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QAQuality Assurance / Queue Arbitrated
QAFQ Adapter Function
QAMQuadrature Amplitude Modulation
QASQuasi-Associated Signaling
QBEQuery By Example
QBICQuery By Image Content
QBITQualified Bit
QBMQuery By Model
QBODQuality Board of Directors
QBPQuickBooks Pro
QCQuality Control
QDQueuing Delay
QDNQuery Direct Number
QDSSQ-Bus Dragon Sub-System
QEMMQuarterdeck Extended Memory Manager
QFAQuick File Access
QFPQuad Flat Pack
QICQuarter Inch Cartridge / Quarter Inch Committee
QIOQueue Input / Output
QLLCQualified Link Level Control / Qualified Logical Link
QMPQuality Measurement Plan
QMSQuality Micro Systems
QNDQuantum Network Design
QOHQuantity On Hand
QOSQuality Of Service (sometimes as QoS)
QPQuattro Pro
QPAQuality Program Analysis
QPSKQuadrative/Quadrature Phase-Shift Keying
QPSXQueued Packet and Synchronous circuit eXchange
QRQuick Response
QRSSQuasi Random Signal Source
QSIGUnified International corporate network signalling standard
QSOConversation / QWK Support Option
QSSQuality Solution System / Quality Surveillance System
QTCutie / Qualification Test / Quick Time
QTAMQueued Telecommunications Access Method
QTMLQuickTime Media Layer
QTVRQuickTime Virtual Reality
QTWQuick-Time for Windows
QVSSQ-Bus Viper Sub-System
QWESTQuantum-Well Envelope State Transition