Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Check all full forms of K here

K1000 (like 2= 2000) / Kilo / Kilobit / Kilobyte
KAKKey - Auto - Key
KAUKey station Adapter Unit
KBKeyboard / Kilobit (usually as 1024 bytes) / KiloByte (usually as KB)
KB/SKilobits per Second (usually as Kb/s)
KBPSKilobits Per Second (usually as Kbps) / KiloBytes Per Second (usually as KBps)
KDKeyboard Display
KDCKey Distribution Center
KDDKokusai Denshin Denwa
KDSKeyboard Display Station
KDTKeyboard Display Terminal
KGKilograms (usually as kg)
KHZKilohertz (usually as kHz)
KIFKnowledge Interchange Format
KISKnowbot Information Service
KISSKeep It Safely Secure / Keep It Simple Stupid
KITKeep In Touch
KKCKu Klux Connecticut
KKHPACKu Klux Hackers Phreakers Anarchists of Connecticut
KKKKu Klux Klan
KMAKiss my As*
KMPKey Management Protocol
KMYFKiss Me You Fool
KNUKNowlege Utility (KnU)
KOCKiss On Cheek
KOLKiss On Lips
KOSKnights Of Shadow
KotLKeeper of the List
KPKey Pulse
KPLKit Parts List
KSAMKeyed Sequential Access Method file
KSOKeyboard Send Only
KSRKeyboard Send and Receive
KSUKey Service Unit
KTSKey Telephone Set / Key Telephone System
KTUKey Telephone Unit
KWIMKnow What I Mean?


KAADC          :- Karbi Anglong Autonomous District Council

KARP             :- Kalpakkam Atomic Reprocessing Plant

KG                  :- Kinder Garten

KRM              :- Kashmir Resolution Movement

KSTPS            :- Kota Super Thermal Power Station

KVIC              :- Khadi and Village Industries Commission


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