote Line Test
RMReference Manual/Model / Resource Management
RMAReturn Merchandise Authorization
RMASRemote Memory Administration System
RMATSRemote Maintenance And Testing System
RMBRight Mouse Button
RMDIRRemove Directory (DOS)
RMDMReference Model of Data Management
RMFRemote Management Facility
RMI(Java) Remote Method Invocation
RMONRemote Monitor standard / Remote network MONitoring
RMONMIBRemote network MONitoring Management Information Base
RMPRemote Maintenance Protocol
RMRRemote Message Register(s)
RMSRoot Mean Squared / Record Management Services
RMTPReliable Multicast Tranport Protocol
RNReceipt Notification / Reference Noise
RNARing No Answer (communication or telephone term for a problem)
RNEReseau National d'Essal (National Network for Testing)
RNGRandom Number Generator
RNOCRegional Network Operations Center
RNRReceiver Not Ready
RORead Only / Receive Only / Remote Operations / Ring Out (MAU connector)
RO(T)FLrolling on the floor laughing
ROAReturn On Assets
ROACReport Origin Authentication Check
ROADSResources Organisation And Discovery in Subject based Services
ROBRemote Order Buffer
ROCRegional Operating Company
ROCIERiverside/Orange County/Inland Empire (Net)
ROERRemote Operations ERror
ROFFNARRolling on the Floor for no Apparent Reason
ROFLRolling On (the)Floor Laughing [appropriate response for good jokes] {ROTFL for illiterate people}
ROFLAPMPRolling On (the)Floor Laughing And Peeing My Pants
ROFLASTCRolling On (the) Floor Laughing And Scaring The Cat
ROFLGORolling On (the) Floor Laughing Guts Out
ROFLMAORolling On (the) Floor Laughing My A** Off
ROFLOLRolling on the Floor Laughing Out Loud
ROFLOLBAGRolling on the Floor Laughing Out Loud Busting a Gut
ROFLUTSRolling On (the)Floor Laughing Unable to Speak
ROFLWMPRolling on the Floor Wetting My Pants
ROFPMLRolling on the Floor Peeing Myself Laughing
ROHReceiver Off-Hook
ROIReturn On Investment
ROIVRemote Operations InVoke
ROLAPRelational On-Line Analytical Processing
ROLCRouting Over Large Clouds
ROMRead Only Memory
ROPRaster OPerations
ROPMRemote Operations Protocol Machine
RORERemote Operations Return Error
RORJRemote Operations ReJect
RORSRemote Operations ReSponse
ROSRead-Only Store
ROSERemote Operations Service Element
ROTReign of Terror
ROTBAReality on the Blink Again
ROTFRolling On The Floor
ROTFRolling On The Floor
ROTFLroll(ing) on the floor laughing (also ROFL; ROFL)
ROTFLABICRolling On The Floor Laughing and biting into carpet
ROTFLAHMSRolling On The Floor Laughing And Holding My Side
ROTFLBTCROTFL biting the carpet
ROTFLGOROTFL... guts out
ROTFLLTCROTFL... licking the glue
ROTFLMAORolling On the Floor Laughing My A** Off
ROTFLSTCROTFL... scaring the cat
ROTLRemote Office Test Lines
RPCRegistered Protective Circuitry / Remote Procedure Call
RPDFTRobustly Path Delay Fault Testable
RPERemote Peripheral Equipment
RPGRemote Password Generator / Report Program Generator (programming language) / Role Playing Game(s)
RPIRockwell Protocol Interface
RPLRemote Procedure Load / Remote Program Load
RPMReduced Parts Menu / Relentless Pursuit of Magnificence / Remote Process Management / Revolution Per Minute (usually rpm) / Rotations Per Minute
RPNReverse Polish Notation
RPOARecognized Private Operating Agency
RPQRequest for Price Quotation
RPSRedundant Power Supply
RPVRemotely Piloted Vehicle
RQSRate/Quote System
RQSMRegional Quality Service Management
RQTReliability Quality Test
RRReady to Receive / Receiver Ready / Repeatable Read (isolation level) / Reply requested
RROReports Receiving Office
RRTReverse Recovery Time
RSRecommended Standard / Record Separator (ASCII) / Remote Single-layer / Resume Session / Ring Station
RSAReference System Architecture / Repair Service Attendant / Rivest Shamir and Adleman (Encryption algorithm)
RSA-PPDUReSynchronize Acknowledge Presentation Protocol Data Unit
RSAPPDUReSynchronize Acknowledge Presentation Protocol Data Unit
RSATReliability and System Architecture Testing
RSBRepair Service Bureau
RSCRemote Switching Center / Residence Service Center
RSCSRemote Source Control System / Remote Spooling and Control/Communications Subsystem
RSERemote Single-layer Embedded / Removable Storage Elements
RSEXECResource Sharing EXECutive
RSFGRoute Server Functional Group (ATM Forum)
RSHRemote SHell / Restricted SHell
RSIRepetitive Strain Injury
RSLReceived Signal Level / Remote Ship List
RSLERemote Subscriber Line Equipment
RSLMRemote Subscriber Line Module
RSNReal Soon Now (usually sarcastically) / Remote Switching Module
RSORegional Standards Organization
RSPPDUReSynchronize Presentation Protocol Data Unit
RS-PPDUReSynchronize Presentation Protocol Data Unit
RSPXRemote Sequenced Packet eXchange
RSRBRemote Source Route Bridging
RSSReception Support Statement / Remote Switching System
RSTE/EResource System Time Sharing - Enhanced/Extended/Environment
RSURemote Switching Unit
RSVPRdb Solutions Vendor Program / Resourse reSerVation Protocol / Revolutionary Surrealist Vandal Party
RTReal-Time / Reliable Transfer / Roundtable / Routing Table / Routing Type
RT/DSSReal-Time/Decision Support Service
RTAReal-Time Accelerator / Remote Trunk Arrangement
RTABReliable Transfer ABort
RTASReal-time Technology and Application Symposium
RTBGRealTime Business Group
RTCReal-Time Clock / RARE Technical Committee
RTCPReal time Transport Control Protocol
RTDResistance Temperature Detector
RTDoxread the documentations
RTERemote Terminal Emulation
RTELReverse TELnet
RTFRich Text Format
RTFFAQRead The F**king FAQ
RTFIRead the Friendly Instructions
RTFMRead the "fine" manual / read the f#$%ing manual / Read the (Flipping) Manual. / Realtime Traffic Flow Measurement
RTIRemote Terminal Identification
RTKRight - To - Know
RTKNETRight - To - Know NETwork
RTMRead the manual / Resistor-Transistor Logic / Run Time Library / Regional Telecommunications Management / Remote Test Module
RTMPRouting Table Maintenance Protocol
RTNRouting Transit Number
RTNRRinging Tone No Reply
RTOACReliable Transfer Open Accept
RTORJReliable Transfer Open Reject
RTORQReliable Transfer Open Request
RTOSReal Time Operating System
RTPReal-time Transport Protocol
RTPMReliable Transfer Protocol Machine
RTSReal-Time System / Reliable Transfer Service / Remote Testing System / Request To Send / Residual Time Stamp
RTSEReliable Transfer Service Element
RTSPReal Time Streaming Protocol
RTTRound - Trip Time
RTTIRun-Time Type Identification
RTTYRadio Teletype
RTURemote Trunking Unit
RTVReal-Time Video
RURead Uncommitted (isolation level) / Request Unit / Response Unit
RUARemote User Agent
RUCUSRhodes University Computer Users Society
RUIPRemote User Information Program
RUMRemote User Multiplex
RVD(MIT) Remote Virtual Disk
RVIReverse Interrupt
RWRead - Write
RWCRemote Work Center
RWCCRegional Workshop Coordinating Committee
RWSCCRegional WorkShop Coordinating Committee
RXReceive (Transmission or Data) / Remote Exchange
RZReturn to Zero
RZIReturn to Zero Inverted


RADAR        :- Radio Detecting and Ranging

RAFC            :- Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia

RAPP            :- Rajasthan Atomic Power Project

RAW             :- Research and Analysis Wing

R&D             :- Research and Development

RBI               :- Reserve Bank of India

RCC              :- Reinforced Cement Concrete

RDSO           :- Research Design and Standard Organization

RDX             :- Research Development Explosive

REACH        :- Rural Entrepreneurship for Art and Culture Heritage

RFMT            :- Republic of Fiji Military Forces

RGNDWM    :- Rajiv Gandhi National Drinking Water Mission

RITES            :- Rail India Technical and Economic Services

RMS               :- Railway Mail Service

RPNNL          :- Rashtriya Pariyojana Nirman Nigam Limited

RRC               :- Reactor Research Centre

RLEGP          :- Rural Landless Employment Guarantee Programme

RNA               :- Ribonucleic Acid

ROSNI           :- Round Spermatid Nuclear Injection

RSS                 :- Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh

RTO                :- Regional Transport Officer

RTRA             :- Rail Tariff Regulatory Authority