N/ANot Acceptable
N/ANot Acceptable / Not Applicable
NANext Address / Not Acceptable / Not Applicable / Numerical Aperture
NAANewspaper Association of America
NAA!Not Another Acronym!
NACNetwork Access Controller / Network Administration Center / Network Applications Consortium / Networks And Communications / New Age Crackers
NACHANational Automated Clearing House Association
NACKNegative Acknowledgement
NACMNetworks and Communications Marketing
NACOMEXNational Computer Exchange
NACSNetWare Asynchronous Communications Server / Novell As
NADFNorth American Directory Forum
NADTNot A Darn Thing
NAEBNorth American EDIFACT Board
NAECNovell Authorized Education Center
NAGNetwork Architecture Group
NAKNegative AcKnowledgment (ASCII)
NALNetware Application Launcher
NALOPKTNot A Lot Of People Know That
NAMNetwork Access Method / Number Assignment Module
NAMASNational Measurement Accreditation Services
NAMSNetwork Analysis and Management System
NAMTUGNorth American MAP/TOP Users' Group
NANNational Area Network
NANDNot-And Gate
NANPNorth American Numbering Plan
NAPNetwork Access Point
NAPENational Pirate Exchange (usually as NaPE)
NAPLNational Association of Printers and Lithographers
NAPLPSNorth American Presentation Level Protocol Syntax
NAPPANorthern American Phreakers/Piraters Association
NARCNuclear Phreakers/Hackers/Carders
NARUCNational Association of Regulatory Utilities Commissio
NASNetwork Application Support / Numerical and Atmospheric Sciences (network)
NASANational Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASINetWare Asynchronous Services Interface
NASMNamed Account Sales Manager
NASTDNational Association of State Telecommunications Direc
NATNetwork Address Translation
NATANational Association of Testing Authorities
NATDNational Association of Telecommunications Dealers
NATOANational Association of Telecommunication Officers and
NAUNetwork Access Unit / Network Addressable Unit
NAUNNearest Active Upstream Neighbor / Nearest Addressable
NBBNumber of Bytes of Binary
NBDNo Big Deal
NBECNon-Bell Exchange Carrier
NBEUINetwork BIOS Extended User Interface
NBIFNo basis in fact
NBLNot bloody likely
NBMANon-Broadcast Multiple Access
NBNSNetBIOS Name Server
NBPName Binding Protocol / NetBIOS Protocol
NBSNational Bureau of Standards
NCNetwork Channel / Network Computer / Network Connection / no comment
NCANetwork Computing Architecture
NCAIRNational Center for Automated Information Research
NCBNetwork Control Block
NCCNational Computing Center / Network Control Center / Norwegian Cracking Company
NCCFNetwork Communications Control Facility
NCFNetWare Command File
NCINetwork Channel Interface
NCIANative Client Interface Architecture
NCICNational Crime Information Center/Computer / Network Control Interface Channel
NCLNetwork Control Language
NCMNetwork Connection Management / Node Controller Module
NCMOSN-channel Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
NCMSNetwork Control and Management System
NCPNetWare Core Protocol / Network Control Point/Program
NCPSNetware Cross-Platform Services / Novell Cross Platform Services
NCRNational Cash Register
NCSNational Communications System / Network Computing System / Network Control System
NCSANational Center for Supercomput(er)(ing) Applications / National Computer Security Association
NCSCNational Computer Security Center
NCSINetwork Communications Services Interface
NCSLNational Computer Systems Laboratory
NCTNetwork Control Terminal
NCTENetwork Channel Terminating/Termination Equipment
NCUGNational Centrex Users' Group
NDNetwork Digit
NDANational Directory Assistance / Network Delivery Access / NonDisclosure Agreement
NDCNetwork Data Collection
NDCCNetwork Data Collection Center
NDDNetWare Directory Database
NDIAGNorton Diagnostics
NDISNetwork Device Interface Specification
NDLNetwork Database Language
NDMNetwork Database Managment
NDMPNetwork Data Management Protocol
NDMSNetWare Distributed Management Services
NDNNational Distribution Network / Non-Delivery Notification
NDPSNetWare Distributed Printing Services
NDRNetwork Data Representation
NDSNetWare Directory Services / Network Data System / Novell Directory Service
NDTNet Data Throughput / No Dead Trees
NDTSNetwork Diagnostic and Test System
NDUNetwork Device Utility
NENetwork Element
NEAPNovell Education Academic Partner
NEARNETNew England Academic and Research Network
NEASNorth East Atlantic States
NEATNovell Easy Administration Tool
NEBSNew/Network Equipment Building System
NECNational Electric Code / Nippon Electronic Company
NEFNetwork Element Function
NEMANational Electrical Manufacturers Association
NEPNoise Equivalent Power
NERCNatural Environment Research Council
NERDNational Establishment for Real Dorks
NESNet Equipment Sales
NESACNational Electronic Switching Assistance Center
NESCNational Electric Safety Code
NESSNetwork of European Ship-building Students
NET(The) Inter(sometimes as The NET) / Network (as high level domain .net) / Network Entity Title / Norme Europeenne de Telecommunications (European)
NETBEUINetwork Basic input/output system Extended User Interface
NETBIOSNetwork Basic Input/Output System
NETDDENetwork Dynamic Data Exchange (usually as NetDDE)
NETIPCNetwork InterProcess Communication
NEUANational Elite Underground Alliance
NEWSNetwork Error Warning System / Novell Electronic Webcasting Service
NEXTNear End X-Talk / Near-End Cross Talk
NFNot Finished
NFANo Flaming Allowed
NFFNo Form Feed
NFIno friggin' idea
NFSNetwork File System
NFSPNational Federation of Software Pirates
NFTNetwork File Transfer
NFWNo F**king Way
NFWMNo Fu**ing Way Man!
NFX(The) New Fone Express (magazine)
NGINext-Generation Internet
NHNazi Hackers / Non-busy Hour
NHASNew Hampshire Administrative Services
NHOBNon-specific Hierarchical Operational Binding
NHRNon Hierarchical Routing
NHRPNext Hop Resolution Protocol / Next Hop Routing Protocol / Non-Hierarchical Routing Protocol
NHTSANational Highway Traffic Safety Administration
NINational ISDN (sometimes as NI-1) / Network Interconnect / Network Interface
NI-1National ISDN 1
NIANetwork Information Access (newsletter)
NICNetwork Information Center / Network Interface Card
NICADNickel Cadmium (usually as NiCad)
NICDNIckel CaDium (usually NiCd)
NICENetwork Information and Control Exchange
NIDNetwork Interface Device
NIDLNetwork Interface Definition Language
NIFOCNude In Front Of Computer
NIFOKNaked In Front of the Keyboard
NIGGERnow I've gotto go eveict Racists
NIHNational Institutes of Health
NIINational Information Infrastructure
NIITNational Information Infrastructure Testbed (coalition
NIMNetwork Interface Module
NIMBYNot in My Back Yard
NiMHNickel Metal Hydride
NIMHNickel Metal Hydride (usually as NiMH)
NIMHNIckel Metal Hydroxide
NIMSNear Infrared Mapping Spectrometer
NIODNetwork Inward/Outward Dialing
NIOSNetWare Input/Output System
NIPSNeural Information Processing Systems
NIRNetworked Information Retrieval
NIRFNear Infrared Fluorophores
NISNames Infomation Socket / National Information System / Network Information Service
NISDNNarrowband Integrated Services Digital Network
N-ISDNNarrowband Integrated Services Digital Network
NISENetwork Installation Service Engineer
NISONational Information Standards Organization
NISPNetworked Information Services Project
NISSNational Information Services and Systems
NISTNational Institute of Standards and Technology
NIST-APPNational Institute of Standards and Technology Applica
NIUNetwork Interface Unit
NIUFNorth american ISDN Users' Forum
NJENetwork Job Entry
NJTHNot Just Thinking Here
NLNetwork Layer
NLBNumber of Lines of Binary
NLDMNetwork Logical Data Manager
NLMNetWare Loadable Module(s)
NLPName Lookup Protocol / Natural Language Processing
NLPIDNetwork Layer Protocol IDentifier
NLQNear-Letter Quality
NLSNational Language Support / oNLine Service / Online System
NLSPNetWare Link Service Protocol
NMNever mind / Nanometer (usually as Nm) / Network Management / Network Module
NMANetWare Management Agent / Network Management Architecture
NMCNetwork Management Center
NMCCNetwork Management Control Center
NMENetwork Management Entity
NMFNetwork Management Forum
NMINautilus Memory Interconnect / Nonmaskable Interrupt / Non-Maskable Interrupt
NMONetwork Management Option
NMOSNegative-channel Metal Oxide Semiconductor
NMPNetwork Management Protocol
NMRNetWare Management Responder / Normal Mode Rejection
NMSNetWare Management System / Network Management System
NMSIGNetwork Management Special Interest Group
NMVTNetwork Management Vector Transport
NNNegative Notification
NNDNational Number Dialing
NNFNational Nanofabrication Facility
NNINetherlands Normatization Institute / Network Node Interface / Network to Network Interface
NNMNetwork Node Manager
NNSNetWare Name Service
NNTPNetwork News Transport/Transfer Protocol
NNXNetwork Numbering Exchange
NOAANational Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration
NOCNetwork Operations Center
NOCSNetwork Operations Center System
NOFNetwork Operations Forum / Not On File
NOMSNot on MY System
NOOPNetwork OSI OPerations
NORNet Operating Revenue
NORADNorth American Defense Command
NORGENNetwork Operations Report GENerator
NOSNetwork Operating System
NOTNation Of Thieves (usually as NOT!)
NOT!Nation Of Thieves
NOTISNetwork Operator Trouble Information System
NPNo Problem / Network Performance / Network Provider / New Project
NPANational Phreaker's Alliance / Northern Phreaker's Alliance / NetWare Peripheral Architecture / Network Professional Association / No Power Alarm / Number Planning Area / Numbering Plan Area
NPAINetwork Protocol Address Information
NPAPNetwork Printing Alliance Protocol
NPCNetwork Parameter Control / North Pacific Cable / Northern Phun (Phreaker Hacker Underground Network) Company
NPDANetwork Problem Determination Application
NPDUNetwork Protocol Data Unit
NPFNetwork Partitioning Facility
NPIPNew Product Integration Process
NPLNational Physical Laboratory
NPMNetView Performance Monitor
NPNNotes Public Network
NPONew Product Operations
NPRNational Performance Review / Network Process Engineering / Normal Priority Request
NPRMNotice of Proposed Rule Making
NPSINetwork Packet Switch Interface
NPSSNASA Packet Switching System
NPSUNew Product Start Up
NPTNNational Public Telecomputing Network
NPVNet Present Value
NRCNational Research Council / No-Read Checking
NRCSNational Replacement Character Set
NRENNational Research and Education Network
NRMNetwork Resource Management
NRNNo reply necessary / Novell Remote Network
NRSName Registration Scheme
NRTNon-Real Time
NRZNon-Return to Zero (signaling)
NRZINon - Return to Zero Inverted
NRZ-LNon - Return to Zero - Level
NRZLNon-Return to Zero Level
NSNanosecond (usually as ns) / Network Service
NSANational Security Agency / National Security Anarchists / Next Station Addressing
NSAGNetskills Advisory Group
NSAINational Standards Authority of Ireland
NSAPNetwork Service(s) Access Point
NSAPINetscape Server Application Programming Interface
NSCNational Security Council / National Semiconductor / Network Service Center
NSCSNetwork Service Center System
NSDDNational Security Decision Directive
NSE(Novell) Network Support Encyclopedia
NSECNetwork Switching Engineering Center
NSELNetwork SELector
NSEPNational Security and Emergency Preparedness
NSFNational Science Foundation
NSFNETNational Science Foundation NETwork
NSI(RPC) Name Service Independent / NASA Science Internet / Network Solutions Inc.
NSMNetwork Systems Management
NSONational Standards Organization
NSPNational Service Provider / NATO Standardized Profile / Network Service Part (SS7) / Network Services Protocol
NSPMPNetwork Switching Performance Measurement Plan
NSRNon-Source Routed
NSSNo Shit Shylock / Nodal Switching System
NSSDUNormal Session Service Data Unit
NSSGNetskills Steering Group
NSSIINetwork Supervisory System II
NSSRNon - Specific Subordinate Reference
NSTLNational Software Testing Laboratories
NTNested Task (flag) / Network Termination / New Technology (as in Windows NT) / Network Terminal / Northern Telecom
NTANokturnal Trading Alliance
NTAS(Windows) New Technology Advanced Server
NTDNetwork Tools for Design
NTENetwork Terminal Equipment
NTECNetwork Technical Equipment Center
NTFS(Windows) NT File System / New Technology File System
NTFSNT File System
NTINew Technologies/Technology Initiative / Novell Technology Institute
NTIANational Telecommunications and Information Administration/Agency
NTISNational Technical Information Service
NTISSCNational Telecommunications and Information Systems Steering
NTKNice To Know
NTLMNT Lan Manager
NTMNetwork Traffic Management
NTMPNetwork Training Materials Project
NTNNetwork Terminal Number
NTPNetwork Time Protocol
NTPFNumber of Terminals Per Failure
NTSNetwork Technical Support / Network Test System / Network Tracking System
NTSANetworking Technical Support Alliance
NTSCNational Television Standards Committee / New Technologies Sub-Committee
NTTNippon Telegraph and Telephone / Numbered Test Trunk
NTTAWWTnot that there's anything wrong with that
NTUNetwork Terminating Unit
NUANetwork User Address / Network Users' Association
NUCFSNetWare UNIX Client File System
NUINetWare Users International / Network User Identification / Network User Interface
NUMANon-Uniform Memory Access (architecture)
NUNPNo Users
NUPNew User Password
NURBSNonUniform Rational B-Spline
NUSNational Union of Students
NVENetwork Visible Entity
NVLAPNational Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program
NVNNational Videtex Network
NVPNominal Velocity of Propagation
NVRAMNonvolatile Random Access Memory
NVRAMNon-Volatile Random Access Memory
NVTNovell Virtual Terminal
NVTSNetwork Virtual Terminal Service
NWGNetwork Working Group
NWINew Work Item
NWSSNetworks & Site Services
NYCNew York Crackers
NYCTMINow You Come To Mention It
NYNEXNew York - New England Exchange / New York New England and the unknown (X)
NYSERNETNew York State Education and Research Network
NYSHIINew York Safe House II


NABARD       :- National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development

NACO             :- National AIDS Control Organization

NADAMS      :- National Agricultural Drought Assessment and Monitoring System

NAEP             :- National Adult Educational Programme

NAFED           :- National Agricultural and Marketing Federation

NAFEN           :- Near and Far East News

NAFTA           :- North American Free Trade Agreement

NANAP          :- Non-Aligned News Agency Pool

NAPP              :- Narora Atomic Power Plant

NASA             :- National Aeronautic and space Administration

NASDAQ       :- National Association of Security Dealer's Active Quotation

NASSCOM    :- National Association of Software & Service Companies

NATO             :- North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NBCC             :- National Building and Construction Corporation

NBCW            :- Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Warfare

NBPGR          :- National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources

NBTB             :- National Biotechnology Board

NBER             :- National Bureau of Economic Research

NCA                :- Nuclear Command Authority

NCAER          :- National Council for Applied Economic Research

NCB                :- Narcotics Control Bureau

NCCF             :- National Consumers Cooperative Federation

NCDA             :- National Coal Development Authority

NCDC             :- National Cooperative Development Corporation

NCERT          :- National Council of Educational Research and Training

NCFSE           :- National Curriculum Framework for Secondary Education

NCPEDP        :- National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People

NCRA             :- National Centre for Radio Astrophysics

NCRB             :- National Crime Record Bureau

NCSTC           :- National Council for Science and Technology Communication

NCW               :- National Commission for Women

NCCR             :- National Council for Civil Right

NDA                :- National Defense Academy

NDDB            :- National Dairy Development Board

NDF                :- National Defense Fund

NDPDC          :- National Drugs and Pharmaceutical Development Council

NEA                :- National Environment Authority

NEERI            :- National Environment Engineering Research Institute

NEEPCO        :- North Eastern Electric Power Corporation Limited

NEFA              :- North East Frontier Agency

NEPA              :- National Environment Protection Authority

NEXST           :- National Experimental Supersonic Transport

NFDC             :- National Film Development Corporation

NFIW             :- National Federation of Indian Women

NFL                :- National Fertilizer Limited

NFSIT             :- National Venture Fund for Software and Information Technology

NGRI              :- National Geophysical Research Institute

NHPC             :- National Hydroelectric Power Corporation

NHRC            :- National Human Rights Commission

NIC                 :- National Integration Council / National Informatics Centre

NICD              :- National Institute of Communicable Diseases

NIDC              :- National Industrial Development Corporation

NIEO              :- New International Economic Order

NIIT               :- National Institute of Information Technology

NIMHANS    :- National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-Science

NITIE             :- National Institute for Training in Industrial Engineering

NLFT              :- National Liberation Front of Tripura

NLOT             :- National Large Optical Telescope

NMDC           :- National Mineral Development Corporation

NMDS            :- National Missile Defense System

NMEP            :- National Malaria Eradication Programme

NMHC           :- National Material Handling Council

NOAA             :- National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

NOIDA           :- New Okhla Industrial Development Authority

NPB                 :- Nuclear Power Board

NPC                 :- National Productivity Council

NPCC              :- National Project Construction Corporation

NPCIL            :- Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited

NPL                :- National Physical Laboratory

NPP                 :- National Population Policy

NPT                 :- Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

NRAI              :- National Rifle Association of India

NRC                :- National Reconstruction Core

NRDC            :- National Research and Development Corporation

NREP             :- National Rural Employment Programme

NRI                 :- Non Resident Indian

NSA                :- National Security Act

NSC                :- National Security Council / National Savings Certificate

NSCN             :- National Socialist Council of Nagaland

NSS                 :- National Service Scheme

NSSO              :- National Sample Survey Organization

NSSTC           :- National Space Science and Technology Centre

NSTL              :- National Science and Technological Laboratory

NSTEDB        :- National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board

NTC                :- National Textile Corporation

NTES              :- National Train Enquiry System

NTPC              :- National Thermal Power Corporation