g- grin - usually in brackets or angles or [g] / Giga- / Gigabyte / Gram (usually as g) / Gravity (usually as G)
G8RLater 'Gater ( As in alligator )
GAGo ahead / Genetic Algorithm
GAFIAGet Away From It All
GALGet A Life
GANGlobal Area Network
GAOGovernment Accounting Office
GAPGeneric Address Parameter
GBGigabit (usually as Gb) / Gigabyte (usually as GB)
GbpsGigabits Per Second (usually as Gbps) / GigaBytes Per Second (usually as GBps)
GBSGigaBits per Second / Group Bridging Service
GCAGraphic Communications Association
GCDIGalacticomm Custom Device Interface
GCIDGlobal Call Identifier
GCIDIEGlobal Call Identifier Information Element
GCNGovernment Computer News (magazine)
GCOSGod's Chosen Operating System
GCRGray Component Replacement
GCRAGeneric Cell Rate Algorithm
GCSGroup Control System
gd&hgrinning ducking and hiding
GD&RGrinning Ducking and Running
gd&rvvf - grinning ducking and running very very fast
gd&rfgrinning ducking and running FAST!
GD&RVVFGrinning Ducking and Running Very Very Fast
gd&wgrinning ducking and weaving
GDAGlobal Directory Agent
GDAPGovernment Document Application Profile
GDGGeneration Data Group
GDIGraphics Device Interface / Graphics Display Interface (Windows)
GDMIGeneric Definition of Management Information
GDMOGuidelines for the Definition of Managed Objects
GDSGeneralized Data Stream / Generation DataSet / Global Directory Service / Graphics Data Syntax
GDTRGlobal Descriptor Table Register
GDUGrave Dancers Union
GEGeneral Electric / Group of Experts
GECOSGeneral Electric Comprehensive Operating System
GEDCOMGEnealogical Data COMmunications (file format)
GEISGeneral Electric Information Systems
GEISCOGeneral Electric Information Services Company
GEMDESGovernment Electronic Messaging and Document Exchange Service
GESGlobal Enterprise Services
GFGirl Friend
GFAKgo fly a kite
GFCgoing for coffee / Generic Flow Control
GFCIGround Fault Circuit Interrupter
GFIGeneral Format Identifier
GFIDGeneral Format IDentifier
GFNGone For Now
GFRGrim File Reaper (pervasive data destroyer)
GGGadgets Guru
GGNGotta Go Now
GGPGateway to Gateway Protocol
GHGetting Hard
GHZGigaHertz (usually as GHz)
GIAGeneral International Area
GIDGroup Identification
GIFGraphical Interchange Format / Graphics Information Format
GIGOGarbage In Garbage Out
GIMGroup Identification Mark
GIOPGeneral Interoperable ORB Protocol
GIPSGiga Instructions Per Second
GISGeographic Information System
GITSGovernment Information Technology Services
GIWISTGee I Wish I'd Said That
GKSGraphics Kernal System
GLGood Luck / Group Librarian (MPE)
GLBSGreat Lakes Business Systems
GLGHGood Luck and Good Hunting
GLIBGay and Lesbian Information Bureau
GMGeneral MIDI
GMBAGiggling My Butt Off
GMGGovernment Manufacturing Group
GMIDIGeneral Musical Instrument Digital Interface
GMRGiant Magneto-Resistive
GMSKGaussian Minimum Shift Keying
GMSKFMGaussian Minimum Shift Keying Frequency Modulation
GMSK-FMGaussian Minimum Shift Keying Frequency Modulation
GMTGreenwich Mean Time (aka Zulu Time)
GMTAGreat minds think alike / Got me there again
GNGiven Name
GNMGeneric Network Model
GNMPGovernment Network Management Profile
GNNGlobal Network Navigator
GNSGet Nearest Server
GNUGNU's Not Unix
GNVQGeneral National Vocational Qualification
GODGivers of Destruction / Global Outdial / Greatly Underrated Deity
GOESGeosynchronous Orbital Earth Satellite
GOFGang Of Four
GOMFGet Outta My Face
GOPGrand Old Pirates
GOSGrade Of Service
GOSIPGovernment Open Systems Interconnection Profile
GOVGovernment (usually as .gov)
GPGroup Processor
GPDGas Plasma Display / General Purpose Discipline
GPFGeneral Protection Fault
GPIBGeneral Purpose Interface Bus (aka HPIB)
GPLGeneral Public License
GPNGovernment Packet Network
GPOGovernment Printing Office
GPSGlobal Positioning System / Global Positioning Satellite (network)
GPVGeneral Public Virus
GPXGraphics Processor Accelerator
GQGeneration Qualifier
GR&Dgrinning running & ducking [appropriate behavior after making a particularly bad joke] (alternatively GD&R)
GR?Grinning Running & Ducking
GRADGrinning Running & Ducking
GRCGeneric Reference Configuration
GRDGOSIP Register Database / Ground
GREGeneric Routing Encapsulation (tunneling)
GRINGRaded INdices
GRPGroup / MOD Group Modulator
GRPMODGroup Modulator
GRUITGet Ready yoU Impudent Thing
GSGames Society / Group Separator (ASCII)
GSAGeneral Services Administration / General Sales Agent
GSATGeneral Telephone and Electronics Satellite Corporation
GSBGeneral Systems Business
GSCGeneral System Connect (bus or interface)
GSFCGoddard Space Flight Center
GSGGovernment Systems Group
GSIMGeneral Services Industry Marketing (group)
GSMGlobal System for Mobile (communications)
GSMPGeneral Switch Management Protocol
GSNGovernment Satellite Network
GSOGeostationary Orbit
GSSGeneration Support Statement / Generic Security Service
GSS/RSSGeneration Support Statement / Reception Support Statement
GSSPGeneral Systems Security Principles
GSTNGeneral Switch Telephone Network
GTGive Token
GTAGive Token Acknowledgment / Government Telecommunications Agency
GTBGo to bed
GTCGeneral Telephone Company / Give Token Confirm
GTEGeneral Telephone and Electronics
GTFOOMFGet the Fu** Out of My Face
GTNGovernment Telecommunications Network
GTPNetGlobal Trade Point Network
GTSGamma Transfer Service
GTSYGlad To See You
GTTGlobal Title Transmission
GUIGood User Interface. / Graphical User Interface
GUIDGlobally Unique Identifier
GUIDEGraphical User Interface Design Editor
GURPGGeneric Universal Role Playing Game
GURPSGeneric Universal Roleplaying Systems
GUSGuide to the Use of Standards
GWGetting Wet (q.v. GH)
GYHTBHGuess you had to be here
GYHTBTGuess you had to be there


GAIL               :- Gas Authority of India Limited

GATT              :- General Agreement on Tariff and Trade

GAVI               :- Global Alliance for Vaccine and Immunization

GCC                :- Gulf Cooperation Council

GIC                 :- General Insurance Corporation

GMPCS          :- Global Mobile Personal Communications System

GMRT            :- Giant Meterweb Radio Telescope

GMT               :- Greenwich Mean Time

GNLF             :- Gorkha National Liberation Front

GNP                :- Gross National Product

GPF                 :- General Provident Fund

GPO                :- General Post Office

GPRS              :- General Packet Radio Service

GPS                 :- Global Positioning System

GRA                :- Global Research Alliance

GSDI               :- Global Spatial Data Infrastructure

GSI                  :- Geological Survey of India

GSTP               :- Global System of Trade Practices

GSOMIA        :- General Security of Military Information Agreement