P&LProfit and Loss
P&PPeace and Protection
P&SPublish and Subscribe
P.SPost Scriptum
P.S.Post Scriptum
P/ARPeak-to-Average Radio
P/FPoll / Final bit
P/H/APhreakers / Hackers / Anarchists
PAPower Alarm / Precision Architecture (RISC) / Program Address / Public Address
PAAPeer Access Approved
PABGPack a Big Gun
PABXPrivate Automatic Branch Exchange
PACPoint-And-Click / Pricing and Announcement Committee / Privilege Access Certificate
PACCEPTPresentation Accept
PACEProgram for Arrangement of Cables and Equipment
PACSPersonal Access Communications System / Picture Archiving and Communication System
PACTPrefix Access Code Translator
PADPacket Assembler-Disassembler / Packet Assembly/Disassembly
PADSXPartially Automated Digital Signal Cross-Connect
PAEPage Address Extensions / Peer Access Enforcement
PAEBPan - American EDIFACT Board
PAGPhreaks Against Geeks
PAGODAProfile Alignment Group for Office Document Architecture
PAINPirating Artistically Intrepid Newsmongers
PALPhase Alteration Standard / Phase Alternating Line / Programmable Array Logic
PAMPeachtree Accounting - Macintosh / Pulse Amplitude Modulation
PANPeripheral Area Network / Personal Account Number
PANSPretty Advanced New Stuff
PAPPassword Authentication Protocol / Practical Applications of Prolog / Printer Access Protocol
PAPAGPhreaks Against Phreaks Against Geeks
PARPeak-to-Average Ratio / Positive Acknowledgment with Retransmission
PARADISEPiloting A Researcher's Directory Service in Europe
PARCPalo Alto Research Center (Xerox PARC)
PASPublic Announcement Service/System / Public Available Standards / Publicly Available Submitter
PASIProduction Availability Shipments
PATPower Alarm Test
PATSParameterized Abstract Test Suite
PAWPeachtree Accounting for Windows / Pirates Analyze Warez
PAXPrivate Automatic Exchange
PBPacific Brigade
PBCPeripheral Bus Computer / Pipelined Burst Cache / Processor Bus Controller
PBDPacific Bell Directory
PBGAPlastic Ball Grid Array
PBISPeachtree Business Internet Suite
PBKACProblem Between Keyboard and Chair
PBMProduct Business Manager
PBMSPacific Bell Mobile Services
PBNIPacific Bell Network Integration
PBSPortable Base Station
PBTProfit Before Tax
PBUProduct Business Unit
PBXPersonal/Private/Product/Public Branch Exchange
PCPersonal Computer / Politically correct / Primary Center / Priority Control / Production Control / Protocol Control
PCAPeachtree Complete Accounting / Performance and Coverage Analyzer
PCAMIPersonal Computing Asset Management Institute
PCBPrinted Circuit Board
PCDPage Cache Disable (pins)
PCDAProgram Controlled Data Acquisition
PCDOSPersonal Computer Disk Operating System
PC-DOSPersonal Computer Disk Operating System
PCEPresentation Connection Endpoint
PCEIPresentation Connection Endpoint Identifier
PCEOPersonal Computer Enhancement Operation
PCEPPresentation Connection EndPoint
PCFCPolytechnics and Colleges Funding Councils
PCHParallel CHannel
PCIPeripheral Component Interconnect / Presentation Context Identifier / Program Controlled Interruption / Personal Computer Interface / Protocol Control Information
PCLPrinter Control Language
PCMPlug Compatible Manufacturer / Product Capacity Manager / Profit Contribution Margin / Pulse Code Modulation
PCMCIAPeople Can't Memorize Computer Industry Acronyms / Personal Computer Memory Card International Association
PCNPersonal Communications Networks
PCOPeg Count and Overflow
PCOPoint of Control and Observation
PCONNECTPresentation Connect
PCPPC Pursuit / Pyscho Corporate Productions
PCPMProgrammable Call Progress Monitoring
PCRPeak Cell Rate / Personal Computer Rats / Post Call Ratio / Program Clock Reference / Personal Communication System / Proxy Cache Server / Personal Communications Services / Personal Conferencing Standard / Plastic Clad Silica
PCSAPersonal Computer(ing) System Architecture
PCSGPersonal Computing Systems Group
PCSNPrivate Circuit - Switching Network
PCTEPortable Common Tool Environment
PCTRProtocol Conformance Test Report
PCTVProgram Controlled TransVerters
PCUPacket Control Unit
PCWGPersonal Conferencing Work Group
PCYLIHOONLPlease Cross Your Legs I Have Only One Nail Left
PDPacketization Delay / Peripheral Decoder / Phase-Change - Dual / Physical Delivery / Public domain
PDAPersonal Digital Assistant / Public Display of Affection
PDADProposed Draft ADdendum
PDAMProposed Draft AMendment
PDAUPhysical Delivery Access Unit
PDCPrimary Domain Controller
PDESProduct Data Exchange Standard
PDFPortable Document File / Portable Document Format / Power Distribution Frame
PDFPrinter Definition File
PDHPlesiochronous Digital Hierarchy
PDIPower and Data Interface
PDIFProduct Definition Interchange Format
PDISPProposed Draft International Standardized Profile
PDLPage Description Language
PDMPulse Duration Modulation
PDNPublic Data Network
PDOPortable Distributed Object
PDPParallel Data Processor / Peripheral Data Processing / Program Data Processor / Page Directory Pointers
PDQPretty Damn(ed) Quick(ly) / Peachtree Data Query
PDRProbe Data Register
PDSPlease Don't Shoot / Packet Driver Specification / Parallel Data Structure / Partition DataSet / Premise Distribution System / Planetary Data System / Physical Delivery Service / Planetary Data System / Premises Distribution System / Processor Direct Slot
PDSPPeripheral Data Storage Processor
PDTRProposed Draft Technical Report
PDUPacket Data Unit / Protocol Data Unit
PEPublic Enemy / Peripheral Equipment
PEBPCM Expansion Bus
PECCProduct Engineering Control Center
PEDIProtocol for Electronic Data Interchange
PEGPublic Educational and Governmental
PELPicture Element
PEMPrivacy Enhanced Mail / Product Error Message
PENPublic Electronic Network
PENTIUMProduces Erroneous Numbers Through Incorrect Understanding of Mathematics
PEPPacket Exchange Protocol / Packetized Ensemble Protocol / Performance Enhancement Package / Personal Enrichment Program / Platform Environment Profile
PEPMPartial Evaluation and semantics-based Program Manipulation
PEPYPresentation Element Parser YACC
PERPacked Encoding Rules
PERLPractical Extraction and Reporting Language
PETPositron Emission Tomography
PETSParameterized Executable Test Suite
PFParity Flag / Poll-Final (bit) / Program Function
PFAPage Frame Address / Peachtree First Accounting
PFEPProgrammable Front - End Processor
PFMPure Freaking Magic / Pulse Frequency Modulation
PFPUProcessor Frame Power Unit
PGPeripheral Gateway
PGAPin Grid Array (socket) / Professional Graphics Adapter
PGEPaging Global Extensions
PGIParameter Group Identifier
PGLPeer Group Leader (ATM Forum)
PGPPretty Good Privacy
PHPacket Handler / Parity High (bit)
PHANTSYPhantasy Magazine
PHDPhreak/Hacker Destroyers (usually as PhD)
PHIGSProgrammer Hierarchical Interactive Graphics System
PHUCKPhone Hackers United Crash Kill
PHUKPhreak/Hack United Kingdom (sometimes as P-H-UK
PHUNPhreaker/Hackers Underground Network
PIPolitically Incorrect / Private Investigator / Parameter Identifier / Peripherals Interface / Physical Inventory / Pirate Incorporated / Processing Instruction / Protocol Identifier
PIAPain in the as* / Peripheral Interface Adapter / Plug-In Administrator /
PICPolitically incorrect / Personal Identification Code / Plastic Insulated Cable / Polyolefin Insulated Cables / Preferred InterExchange Carrier / Primary Inter-exchange Carrier / Primary Independent Carrier / Programmable Interrupt Controller
PICSPlatform for Internet Content Selection / Plug-in Inventory Control System / Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement / Prgrammable Interrupt Controller
PIDProprietary Information Disclosure / Protocol IDentifier
PIEPersonal Interactive Electronics
PIFPhase Interface Fading / Program Information File / Program Information File (usually as .PIF) /
PIFTProtocol Interbank File Transfer
PIGProduct Information Guide
PILPirates In Legion
PIMPersonal Information Manager / Personal Information Manager / Protocol Independent Multicast
PIMPort Interface Module
PIMPPersonal Internet Mail Processor
PINPersonal Identification Number
PINEProgram for Internet News and E-mail
PINGPacket InterNet Groper
PINXPrivate Integrated Services Network Exchange
PIOProgrammed Input/Output / P Internet Protocol / Packet Interface Port
PIPEPrimary Integrated Platform Environment
PIRProbe Instruction Register / Protocol Independent Routing
PIRCHPathetic IRC CHat
PITAPain In The Ass
PITBPain in the butt
PITRProduct Inter-operation Test Report
PITSPie In The Sky
PIUPath Information Unit
PIXELPicture Element
PIXITProtocol Implementation Extra Information for Testing
PJLPrinter Job Language
PKCPublic Key Cryptography
PKCSPublic Key Crypto System
PKEPublic Key Encryption
PKIPublic - Key Infrastructure
PLParity Low (bit) / Physical Layer / Presentation Layer / Private Line
PL/1Programming Language / 1
PL/MProgramming Language for Microcomputers
PLAProgrammed Logic Array
PLBPicture-Level Benchmark
PLCCPlastic Leaded-Chip Carrier / Plastic Leadless Chip Carrier
PLCPPhysical Layer Convergence Procedure
PLCPPhysical Layer Convergence Protocol
PLDPhase Lock Demodulator / Programmable Logic Device
PLDIProgramming Language Design and Implementation
PLEPublic Local Exchange
PLILPProgramming Language Implementations Logics and Prog
PLLPhase Locked Loop
PLOKTAPress Lots Of Keys To Abort
PLOUPhysical Layer Overhead Unit
PLPPacket Layer Protocol/Procedure / Packet Level Procedure
PLSPlease / Physical Layer Signaling / Programmable Logic Sequencer
PLSAPPhysical Layer Service Access Point
PLUPrimary Logical Unit
PLVProduction-Level Video
PMPardon Me / Performance Management / Peripheral Module / Phase Modulation / Physical Medium / Plant Management / Private Message / Protocol Machine
PMAPerformance Measurement Analysis / Physical Medium Attachment
PMACPacket Media Access Controller / Peripheral Module Access Controller
PMBIPardon my butting in
PMBXPrivate Manual Branch Exchange
PMCRProbe Mode Control Register
PMDPhysical Medium Dependent (Sublayer) / PostMaster Daemon (usually as pmd)
PMETCPardon Me etc.
PMFBIPardon Me For Butting In
PMFJIPardon Me For Jumping In
PMGProduct Marketing Group
PMIPhysical Medium Independent (Sublayer) / Private Memory Interconnect
PMIGBOMPut Mind In Gear Before Opening Mouth
PMJIPardon My Jumping In / Pardon me Jumping in
PMMUPaged Memory Management Unit
PMNPerformance Monitoring
PMOSPisitive-channel Metal Oxide Semiconductor
PMPPeed My Pants / Point to MultiPoint
PMRPoor Mans Routing
PMSPantone Matching System / Paranoid Media Scrutinization / Peoples Message Service / Public Message Service
PMTPacket-Mode Terminal / Planning Methodology Team
PMUPrecision Measurement Unit
PMXPacket Multiplexer / Private Message Exchange
PMYMHMMFSWGADPardon Me You Must Have Mistaken Me for Someone Who Gives A Damn
PNPersonal Name / Positive Notification
PNAPrivate Network Adapter
PNBPacific Northwest Bell
PNCPersonal Number Calling
PNDPresent Next Digit
PNGPortable Network Graphics
PNICPrivate Network Identification Code
PNNIPrivate Network to Network Interface / Private Network-Node Interface
PNOPublic Network Operator
PNPPlug aNd Play / Plug N Play (usually as PnP)
PNPNPositive-Negative-Positive-Negative (devices)
POPurchase Order
POAPower Open Association / Power of Attorney
POACProbe Origin Authentication Check
POAHFPut On A Happy Face
POBPeripheral Order Buffer
POCPoint of Contact
POCEPantone Open Color Environment
PODPiece Of Data
PODCPrinciples Of Distributed Computing
POFProgrammable Operator Facility
POHPath OverHead / Power On Hours
POIPoint Overhead Indicator
POMPoint of Manufacturing
PONPassive Optical Network
PONSIProgram On Non-collegiate Sponsored Instruction
POORProtectors Of Our Rights
POPPoint Of Presence / Post Office Protocol / Programmable Option Select
POP3Post Office Protocol version 3
POPLPrinciples Of Programming Languages
POPsPoints of Prescence (points of local access to the net)
POQPis* Off Quickly
POQADCBPis* Off Quickly and Don't Come back
POSPoint Of Sale / Programmable Option Select
POSCPetrotechnical Open Software Corporation
POSIPromoting OSI
POSIXPortable Operating System Interface eXtension
POSSLQPerson of Opposite Sex Sharing Living Quarters
POSTPower On - Self Test
POTPoint Of Termination
POTSPlain Old Telephone Service
POVPoint of view
PPParallel Port / Post Pay / Pre Pay
PP&EProduction Planning and Execution
PPAPrivacy Protection Act / Professional Prepress Alliance
PPARCParticle Physics and Astronomy Research Council
PPCProgram - to - Program Communication / Peer - to - Pee
PPCIPresentation Protocol Control Information
PPDPeripheral Pulse Distributor / Post Script Printer Description / Post-Script Printer Description / Product Phase Down / Presentation Protocol Data Unit
PPIPixels Per Inch (usually as ppi) / Programmable Peripheral Interface
PPLPeoPLe / Periodic Payment License
PPMPages Per Minute (usually ppm) / Pages Per Month / Parts Per Million / Presentation Protocol Machine / Principal Period Maintenance / Pulse Position Modulation
PPNPrivate Packet Network / Programmer Project Number; now known as ID# or UserId / Project Program Number / Public Packet Switching
PPOPPPrinciples and Practice Of Parallel Programming
PPPPetty Pet Peeve / Point to Point Protocol
PPP/MPPoint-to-Point Protocol/Multilink Protocol
PPPMPPoint-to-Point Protocol Multilink Protocol
PPQNPulses Per Quarter-Note (MIDI)
PPSPackets Per Second / Product Performance Surveys / Public Packet Switching / Public Packet Switching Network / Pulses Per Second
PPSDNPublic Packet - Switched Data Network
PPSNPublic Packet - Switched Network
PPSUPersonal Printer Spooling Utility
PPTMProtocol Profile Testing Methodology
PPTPPoint-to-Point Tunneling Protocol
PQFPPlastic Quad Flat Pack (socket)
PRPrepare / Path Replacement
PRAParabolic Reflector Antenna / Primary Rate Access
PRAMParallel Random Access Memory / Programmable Random Access Memory / Parameter Random Access Memory
PRBPacket Receive Buffer
PRCAPuerto Rico Communications Authority
PRDMDPrivate Directory Management Domain
PREFUSEPresentation Refuse
PREMISPREMises Information System
PRI(ISDN) Primary Rate Interface / Primary Rate Interface
PRIDPRotocol IDentifier
PRIMOSPrime Operating System
PRMProtocol Reference Model
PRMDPrivate Mail Domain / Private Management Domain
PRMLPartial Response - Maximum Likelihood
PROFSPRofessional OFfice System
PROGRESPROgramming with Graph REwriting Systems
PROLOGPROgramming in LOGic (programming language)
PROMProgrammable Read-Only Memory
PROMATSPROgrammable MAgnetic Tape System
PROMISProsecutors Management Information Systems
PROTELPRocedure Oriented Type Enforcing Language
PRSPersonal Response System
PRTCPuerto Rico Telephone Company
PRTMPrinting Response Time Monitor
PRTSCPrint Screen (usually as PrtSc)
PRWPeachtree Report Writer
PSPersonal System / Physical Sequence / Programmed Symbols / Physical Sequential / Post Scriptum / PostScript / Preferred Service / Presentation Service / Print Server / Program Store / Proposed Standard
PS/2Personal System/2
PSAPPresentation Service Access Point / Public Safety Answering Point (911)
PSCPeachtree Support Center / Prime Service Contractor / Print Server Control / Protection Switching Circuit / Public Safety Calling system / Public Service Commission
PSDPower Spectral Density
PSDCPublic Switched Digital Capability
PSDNPacket-Switched Data Network / Public Switched Data Network
PSDSPublic Switched Digital Service
PSDUPresentation Service Data Unit
PSEPacket Switch Exchange / Page Size Extension / Power Series Expansion
PSECPicosecond (one trillionth of a second)
PSELPresentation Selector
PSFPermanent Swap File
PSGPeripheral and Supplies Group / Product Shipping Guide
PSHPush (flag)
PSIPacket Switching Interface / Performance Summary Interval / Performance Systems International / Pounds per Square Inch / Process to Support Interoperability / Programmable Serial Interface
PSIUPacket Switch Interface Unit
PSKPhase-Shift Keying
PSM(SQL) Persistent Stored Modules / Packet Service Module / Phase Shift Modulation / Position Switching Module
PSNPacket Switched Network / Packet Switching Node / Public Switched Network
PSOPending Service Order
PSPPresentation Services Process
PSPDNPacket Switched Public Data Network
PSRProbe Status Register
PSRAMPseudo-Static Random Access Memory
PSRGPrivacy and Security Research Group
PSSPacket Switch Stream / Packet Switched Services / Performance Support Systems / Professional Software Services
PSS1Private Signalling System 1
PSTPre-Structured Technology (development process)
PSTNPublic Switched Telephone Network
PSUPortable Storage Unit / Program Storage Unit / Power Supply Unit
PSWProgram Status Word
PTPass Through / Payload Type / Please Token / Program Timer
PTAPersonal Telecommunications Assistant
PTANPerformance Testing Alliance for Networks
PTATPrivate Trans Atlantic Telecommunications
PTBPowers that be
PTCPart Time Crackers / Public Telephone Companies
PTEPacket Transport Equipment / Path Terminating Entity / Path Terminating Equipment
PTGPhysical Technology Group
PTIPayload Type Identifier
PTLPirates That Live / Praise The Lord
PTMPulse Time Modulation
PTMMPlease Tell Me More
PTNPersonal Telecommunications Number
PTNXPrivate Telecommunications Network eXchange
PTOPublic Telecommunication network Operator / Public Telephone Operator
PTPPeer-To-Peer / Point-To-Point
PTSPosition and Trunk Scanner / Profile Test Specification
PTSEPNNI Topology State Element (ATM Forum)
PTSPPNNI Topology State Packet
PTTPostal Telegraph and Telephone / Postal Telephone and Telegraph
PTTXAUPublic TeleTex Access Unit
PTWPrimary Translation Word
PTXAUPublic Telex Access Unit
PUPhysical Unit
PUCPeripheral Unit Controller / Public Utilities Commission / Public Utility Commission
PUCPPhysical Unit Control Point
PUNPhysical Unit Number
PUPPARC Universal Packet (protocol)
PVParameter Value
PVCPermanent Virtual Channel / Permanent Virtual Circuit(s) / Permanent Virtual Connection / Permanent Virtual Connections / Polyvinyl Chloride
PVCCPermanent Virtual Channel Connection
PVIProtected mode Vrtual Interrupts
PVMParallel Virtual Machine
PVNPrivate Virtual Network
PVPCPermanent Virutal Path Connection
PVTPermanent Virtual Terminal
PWAPirates With Attitude
PWDPresent Working Directory (UNIX Command)
PWIPublic Windows Interface
PWMPulse Width Modulation
PWSPeer Web Services
PWTPage Write - Through (pins)
PXPPacket eXchange Protocol


PACS              :- Primary Agricultural Credit Society

PAFNA           :- Pan African News Agency

PATA              :- Pacific Asia Travel Association

PCI                  :- Press Council of India

PCS                 :- Provincial Civil Services

PEO                :- Programme Evaluation Organization

Ph.D.              :- Doctor of Philosophy

PIB                  :- Press Information Bureau

PIN                 :- Postal Index Number

PIOC              :- Persons of Indian Origin Card

PGIMR          :- Post Graduate Institute of Medical Research

PLA                :- Peoples Liberation Army

PLO                :- Palestine Liberation Organization

PLOTE           :- Peoples Liberation Organization of Tamil Elam

PMSSY          :- Pradhan Mantari Swasthya Suraksha Yojna

PM                 :- Post Meridian / Prime Minister

PMLA            :- Peoples Movement for Liberation of Angola

PNR              :- Passanger Numerical Record

POTA           :- Prevention of Terrorism Act

PSLV            :- Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle

PSI                 :- Population Service International

PTI                 :- Press Trust of India

PTO               :- Please Turn Over

PTCT            :- Parents to Child Transmission

PUCC            :- Pollution Under Control Certificate

PUCL            :- Peoples Union for Civil Liberties

PUDR           :- Peoples Union for Democratic Rights

PVC               :- Poly Vinyl Chloride / Param Vir Chakra

PVSM           :- Param Vishist Seva Medal

PWD             :-  Public Works Department

PWG             :- Peoples War Group