EExponent (commonly used in largnumbers ie: 3.20E8)
E&MEar and Mouth
E&MDEngineering and Manufacturing Development
E&PExploration and Production (industry)
E.B.E.Extraterrestrial Biological Entity [X-Files]
E1European 1
E2EGEar to Ear Grin
E3European 3
E911Enhanced 911 (emergency services)
EAElectronic Arts / Expedited Acknowledgment / Explorer Advisor / Extended Attribute
EAATEqual Access Alternative Technologies
EADASEngineering and Administrative Data Acquisition System
EADAS/NMEADAS/Network Management
EADASNMEngineering and Administrative Data Acquisition System Network Management
EAEOEqual Access End Office
EAPEmployee Assistance Program
EARExport Administration Regulations
EARNEuropean Academic and Research Network - See TERENA
EAROMElectrically Alterable Read Only Memory
EASExtended Announcement System / Extended Area Service
EASDEqual Access Service Data
EASEEmbedded Advanced Sampling Environment
EASINETEuropean Academic Supercomputer Initiative Network (usually as EASINet)
EAXElectronic Automatic Exchange
EBErlang B
EBBSElectronic Bulletin Board System
EBCDICExtended Binary Code - Decimal Interchange Code
EBDIElectronic Business Data Interchange
EBIOSExtended Basic Input/Output System
EBONEEuropean Backbone
EBRExtended-partition Boot Record
ECElectronic Commerce / Error Correction / European Commission / European Community / Exchange Carrier(s)
ECADEngineering Computer Aided Design
ECAIEuropean Conference on Artificial Intelligence
ECAPElectronic Customer Access Program
ECASHElectronic Cash
E-CASHElectronic Cash
ECBElectronic Code Book / East Coast Crackers / Enter Cable Change / Error Checking and Correcting (memory) / Error Correction Code
ECCSEconomic C (Hundred) Call Seconds
ECDElectronic Cash Disbursements
ECEEconomic Commission for Europe
ECFEnhanced Connectivity Facility
ECFAElectronic Communications Forwarding Act
ECITCEuropean Committee for Information technology Testing and Certification
ECLEmitter-Coupled Logic / End Communication Layer / Error Code Logging
ECMError Correction Mode / Executive Card Manager
ECMAEuropean association for standardizing information and communication systems / European Computer Manufacturers Association
ECNExplicit Congestion Notification
ECNEEnterprise Certified NetWare Engineer / Enterprise Certified Novell Engineer
ECOEconomic Competitive Opportunity (analysis) / Engineering Change Order
ECOMElectronic Computer Originated Mail
E-COMElectronic Computer Originated Mail
ECOOPEuropean Conference on Object Oriented Programming
ECOSExtended Communications Operating System
ECPEnhanced Communications Port / Extended Capabilities Port
ECPAElectronic Communications Privacy Act (of 1986)
ECPTElectronic Coin Public Telephone
ECREngineering Change Request / (OpenView) Event Correlation Services / Electronic Cross-connect System / Enhanced ChipSet
ECSEvent Communication Service
ECSAExchange Carriers Standards Association
ECTEIEuropean Conference of Telecommunications and Electronics Industries
ECTPEthernet Configuration Test Protocol
ECUEuropean Currency Unit
EDEnd Delimiter / EWOS Document / Exception Data / ExpeditData / Extra high Density
EDAEmbedded Document Architecture / Enterprise Data Access
EDACElectromechanical Digital Adaptor Circuit / Error Detection And Correction
EDCEngineering Data Center / Error Detection and Correction / Error Detection Code
EDDElectronic Document Delivery
EDFExecution Diagnostic Facility
EDFAErbium - Doped Fiber Amplifier
EDFGEdge Device Functional Group (ATM Forum)
EDIElectronic Data Interchange / Electronic Document Interchange
EDIAElectronic Data Interchange Association
EDICUSAElectronic Data Interchange Council of the United States of America
EDIFElectronic Data Interchange Format
EDIFACTElectronic Data Interchange for Finance Administration Commerce and Transport
EDIMElectronic Data Interchange user agent Message
EDIMEElectronic Data Interchange Messaging Environment
EDIMGElectronic Data Interchange Messaging
EDIMSElectronic Data Interchange Messaging System
EDINElectronic Data Interchange Notification
EDINAEdinburgh Data & Information Access / Electronic Data Interchange User Agent
EDLEdit Decision List
EDMEnterprise Desktop Manager
EDMDElectronic Document Message Directory
EDMSElectronic Document Management System / Engineering-Design Management System
EDNExpedited Data Negotiation
EDOExtended-Data Out (RAM)
EDORAMExtended Data Out Random Access Memory
EDPElectronic Data Processing
EDPTEnhanced Drive Parameter Table
EDRAMErasable Dynamic Random Access Memory
EDRSEngineering Data Resources Services
EDSElectronic Data Systems Corp.
EDSACElectronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator
EDSDElectronic Document Segment Directory
EDSXElectronic Digital Signal Cross-Connect/X-connect
EDUEducation Computer Systems / Educational (usually as .edu)
EDVACElectronic Discrete Variable Automatic Calculator
EDWGESnet DECnet Working Group
EEEnd to End Signaling
EEBExtended Erlang B
EECElectronic Equipment / European Economic Commission / European Economic Community
EECTEnd-to-End Call Trace
EEDPExpanded Electronic Dialing Plan /Expanded Electronic tandem switching Dialing Plan
EEEElectronic Equipment Enclosures
EEHOEither End Hop Off
EEIEquipment-to-Equipment Interface / External Environment Interface
EELEDEdge Emitting Light Emitting Diode
EEMAElectrical and Electronic Manufacturing Association / European Electronic Mail Association
EEMACElectrical and Electronic Manufacturing Association of Canada
EEPGEuropean Engineering Planning Group
EEPROMElectrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
EESTEnhanced Ethernet Serial Transciever
EETDNEnd-to-End Transit Delay Negotiation
EETLAExtraordinarily Extended Three Letter Acronym
EEVLEdinburgh Engineering Virtual Library
EFEnterprise Framework
EFCIExplicit Forward Congestion Indication
EFDEvent Forwarding Discriminator
EFFElectronic Frontier Foundation
EFINElectronic Filing Identification Number
EFLAExtended Four Letter Acronym!
EFNETEffing Net
EFRAPElectronic Feeder Route Analysis Program
EFSEnd Frame Sequence / Error Free Second / Extended Facility Set / External File System / Electronic Funds Transfer
EFTAEuropean Free Trade Association
EFTSElectronic Funds Transfer System
EGEvil Grin / Experts Group
EGAEnhanced Graphics Adapter
EGCAEExperts Group for Command Application Environment
EG-CAEExperts Group for Command Application Environment
EGCTExperts Group for Conformance Testing
EG-CTExperts Group for Conformance Testing
EGDIRExperts Group on Directory
EG-DIRExperts Group on Directory
EGFTExperts Group on File Transfer
EG-FTExperts Group on File Transfer
EGLIBExperts Group for Library
EG-LIBExperts Group for Library
EGLLExperts Group Lower Layers
EG-LLExperts Group Lower Layers
EGMHSExperts Group for Message Handling System
EG-MHSExperts Group for Message Handling System
EGMMSExperts Group Manufacturing Message Specification
EG-MMSExperts Group Manufacturing Message Specification
EGNMExperts Group for Network Management
EG-NMExperts Group for Network Management
EGODAExperts Group for Office Document Architecture
EG-ODAExperts Group for Office Document Architecture
EGPExterior Gateway Protocol
EGTPExperts Group on Transaction Processing
EG-TPExperts Group on Transaction Processing
EGVTExperts Group on Virtual Terminal
EG-VTExperts Group on Virtual Terminal
EHAEuropean Harmonization Activity
EHFExtremely High Frequency
EHLLAPIEmulator High Level Language Application Programming Interface
EIEnding Inventory
EIAElectronic Industries Association
EIBEnterprise Information Base
EICElectronic Information Corporation
EIDEEnhance Integrated Drive/Device Electronics
EIESElectronic Information Exchange System
EIMEmirates Internet Madness
EINETEnterprise Integration Network
EINOSEnhanced Interactive Network Optimization System
EIRPEffective Isotropic Radiated Power
EISElectronic Information Security / Enterprise Information System / Enterprise Integration Services / Executive Information System / Expanded Inband Signaling
EISAEnhanced/Extended Industry Standard Architecture
EISSEconomic Impact Study System
EITEncoded Information Type
EIUExtended Interface Unit
EIUFEuropean ISDN Users' Forum
EJSElite Justice Society
EKTSElectronic Key Telephone Service / Electronic Key Telephone Sets
ELElectroLuminescent (display)
ELANEmulated Local Area Network (ATM Forum)
ELAPEtherTalk Link Access Protocol
ELDElectroLuminescent Display
ELDSExchange Line Data Service
ELEPLEqual Level Echo Path Loss
ELFEmployee Locater Facility / Extremely Low Frequency
ELSEntry Level System
EMEnd of Medium (ASCII)
EMAElectronic Mail Association / Electronic Messaging Association / Enterprise Management Architecture
EMACSEditing Macros
EMAILElectronic Mail
E-MAILElectronic Mail
EMAPIExtended Messaging Application Programming Interface
EMASHEEstablishing Multimedia Authoring Skills in Higher Education
EMBEmbedded Memory Block
EMCElectromagnetic Capacity / Electromagnetic Compatibility (directive)
EMFElectro Motive Force / Electromagnetic Field / Enhanced Metafile Format
EMIElectromagnetic Interference
EMLExpected Measured Loss
EMMExpanded Memory Manager / Extended Memory Manager
EMOSEast Mediterranean Optical System
EMOS1East Mediterranean Optical System 1
EMOTICONSEmotion Icons (aka Smileys)
EMPElectromagnetic Pulse
EMPMElectronic Manuscript Preparation and Markup
EMRElectromagnetic Radiation
EMSExpanded Memory Specification / Extended Memory Service
EMSGEmail Message
EMTAGEmerging Technologies Advisory Group (usually as EmTAG)
EMUGEuropean MAP/TOP Users' Group
EMVEuropean Mastercard VISA
EMWACEuropean Microsoft Windows (NT) Academic Centre
ENEuropean Norm/Normes
ENEEnterprise Networking Event
ENFIAExchange Network Facility for Interstate Access
ENIACElectronic Numerical Integrator And Calculator
ENQENQuiry (ASCII) / Inquiry
ENSEnterprise Naming Service
ENSDUExpedited Network Service Data Unit
ENTELECEnergy Telecommunications and Electrical (association)
EOEnd Office / Erasable Optic
EOAEnd Of Address
EOBEnd Of Burst
EOCEmbedded Operations Channel
EODEnd Of Day / End of Discussion
EOEElectronic Order Exchange
EOFEnd Of File / Enterprise Object Framework
EOLEnd of Lecture / End Of Life
EOMEnd Of Message
EONEnd Of Number
EOSEarth Orbiting Satellite / Element Of Service / Extended Operating System
EOSDISEarth Observing System Data and Information System
EOTEnd Of Text / End Of Thread (i.e.
EOTCEuropean Organization for Testing and Certification / End Of Toll Trunking / End Office Toll Trunking
EPElectroPhotographic (toner cartridge) / Emulation Program
EPAElite Programming Association / Environmental Protection Agency
EPABXElectronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange
EPACExtended Privilege Attribute Certificate
EPDMEnterprise Product Data Management
EPGExternal Products Group
EPHOSEuropean Procurement Handbook for Open Systems
EPIEngineering Process Improvement
EPICEffective Performance In Candidates / Electronic Privacy Information Center / Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing / El Paso Intelligence Center
EPLElectronic Program Language / Electronic (switching system) Program Language
EPLSEngineering Price List System
EPOSElectronic Point Of Sale
EPPEnhanced Parallel Port / Executive Partner Program
EPRCAEnhanced Proportional Rate Control Algorithm (ATM Forum)
EPROMErasable Programmable Read Only Memory
EPSEncapsulated Post-Script
EPSCSEnhanced Private Switched Communications Service
EPSFEncapsulated PostScript Format
EPSRCEngineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (formerly SERC)
EQEEBEquivalent Queue Extended Erlang B
EREntity Relationship (modeling) / Error / Error Register
ERAEntity Relationship Attribute / Extended Registry Attribute
ERARError Return Address register
ERDEvent Report Discriminator
EREPEnvironmental Recording Editing and Printing
ERFEmergency Restoration Facility / Event Report Function
ERLEcho Return Loss
ERLLEnhanced Run Length Limited
ERMElectronic Report Management
ERMFEvent Report Management Function
EROElectronic Return Originator
ERPEffective Radiated Power / Enterprise Resource Planning
ERTICOEuropean Road Transport Telematics Implementation Coordinating Organization
ERUEmergency Recovery Utility / Error Return address Update
ESElektro Shock / End System / Errored Second / Extra Segment
ES&DEat Shit and Die
ESAEnterprise Systems Architecture / Errored Second
ESABATMEat Sh*t And Bark at the Moon
ESACElectronic Surveillance Assistance Center
ESADEat Sh*t And Die
ESADMFEat Sh*t and Die Mother F**ker
ESAFEErrored Second
ESALEat Sh*t And Live
ESBEmergency Service Bureau (911) / Entry Systems Business / Errored Second
ESBFEErrored Second
ESCEngineering Service Circuit
ESCONEnterprise Systems Connection (architecture)
ESCPErrored Second
ESCRCErrored Second
ESDElectronic Software Distribution / Electronic Systems Development / Electrostatic Discharge
ESDIEnhanced Small Device Interface / Enhanced Small Disk Interface
ESDPEducational Services Development and Publishing
ESESEnd System to End System
ES-ESEnd System to End System
ESFExtended SuperFrame Format
ESFEErrored Second
ESGEngineering Systems Group
ESHEnd System Hello
ESISEnd System to Intermediate System
ES-ISEnd System to Intermediate System
ESLElectronic Software Licensing / Emergency Stand-aLone
ESLFEastern Seaboard Liberation Front
ESNElectronic Serial Number / Electronic Switched Network
ESNETEnergy Sciences Network
ESOEngineering Support Operations / Entry Server Offering
ESOCEuropean Space Operations Center
ESPExtra Sensory Perception / Ecstatic Sound Productions / Encapsulating Security Payload / Enhanced Serial Port / Enhanced Service Provider / Enhanced Serial Port / Errored Second P-bit
ESPRITEuropean Strategic Project for Research on Information Technology
ESRCEconomic and Social Research Council
ESRIEnvironmental Systems Research Institute
ESRINEuropean Space Research Institute
ESSElectronic Switching System
ESSXElectronic Switching System Exchange
ESUElement Supervisor Unit
ESUSEnhanced Single Unix Specification (sometimes as ESUS2)
ESVNExecutive Secure Voice Network
ETExchange Termination
ET&QEngineering Technology and Quality
ETASEmergency Technical Assistance
ETBEnd of Transmission Block (ASCII)
ETCElectronic Toll Collection / Evil Type Coercion
ETCOEuropean Telecommunications Consultancy Organization
ETCOMEuropean Testing for Certification of Office and Manufacturing (equipment)
ETFElectronic Toll Fraud
ETGEWOS Technical Guide
ETINElectronic Transmitter Identification Number
ETISElectronic Telephone Inquiry System
ETISALATEmirates Telecoms Incompetent Slow And Lousy And Thieves / Everyday Testing Intelligence So Always Late At Transmission
ETLElectronic Testing Laboratory
ETLAEnhanced TLA / Extended Three Letter Acronym/Abbreviation (ie more than three letters)
ETNElectronic Tandem Network
ETOElectronic Trading Opportunity
ETREarly Token Release
ETRIElectronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
ETRI-PECElectronics and Telecommunications Research Institute Protocol Engineering Center
ETRIPECElectronics and Telecommunications Research Institute Protocol Engineering Center
ETSEducation Technology Service / Electronic Tandem Switching / Electronic Translation System / European Telecommunications Standard / Executable Test Suite
ETSACIElectronic Tandem Switching Administration Channel Interface
ETSDUExpedited Transport Service Data Unit
ETSIEuropean Telecommunications Standards Institute
ETSSPElectronic Tandem Switching Status Panel
ETTMElectronic Toll and Traffic Management / Electronic Toll and Transaction Monitor
ETXEnd of TeXt (ASCII)
EUEnd User / European Union
EUCExtended UNIX Code
EUIEnd User Interface
EULAEnd User License(ing) Agreement
EUNETEuropean UNIX Network
EUPOTEnd User-Point of Termination
EuroCAIRNEuropean Co-operation for Academic and Industrial Research Ntworking
EURO-ISDNEuropean wide ISDN service
EUROSINETEuropean Open System Interconnect Network
EUSREnd User
EUTELSATEuropean Telecommunications Satellite
EUUGEuropean UNIX Users Group
EVExtreme Value
EV86Enhanced Virtual 8086
EVEEuropean Videoconferencing Equipment / Extreme Value Engineering
EVGAExpanded Video Graphics Array
EWElectronic Warfare
EWHCIEast-West Human-Computer Interaction (conference)
EWICSEuropean Workshop on Industrial Computer Systems
EWOSEuropean Workshop on Open Systems
EXCAExchangeable Card Architecture (usually as ExCA)
EXCOMExecutive Committee
EXP(or XP)Experience (Common MUD term)
EZINEElectronic Magazine
E-ZINEElectronic Magazine


EAA                :- Easy Animal Aid

EAS                :- Employment Assurance Scheme

ECB                :- European Central Bank

ECG                :- Electro Cardiogram Graph

ECIL               :- Electronic Corporation of India Limited

ECM               :- European Common Market

ECOWAS       :- Economic Cooperation Organization of West African States

EEC                :- European Economic Community

EEG                :- Electro Encephalogram Graph

EFTA              :- European Free Trade Association

EGPWS          :- Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System

EHTP             :- Electronics Hardware Technology Park

ELCINA        :- Electronics and Radar Development Establishment

ELISA            :- Enzyme Linked Immuno Sorbent Assay

EMF               :- Electromotive Force

EMI                :- Equal Monthly Installment

EMR               :- Exclusive Marketing Right

EMS                :- European Monetary System

EMU               :- Electric Multiple Unit

ENLF              :- Elam National Liberation Front

EOW               :- Economic Offence Wing

EPIP                :- Export Promotion Industrial Park

EPRLF            :- Elam People's Revolutionary Liberation Front

EPZ                 :- Export Processing Zone

ERDA             :- Energy Research and Development Administration

ERS                :- European Remote Sensing Satellite

ERTS             :- Earth Resources Technology Satellite

ESA                :- European Space Agency

ESCAP            :- Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific

ESMA             :- Essential Services Maintenance Act

EVM               :- Electronic Voting Machine

EVTR              :- Electro Video Tape Recording

EXIM              :- bank Export-Import Bank of India

EURECA        :- European Research Coordinating Agency