MMega- / Megabyte / Meter (usually as m)
M-)See no evil
M2Mondo 2000
M3PMicrosoft MultiMedia Productions
MAbell / Maintenance Administrator / Milliampere (usually as mA) / Multiplexed Address
MAAPManagement And Administration Panels
MABOMultiplier-Arithmetic Bolt-On
MACMacintosh Computer / Management and Administrative Computing / Media Access Control / Medium Access Control / Message Authentication / Multi Access Computers / Multiplexed Analog Components
MACBSMulti-Access Cable Billing System
MACFMultiple Association Control Function
MACHMulti-layer ACtuator Head
MACINTOSHMost Applications Crash; If Not The Operating System Hangs
MACLMemory Access Control Logic
MACSTARMultiple Access Customer STAtion Rearrangement
MACUMultidrop Auto Call Unit
MADNMultiple Access Directory Numbers
MAGIKMaster Anarchists Giving Illicit Knowledge
MAHMilliampere-Hour (usually as mAh)
MAIMasters of Abstractions and Illusions
MANMetropolitan Area Network
MAPModular Arthemetic Processor / Manufacturing Automation Processor / Maintenance and Administration Position / Manufacturing Automation Protocol
MAPDUManagement Application Protocol Data Unit
MAPHISMemory Array and Processor for Human Intelligence Stor
MAPIMessaging Application Programming Interface
MAPSMultiservice Access PlatformS
MAPSSMaintenance & Analysis Plan for Special Services
MARMicroprogram Address Register
MARCMAchine - Readable Cataloging / Market Analysis of Revenue and Customers System
MARCOMMarketing Communications
MARSMulticast Address Resolution Server/Service
MASMAin Store / Mass Announcement System
MASBMass Announcement System Bus
MASCMass Announcement System Controller
MASEMessage Administration Service Element
MASMMass Announcement System Memory
MASSMid-Atlantic and Southern States
MATACMATerial ACquisition
MATDMaximum Acceptable Transit Delay
MATFAPMetropolitan Area Transmission Facility Analysis Program
MATRMinimum Average Time Requirement
MATVMaster Antenna Television
MAUMedium Attachment Unit / Multistation Access Unit
MAWMicrosoft At Work
MBMegabit (usually as - 1024 kilobytes) / MegaByte (usually as MB) / Memoryless Behavior / MotherBoard
MB/SMegabits per Second (usually as mb/s)
MBBSMajor Bulletin Board System
MBGMoney Back Guarantee
MBITMore (data) Bit
MBODManufacturing Board of Directors
MBONEMulticast backBONE
MBPSMegabits Per Second (usually as Mbps) / MegaBytes Per
MBRMaster Boot Record
MBSMaster Boot Sector / Maximum Burst Size
MBTMaximum Burst Tolerance
MBUManufacturing Business Unit
MBZSMaximum Bandwidth Zero Suppression
MCMicroChannel (architecture) / Mini Cartridge
MCAMicro Channel Architecture
MCADMechanical Computer Aided Design
MCAMManufacturing Corporate Account Manager
MCBTY(SN)My Computer is Better than Yours (So Nyerrr)
MCCMaster Control Center / Microelectronics and Computer technology Corporation
MCCSMechanized Calling Card Service
MCEMachine Check Exception
MCESSMechanical Component Engineering Support Service
MCFMAC Convergence Function
MCGAMulti-Color Graphics Array/Adaptor
MCHMaintenance CHannel
MCHBMaintenance CHannel Buffer
MCIMedia Control Interface / Microwave Communications Incorporated /
MCIASMulti-Channel Intelligent Announcement System
MCISMicrosoft Commercial Internet System
MCNMetropolitan Campus Network
MCOMultiplexer Control Option
MCPMaster Control Program / Microsoft Certified Professional
MCRMinimum Cell Rate
MCSMaintenance Control Subsystem / Meeting Communications Service / Microsoft Consulting Services / Multinational Character Set
MCTManufacturing Cycle Time
MCTDMean Cell Transfer Delay
MCTRAPMechanized Customer Trouble Report Analysis Plan/Program
MCUMobile Control Unit / Multi Chip Unit / Multiport Conferencing Unit
MCVDModified Chemical Vapor Deposit
MDMake Directory (DOS) / Management Domain / Mediation Device / Message Digest / Mobile Data / Multiple Dissemination / Medical Dumbo
MD5Message Digest 5 (algorithm)
MDAMonochrome Display Adapter
MDACSModular Digital Access Control System
MDBMicrosoft DataBase (usually as .MDB) / Multidimensional DataBase
MDBSMobile DataBase System
MDCManipulation Detecting Code / Marker Distributor Control / Market Distributor Control / McAfee Development Center / Meridian Digital Centrex
MDCCMobile Data Capture & Communications
MDDMarshals of Dynamic Discord
MDDBMultiDimensional DataBase
MDDSMedia and Documentation Update Service
MDFMain Distribution Frame
MDIMedium Dependent Interface
MDIMultiple Document Interface
MDIHMLAIGEMy dog is humping my leg and i'm getting excited
MDISMeta Data Interchange Specification
MD-ISMobile Data Intermediate System
MDKMultimedia Development Kit
MDPModem Distribution Panel
MDRMessage Detail Record / Message Detail Recording
MDRAMMultibank Dynamic Random Access Memory
MDSMail Delivery System / Message Design System(s) / Multiple Dataset System
MDSEMessage Delivery Service Element
MDSLMedium-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line
MDTMobile Data Terminal
MDTSModem Diagnostic and Test System
MDUMarker Decoder Unit
MDXModular Digital eXchange
MEMapping Entity / Mechanical Engineering / Mutually Exclusive
MECMobile Equipment Console
MELDMechanized Engineering and Layout for Distributing Frame
MEMManufacturing Engineering and Marketing
MEOMedium Earth Orbit (satellite)
MERSMost Economic Route Selection
MESManufacturing Execution System
MESIModified Exclusive Shared Invalid
METMemory Enhancement Technology (usually as MEt) / Multibutton Electronic Telephone
METIMailbase Exploring the Internet Workshop
MFMediation Function / Medium Frequency / Modulated Frequency / More Fragments / Multi-Frequency / Multiple Frequency
MFCMicrosoft Foundation Class(es)
MFENETMagnetic Fusion Energy NETwork
MFGMore Friendly Garbage / Manufacturing
MFJModification of Final Judgment / Modified Final Judgment
MFLOPSMillions of FLoating point Operations Per Second
MFMModified Frequency Modulation / Most Favored Nation (trading status)
MFOTSMilitary Fiber-Optic Transmission System
MFPMicrosoft Foundation Classes
MFPMultiFunction Peripherals
MFPSMathematical Foundations of Programming Semantics
MFRMulti-Frequency Receivers
MFSMacintosh File System
MFTMetallic Facility Terminal
MFTLMy Favourite Toy Language
MFTPMulti-cast File Transfer Protocol
MGAMonochrome Graphics Adapter
MGTMasterGroup Translator
MHMessage Handling
MHBFYMy Heart Bleeds For You
MHDMoving Head Disk
MHDC(A)My Hard Drive Crashed (Again)
MHOTYmy hat's off to you
MHPMessage Handling Protocol
MHSMessage Handling Service / Message Handling System
MHTSMessage Handling Test System
MHZMegahertz (usually as MHz)
MIMachine Interface / Mode Indicate / Multiple Inheritance
MIBMan In Black super-secret government agents [X-Philes (fans)] / Management Information Base(s)
MICManagement Information Center / Management Integration Consortium / Medium Interface Cable / Medium Interface Connector / Memory In Cassette / Microphone / Microsoft Internet Chat / Mode Indicate - Common
MICAModem ISDN Channel Aggregation
MICEModular Integrated Communications Environment
MICRMagnetic Ink Character Recognition
MICROSOFTMajority In Country Realise Operating System Of Fools & Techheads / Making Imaginative Creations Requires Other Superior Forms Of Faster Technology / Most Idiots Can't Realize: Obsolete Software Organization For Technology / Most Intelligent Customers Real
MICSManagement Information Conformance Statement
MIDMessage ID / Message Identifier
MIDAMessage Interchange for Distributed Application
MIDASManchester Information Datasets and Associated Services / Master Integrated Distribution Subcontracting Agreement
MIDIMusical Instrument Digital Interface
MIDRMosaicked Image Data Record
MIFManagement Information File / Master Item File
MIFFManagement Information Format File
MIIMedium Independent Interface
MILManagement Information Library
MILESMerisel's Information and Logistical Efficency System
MILNETMilitary Network
MIMManagement Information Model
MIMEMultimedia/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension(s)
MIMGMedia Industry Marketing Group
MINMobile Identification Number
MINDModular Interactive Network Designer
MINXMultimedia Information Network Exchange
MIOModular Input/Output
MIPMultim In Parvum
MIPLMultimission Image Processing Laboratory/Library
MIPSMeaningless Indication of Processor Speed / Millions of Instructions Per Second / Multimission Image Processing Subsystem
MIRMaterial Increase Request / Maximum Information Rate / Micro-Instruction Register
mIRC(is defined as) Magnificent Internet Relay Chat (according to `rock in #Undernet)
MISManagement Information System(s)
MISCFMISCellaneous Frame
MISGMarket Information Services Group
MITManagement Information Tree / Massachusetts Institute of Technology / Master Installation Tape
MITIMinistry of International Trade and Industry
MITSMicrocomputer Interactive Test System
MITVMicrosoft Interactive Television
MJUMultipoint Junction Unit
MKDIRMake Directory (DOS)
MLAMultiple Letter Acronym
MLCMiniLine Card
MLCDMulti-Line Call Detail
MLDSMedium Large Disk Systems
MLHGMultiLine Hunt Group
MLIMultiple Link Interface
MLIDMultiple Link Interface Driver
MLNMain Listed Number
MLPMaynard List Price / MultiLink Procedures / MultiLink Protocol
MLPCModel Level planning Committee
MLPPMultiLevel Precedence and Preemption
MLPPPMultiLink Point to Point Protocol
MLRMultichannel Linear Recording
MLSMulti-Level Security
MLTMechanized Loop Testing / Multiple Logical Terminals
MMMillimeter (usually as mm) / Multimedia
MMACMultiMedia Access Center
MMCMickey Mouse Club / Minicomputer Maintenance Center / Multimedia Marketing Council
MMCDMultiMedia Compact Disc (format)
MMDMultiMedia Document
MMDFMulti-channel Memorandum Distribution Facility
MMDSMultipoint Multichannel Distribution Service
MMFMultiMode Fiber / MultiMode Fiberoptic (cable)
MMFSManufacturing Message Format Standard
MMGTMultimaster Group Translator
MMHSMilitary Message Handling System
MMIMan Machine Interface
MMIFMy Mouth Is Full
MMJModified Modular Jack
MMLMan - Machine Language
MMOCMinicomputer Maintenance Operations Center
MMSMain Memory Status / Manufacturing Message Service/Standard / Manufacturing Messaging Specification / Memory Management System / Modular Measurement System
MMTMultimedia Multiparty Teleconferencing
MMUMemory Management Unit
MMXMastergroup Multiplex(er) / Multimedia Extension(s)
MNCSMultipoint Network Control System
MNDSMulti-Network Design System
MNPMicrocom Networking Protocol
MOMagneto-Optical / Managed Object
MOACMessage Origin Authentication Check
MOATMother Of All Tests
MOBMen Of Business
MOCManufacturing Outreach Center
MOCAMerisel Open Computing Alliance
MOCSManaged-Object Conformance Statement
MODMasters Of Deception/Destruction/Disaster
MOFMaster Order Form
MOGMinicomputer Operations Group
MOLMicrosoft Open License
MOLAPMultidimensional OnLine Analytical Processing
MOLIMicrosoft OnLine Institute
MOMManager-Of-Manager / Message Oriented Middleware / Microsoft Office Manager
MOMPLone MOMent PLease...
MOMVManned Orbital Maneuvering Vehicle
MOOMUD Object Oriented / Multi-user dungeon Object-Oriented
MOPMaintenance Operations Protocol
MORFMale OR Female (usually as MorF)
MOSMaterial Order System / Metal Oxide Semiconductor
MOSFETMetal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor
MOSISMetal Oxide Semiconductor Implementation System
MOSPFMulticast Open Shortest Path First
MOSSMIME Object Security Services
MOSTMetal Oxide Semiconductor Transistor
MOTManaged Object to Test / Masters Of Technology / Means Of Testing
MOTASMember Of The Appropriate Sex
MOTDMessage of the day
MOTISMessage Oriented Text Interchange System
MOTOSMember Of The Opposite Sex
MOTSSMember Of The Same Sex
MoUMemorandum of Understanding
MOVMetal Oxide Varistor
MPMachine Processable / Managing Process / Modem Port / Multilink Protocol / Multi-Processor
MPCMathematics of Program Construction / Multimedia Personal Computer
MPCCMultiProtocol Communications Controller
MPCHMain Parallel CHannel
MPDMini Port Driver
MPDTMulti-Peer Data Transmission
MPDUMessage Protocol Data Unit
MPEMultiProgramming Executive
MPEGMotion Picture Expert's Group
MPFMultilink Packet Fragmentation
MPIMessage Passing Interface / Multiple Protocol Interface
MPLMulti-schedule Private Line
MPLSMulti-Protocol Label Switching
MPMEManufacturing Process and Material Engineering
MPOAMultiple Protocol Over ATM / MultiProtocol Over ATM
MPOWMultiple Purpose Operator Workstation
MPPMassively Parallel Processor(ing) / Multilink Point-to-point Protocol
MPPDMulti-Purpose Peripheral Device
MPRMultiple Provider Router / Multi-Port Repeater / Multi-Protocol Router
MPSMaster Production Schedule / Multi-Processor Specification
MPSAMultiProcessor Server Architecture
MPSCManufacturing Planning and Control Systems
MPTMinistry of Posts and Telecommunications
MPTMMulti-Parity Test Method
MPWMacintosh Programmers' Workshop
MQMessage Queing
MQIMessage Queuing Interface
MR(modem) Modem Ready / Magneto-Resistive / Message Retrieval
MRAAMeter Reading Access Arrangement
MRAMMultibank Random Access Memory
MRBMultiple Resolution Bitmaps (usually as .MRB)
MRCManagement Response Center / Manufacturing Resource Center / Market Research Center / Medical Research Council
MRCSMulti-Rate Circuit Switching
MRFMaintenance Reset Function
MRIMagnetic Resonance Imaging
MRMMaximum Rights Mask / Most Recently used Master
MROMulti-Region Operation
MRPManufacturing Resource Planning
MRSEMessage Retrieval Service Element
MRXMagneto-Resistive eXtended
MSMaintenance State / Message Store / Meta Signaling / Microsoft / Microsoft System(s) / Milli-seconds (usually as ms) / More Segments
MSAPMAC Service Access Point
MSATMobile SATellite
MSAUMulti-Station Access Unit
MSBMid-Range Systems Business / Most Significant Bit / Most Significant Byte
MSCMedia Stimulated Calling
MSCDEXMicrosoft Compact Disc Extensions
MSCPMass Storage Control Protocol
MSDMicro Systems Development / Microsoft Diagnotic / Microwave Semiconductor Device / Most Significant Digit
MSDLMicrosoft Download (service)
MSDNMicrosoft Developer Network
MSDOSMicroSoft Disk Operating System
MS-DOSMicrosoft Disk Operating System
MSDSMaterial Safety Data Sheet
MSFMeasurement Summarization Function
MSFCMarshall Space Flight Center
MSIMedium Scale Integration / Mustang Software Inc.
MSJMicrosoft Systems Journal
MSLMicrosoft Library / Mirrored-Server Link
MSMMatrix Switch Module
MSNMicrosoft Network / Monitoring cell Sequence Number / Multiple Subscriber Number
MSOMobile Switching Office / Multiple System(s) Operator(s)
MSPMessage Security Protocol
MSPMManufacturing System Program Manager
MSRModel-Specific Registers
MSRPManufacturer's Suggested Retail Price
MSSMaritime Satellite Service / Metropolitan Switching System / Mobile Satellite Service / Modem Substitution Switch / Multiprotocol Switched Services
MSSCMarketing Sales Strategy Committee
MSSEMessage Submission Service Element
MSSSEMessage Submission and Storage Service Element
MSTMinimum Spanning Tree
MSTPMultimission Software Transmission Project
MSTSMicroSoft Terminal Server
MSUMessage Signal Unit / Microsoft University / Modem Sharing Unit
MSVCMeta-Signaling Virtual Channel
MTMeasured Time / Mitel
MTAMail Transfer / Mail Transfer Agent / Major Trading Area / Message Transfer Agent
MTAEMessage Transfer Agent Entity
MTAUMetallic Test Access Unit
MTBMagnetic Tape Billing
MTBFMean Time Before Failure / Mean Time Between Failure(s)
MTBSIMean Time Between System Interruptions
MTCManufacturing Technology Center
MTCNMinimum Throughput Class Negotiation
MTEBBSMaryland Technology Education Bulletin Board Service
MTFMaster Test Frame / More To Follow
MTFBWYMay The Force Be With You
MTLMessage Transfer Layer
MTOSMultiTasking Operating System
MTPMessage Transfer Part (SS7) / Message Transfer Protocol
MTRMechanized Time Reporting
MTSMessage Telecommunications Service / Message Telephone / Message Transfer Service / Message Transfer System / Message Transport Service / Microsoft Transaction Server / Mobile Telephone Service
MTSEMessage Transfer Service Element
MTSLMessage Transfer SubLayer
MTSOMobile Telephone Switching Office
MTTAMulti-Tenant Telecommunications Association
MTTRMean Time To Repair
MTUMaintenance Termination Unit / Maximum Transmission Unit / Media Tech Unit / Message Transfer Unit
MTXMobile Telephone Exchange
MUMessage Unit
MUAMail User Agent
MUAAModem User's Association of America
MUDMulti/Multiple User Dungeon / Multi-User Dimension (games) / Multi-User Dimensions / Multi-User Domain
MUFMaximum Usable Frequency
MUGMulti User Game
MULTICSMultiplexed Information and Computing Service
MUPMultiple Uniform naming convention Provider
MUSMultiUser System
MUSHMulti-User Shared Hallucination
MVMillivolt (usually as mV)
MVBMicroVax Business
MVIDMajor Vector ID
MVIPMulti-Vendor Integration Protocol
MVPModular Voice Processor / Multiline Variety Package
MVSMultiple Virtual Storage
MVS/ESAMultiple Virtual Storage / Enterprise Systems Architecture
MVS/SPMultiple Virtual Storage / System Product
MVS/TSOMultiple Virtual Storage/Time Sharing Option
MVS/XAMultiple Virtual Storage / eXtended Architecture
MWMicroWave / MilliWatt (usually as mW) / MultiWink
MWIMessage Waiting Indicator
MWNMessage Waiting Notification
MXMail Exchange (record) / Mail Exchanger
MXUMultipleXer Unit
MYOBMind Your Own Business


MA                 :- Master of Arts

MAIT             :- Manufacturer's Association of Information Technology

MAPP             :- Madras Atomic Power Project

MASER          :- Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

MBA              :- Master of Business Administration

MBBS            :- Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

MCA              :- Master of Computer Application

MCC              :- Melbourne Cricket Club

MCF               :- Master Control Facility

MCOCA         :- Maharashtra Control of Organized Crime Act

MD                 :- Doctor of Medicine

MECL            :- Mineral Exploration Corporation Limited

MEET             :- Mission for Extension of Educational Technology

MENAS          :- Middle East Navigation Aids Service

MERC            :- Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission

METO            :- Middle East Treaty Organization

MFALA          :- Marginal Farmers and Agricultural Labour Agency

MFALS          :- Marginal Farmers and Agricultural Liberation Scheme

MFN              :- Most Favoured Nation

MI                   :- Military Intelligence

MIGA             :- Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency

MISA              :- Maintenance of Internal Security Act

MIT                :- Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MLA               :- Member of Legislative Assembly

MLC               :- Member of Legislative Council

MMDS           :- Multiple Microwave Distribution System

MMTC           :- Minerals and Metals Trading Corporation

MNAMS        :- Member of National Academy of Medical Sciences

MNC              :- Multi National Corporation

MNLF            :- Moro National Liberation Front

MPLS             :- Micro Protocol Label Switching

MPLANDS    :- Member of the Parliament Local Areas Development Scheme

MRTPC          :- Monopoly and Restrictive Trade Practice Commission

MRTS            :- Mass Rapid Transport System

MSA               :- Maritime Safety Agency

MST               :- Multi System Transmission

MTCT            :- Mother to Child Transmission

MTCR            :- Missile Technology Control Regime

MODVAT       :- Modified Value Added Tax

MULTA          :- Muslim United Liberation Tigers of Assam