DData channel (ISDN)
D&CDuck & Cover
D/ADigital to Analog / Digital-Analog
D/LDownload transmit to you
d:-)Wearing a Cap
D2T2Dye Diffusion Thermal Transfer
DAData Available / Desk Accessory / Destination Address / Digital Audio / Directory Assistance
DAAData Access Arrangement
DAACDistributive Active Archive Center
DACDigital Analog Converter / Dual Attachment Concentrator
DACCDirectory Assistance Call Completion
DACDDirectory Access Control Domain
DACSDigital Access Cross-connect System / Directory Assistance Charging System
DADDraft Addendum
DADCDigital Audio Disc Corporation
DAEMONDisk And Execution Monitor
DAFDirectory Authentication Framework
DAGDefense Agencies Group
DAISDistributed Automatic Intercept System
DAKData Acknowledge / Dead At Keyboard
DALData Access Language / Data Access Line
DAMData Access Manager
DAMAData Assigned Multiple Access / Demand Assigned Multiple Access
DAMIFINODamn if I know
DAMPDemand Analysis Manufacturing Planning
DANDepartmental Area Network
DAOData Access Object / Directory Assistance Operator
DAPData Access Protocol / Directory Access Protocol / Document Application Profile
DARCDivision Alarm Recording Center
DARFCDucking And Running For Cover
DARPADefense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DARTData Access and Retrieval Technologies (group)
DARTNETDefense Advanced Research Testbed Network (usually as DARTnet)
DARUDAIS Audio Response Unit / Distributed Automatic Response Unit
DASDevice Access Software / Directory Assistance System / Disk Array Subsystem / Distributor And Scanner / Dual Attachment Station / Dynamically Assigned Sockets
DASDDirect Access Sotrage Device
DASHDell Advanced SCSI Host
DASPDigital Assisted Services Program
DASSDesign Automation Standards Subcommittee
DAS-WATDistributor And Scanner - Watch Dog Timer
DASWDTDistributor And Scanner Watch Dog Timer
DATDigital Audio Tape / Digital Audio Tap / Duplicate Address Test
DATAEASEDoesn't always terminate after exiting and slows everything / Don't attempt to aquire everything always shows errors
DATTADistrict Attorneys' Technology Theft Association
DATUDirect Access Testing Unit
DAVData Above Voice
DAVEDo Anything Very Easily
DAVIDDigital Audio-Video Interactive Decoder
DAXDeveloper API eXtensions
DBDatabase / Decibel (usually as dB)
DBAAdjusted Decibel / Data Base Administrator / Digital Business Architecture / Doing Business As
DBACData Base Administration Center
DBASData Base Administration System
DBCData Base Creator / Digital Business Center
DBCSDouble - Byte Character Set
DBFDynamic Beam Forming
DBITDelivery (confirmation) Bit
DBLDOS Batch Language
DBMDataBase Manager / Decibels per Milliwatt (dBm)
DBMSData Base Management System
DBNDoing Business Not
DBODDistribution Board of Directors
DBRDOS Boot Record
DBSDataBase Service / Demand Broadcast System / Direct Broadcast Satellite / Duplex Bus Selector
DBTGDataBase Task Group
DBXDigital Branch Exchange
DC(modem) Data Compression / Data Cartridge / Direct Current / Disconnect Confirm
DCADefense Communications Agency / Digital Communications Associates Inc. / Document Content Architecture
DCAADual Call Auto Answer
DCAMDistributed Computing Application Management
DCASRDefense Contract Administration Services Region
DCBData Control Block / Directory Cache Buffer
DCCDirect Client to Client / Data Collection Computer / Data Communications Channel / Data Country Code / Digital Compact Cassette / Digital Customer Center / Direct Cable Connection
DCDData Carrier Detect (signal)
DCEData Circuit Terminal Equipment / Data Circuit-terminating Equipment / Data Communications Equipment / Distributed Computing Environment
DCECDefense Communications Engineering Center
DCE-RPCDistributed Computing Environment Remote Procedure Call
DCFData Communications Function
DCHD Channel Handler
DCIDisplay Control Interface
DCIUData Communications Interface Unit
DCLData Control Language / Digital Command Language
DCLUDigital Carrier Line Unit
DCMDigital Carrier Module
DCMSDistributed Call Measurement System
DCMUDigital Concentrator Measurement Unit
DCNData Communications Network / Declaration Control Number
DCO-CSDigital Central Office-Carrier Switch
DCOMDistributed Component Object Model
DCPDemand for Critical Parts / Device Color Profile / Digital Communications Protocol / Duplex Central Processor
DCPRDetailed Contuing Property Record (PICS/DCPR)
DCPSKDifferential Coherent Phase Shift Keying
DCRDirect Current Resistance
DCSData Circuit Switches / Defined Context Set / Desktop Color Separation / Desktop Color System / Digital Communication System / Digital Cross-connect System / Distributed Computing System
DCSSDigital Customized Support Services / Discontiguous Shared Segments
DCTDigital Carrier Trunk
DCTNDefense Commercial Telecommunications Network
DCTSDimension Custom Telephone Service
DCUDigital Credit Union
DDData Definition / Definition Description (HTML) / Depacketization Delay / Double Density
DDADisk Drive Adaptor / Domain Defined Attribute
DDAPDigital Distribution of Advertising for Publications
DDBDistributed DataBase
DDBMSDistributed DataBase Management System
DDCDirect Department Calling / Direct Distance Calling
DDCFDistributed Document Component Facility
DDCMPDigital Data Communications Messaging Protocol
DDDDigital Diagnostic Diskette / Direct Distance Dialing
DDEDynamic Data Exchange
DDEMLDynamic Data Exchange Management Library
DDFData Description File
DDFADTC Device File Access (Utilities)
DDFIIData Description File for Information Interchange
DDGLDevice Dependent Graphics Layer
DDHDigital Distributed Hardware
DDIDirect Dialing In
DDIFDigital Document Interchange Format
DDKDevice Driver Kit
DDLData Definition Language / Data Description Language / Database Definition Language / Database Description Language / Dynamic Data Link
DDMDistributed Data Management
DDNDefense Data Network / Defense Department Network
DDN-NICDefense Data Network Network Information Center
DDOVDigital Data Over Voice
DDPDatagram Delivery Protocol / Direct Distribution Panel / Distributed Data Processing
DDRData descriptive Record
DDSDataphone Digital Service / Digital Dataphone Service / Digital Data Service / Digital Data System / Digital Data Storage / Digital Distributed Software / Document Distribution Service
DDTDon't Do That / DEC Debugging Tape / Dynamic Debugging Tool
DDVTDynamic Data Visualization (development) Tool
DDXDistributed Data eXchange
DEDiscard Eligibility/Eligible
DEAData Encryption Algorithm / Drug Enforcement Agency
DEBDirectory Entry Block
DEBIDMA Extended Bus Interface
DEBIESDDAP Electronic Business Information Exchange Specification
DECDo Expect Cuts / Digital Equipment Corporation
DECDNSDigital Equipment Corporation Distributed Name Service (usually as DECdns)
DECDTMDigital Distributed Transaction Manager
DECMCCDigital Equipment Corporation Management Control Center (usually as DECmcc)
DECNETDigital Equipment Corporation Network architecture (usually as DECnet)
DECNMSDigital Network Measurement System
DECTDigital European Cordless Telephone
DECTPDigital Transaction Processing
DECUSDigital Equipment Corporation User's Society
DEFDirect Equipment Failure
DEKData Encryption Key
DELDelete (DOS)
DEMPRDigital Equipment Corporation MultiPort Repeater
DENDigital Echo News
DENIDepartment of Education for Northern Ireland
DEPBADigital Exchange Pirate Board Alliance
DERDistinguished Encoding Rules
DERPDefective Equipment Replacement Program
DESData Encryption Standard / Defense Encryption Standard / Destination End System / Digital Encryption Standard / Distributed End System
DES-CBCData Encryption Standard - Cipher Block Chaining
DESIREDirectory of European Information Security Standard Requirements
DETDirectory Entry Table
DETLADouble Extended Three Letter Abbreviation
DEUDead - End User
DEWDistant Early Warning (line)
DFDirection Flag / Distributing Frame
DFADesign For Assembly
DFDData Flow Diagram
DFDSSData Facility DataSet Services
DFEPDiagnostic Front End Processor
DFGData Flow Graph
DFHSMData Facility Hierarchical Storage Manager
DFIDigital Facility Interface
DFLDistributed Feedback Layer
DFLADamn Four Letter Acronym
DFMDesign For Manufacturing
DFMSDigital Facility Management System
DFNDeutsches Forschungsnetz
DFPDigital Free Press / District Focus Person
DFRDocument Filing and Retrieval
DFSDistributed File Service / Distributed File System
DFSKDifferential Frequency Shift Keying
DFSMSData Facility Sotrage Management Subsystem
DFTDesign for Test(ing) / Distributed Function Terminal
DFWMACDistributed Foundation Wireless Medium Access Control
DGITADigital Graphic Imaging Technical Association (previously SGAUA)
DGPSDifferential Global Positioning System
DG-UXData General UniX
DHDear Husband (also Dear Hubby Duh Hubby and of course Dick Head)
DHADestination Hardware Address
DHCPDynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DHHSDepartment of Health and Human Services
DHTDirectory Hash Table
DHTMLDynamic HyperText Markup Language
DIDelete Inhibit / Destination Index
DIADefense Intelligence Agency / Document Interchange Architecture
DIACDirections and Implications of Advanced Computing
DIAFYODid I Ask For Your Opinion
DIAGDatasets Inter Agency Group
DIALDigital Idle Asset Listing
DIBDevice Independent Bitmap (graphic format) / Directory Information Base
DIBIDevice Independent Backup Interface
DIBOLDIgital Business Oriented Language
DICDigital Interface Controller
DICEDigital Interactive Consumer Electronic (machines)
DIDDestination ID / Direct Inward Dialing
DIDCData Input and Distribution Card
DIFData Interchange Format / Digital Interface Frame / Documentation Interchange Format
DIFMOSDouble Injection Floating-gate Metal Oxide Semiconductor
DIGESTDigital Electronic Signature Test (usually as DigEST)
DIGIDeutsche Interessengemeinschaft Internet (German Special Interest Group for Internet)
DIGLDevice Independent Graphics Layer
DIIGDigital Information Infrastructure Guide
DIIKDamned If I Know
DILLIGADDo I look like I give a darn?!
DILLIGAFDo I look like I give a f*#k?!
DILLIGAF?Do I look like I give a F#%k?
DILLIGAFFDo I look Like I give a Flying Figment?
DIMData In the Middle / Demand Integration Meeting / Desktop Information Manager
DIMAData Information Management Architecture
DIMMDual In-line Memory Module
DINDeutsche Industrie Norm / Deutsche Ingineering Normilization / Deutsches Institut fur
DINSDigital Information Network Service
DIPDual In-Line Package
DIPEDistributed Interactive Processing Environment
DIRDirectory (DOS)
DISDefense Investigative Service / Digital Information Systems / Draft International Standard / Dynamic Impedence Stabalization
DISAData Interchange Standards Association / Defense Information Systems Agency / Direct Inward Switch Access / Direct Inward System Access
DISERDigital Information Systems External Resources
DISERFData Interchange Standards Education and Research Foundation
DISNDefense Information Systems Network
DISOSSDIStributed Office Support System
DISPDirectory Information Shadow Protocol
DITDirectory Information Tree
DITUIHIBMSLDid I Tell You I Hate IBMs Lately
DITUILIBMSLDid I Tell You I Love IBMs Lately
DIUDigital Interface Unit
DIWD-Inside Wire
DIXDEC - Intel - Xerox (connector)
DIZDescription In Zip
DJNRDow Jones News Retrieval (online service)
DLDownload / Data Link / Definition List / Den Leader / Direct Labor / Distribution List
DLAMLTDon't look at me like that!
DLCData Link Control / Distributed Loop Carrier / Digital Loop Carrier
DLCFData Link Control Field
DLCIData Link Connection Identifier/Identification
DLCUDigital Line Carrier Unit
DLEData-Link Escape (ASCII)
DLLData Link Layer / Dial Long Lines / Dynamic Link Library
DLMData Line Monitor / Distributed Lock Manager
DLNDigital Library Network
DLOData Line Occupied
DLOCDark Lords Of Chaos
DLPDigital Light Processing
DLPIData Link Provider Interface
DLSData Link Services / Dial Line Service / Digital Link Service / Document Library Services
DLSAPData Link-layer Service Access Point
DLSDUData Link-layer Service Data Unit
DLSWData Link SWitching (usually as DLSw)
DLTDigital Linear Tape
DLTBBBDon't Let The Bed Bugs Bite
DLTUDigital Line - Trunk Unit
DLU-PGDigital Line Unit - Pair Gain
DLUPGDigital Line Unit Pair Gain
DLVADetector Logarithmic Video Amplifier
DMDead Memory / Delta Modulation / Dimension Modeling / Disconnected Mode / Distributed Management
DMADirect Memory Access (channel)
DMCLDigital Modem Command Language
DMCRDebug Mode Control Register
DMDDirectory Management Domain
DMDDDistributed Multiplexing Distributed Demultiplexing
DMEDigital Management Education / Distributed Management Environment
DMFDistributed Management Framework / Distribution Media Floppy / Distribution Media Format
DMIDefinition of Management Information / Desktop Management Interface / Digital Multiplexed Interface
DML(SQL) Database Manipulation Language / Data Manipulation Logic
DMMDigital Multi-Meter / District Manufacturing Manager
DMO(SQL) Distributed Management Objects / Domain Management Organization
DMOSDiffusion Metal Oxide Semiconductor / Double-diffused Metal Oxide Semiconductor
DMPDUDerived Medium access control Protocol Data Unit
DMSData Management System/Services / Defense Messaging System / Digital Multiplex(ed) Switch/System / Diskless Management Service
DMTDesign Maturity Test / Discrete MultiTone
DMTFDesktop Management Task Force
DMUData Manipulation Unit
DNDirectory Number / Distinguished Name / Distribution Network / Domain Name / Down
DNADEC Network Architecture / Defense Nuclear Agency / Digital Named Accounts / Digital Network Architecture / Digital News Associates / Digital Noise Alliance / Distributed Network Architecture / Deoxyribonucleic acid
DNCDynamic Network Controller
DNDDo Not Disturb
DNDODo Not Disturb Override
DNDSDistributed Network Design System
DNHRDynamic Non-Hierarchical Routing
DNICData Network Identification Code
DNISDialed Number Identification Service
DNPDistributed Network Processing
DNPMDarn (Damn) Near Pis*ed Myself
DNRData Network Routing / Dialed Number Recorder / Digital Number Recorder
DNSDomain Name Service / Domain Naming System / Domain Name System / Domain Name Server
DNXDynamic Network Cross-Connect (X-connect)
DODistributed Object
DOADead On Arrival / Distributors Of Anarchy
DOAMDistributed Office Applications Model
DOCDepartment of Communications (in Canada) / Document DOC Department of Communications (in Canada) / Document
DOCSDisplay Operator Console System
DODDepartment of Defense / Direct Outward Dialing
DOE(U.S.) Department Of Energy / Department of Energy
DOIDistributed Object Infrastructure
DOJDepartment of Justice
DOMData On Master (group) / District Operations Manager
DOMFDistributed Object Management Facility
DOMSDistributed Object Management System
DOMSATDomestic Satellite (service)
DONDepartment Of the Navy
DONACSDepartment Of the Navy Automation and Communication System
DOPDirectory Operational Protocol
DORKDomestic Organization for Real K????
DOSDefective Operating System / Disc Operating System / Denial of Service
DOSBSData Over Speech Bearer Service
DOT(U.S.) Department Of Transportation
DOTSDigital Office Timing Supply
DOVData Over Voice
DOWDirect Over-Write (technology)
DPData Processing / Demarcation Point / Dial Pulse / Draft Proposal / Dial Pulse
DPADemand Protocol Architecture / Distributed Power Architecture / Document Printing Application
DPACDedicated Plant Assignment Center
DPAMDemand Priority Access Method
DPANSDraft Proposed American National Standard (usually as dpANS)
DPBDrive Parameter Block
DPCData Processing Center / Deferred Procedure Call / Destination Point Code / Direct Program Control
DPCMDifferential Pulse Code Modulation
DPEData Path Extender
DPGDedicated Packet Group
DPIDot Pitch Integer / Dots Per Inch
DPLDedicated Private Line
DPLLDigital Phase Locked Loop
DPMData Processing Manager
DPMAData Processing Management Association
DPMIDOS Protected Mode Interface
DPMSDisplay Power Management Signaling / DOS Protected Mode Services
DPNPHData Packet Network - Packet Handler
DPN-PHData Packet Network - Packet Handler
DPODial Pulse Originating
DPPDiscounted Payback Period / District Partner Program
DPSCDefense Personnel Support Center
DPSKDifferential Phased Shift Keying
DPSS(Los Angeles County) Department of Public Social Services
DPSWGDigital Privacy and Security Working Group
DPTDial Pulse Terminating / Distributed Processing Technology
DQDBDistributed Queue Dial Bus
DQLDataEase Query Language
DQTDesign Quality Test
DRData Ready / Data Receive / Delivery Report / Digital Research / Disconnect Request
DRAMDynamic Random Access Memory
DRCData Resource Center
DRDADistributed Relational Database Architecture / Access
DR-DOSDigital Research Disk Operating System
DREFDistribution Research and Education Foundation
DRMUDigital Remote Measurement Unit
DRNData Routing Network
DROOLDave's Recycled Object - Oriented Language
DRPDECnet Routing Protocol / Directory Replication Protocol / Distribution Resource Planning
DRPFDecimal Reference Publication Format
DRSData Rate Selector
DRTDigital Real Time
DSData Segment / Data System / Digital (carrier) Span / Digital Service / Directory Service / Direct Signal / Digital Signal (level 0 - 3) / Digital Stream (1
DS/DDDouble Sided / Double Density
DS/HDDouble Sided / High Density
DS0Digital Signal (level) Zero
DSADecimal Shift and Add (algorithm) / Dedicated Switched Access / Destination Software Address / Digital Storage Architecture / Decimal Shift and Add (algorithm) / Directory Service Agent / Directory System Agent / Directory Service Area / Directory System A
DSADDigital Storage Architecture for Disk
DSAPData link Service Access Point / Destination Service Access Point
DSATDigital Storage Architecture for Tape
DSBDouble SideBand
DSBAMDouble-SideBand Amplitude Module
DSBFCDouble SideBand Full Carrier
DSBSCDouble SideBand Suppressed Carrier
DSCData Stream Compatibility / Direct Satellite Communications / Document Structuring Conventions
DSDData Structure Definistion / Distributed Self Discovery
DSDCDirect Service Dial Capability
DSDFDigital Standard Disk Format
DSDSDataphone Switched Digital Service
DSEData Switching Equipment / Distributed Single-layer Embedded / Distributed System Environment / DSA Specific Entry
DSIData Subscriber Interface / Digital Speech Interpolation
DSIDDestination Signaling IDentifier
DSINDigital Software INformation
DSLDigital Subscriber Line
DS'LDoctor Stein's Laboratories
DSLADigital Software Licensing Architecture
DSLAMDigital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer
DSLODistributed System License Option
DSMDiagnostic System Manager / Digital Standard MUMPS / Distributed Switching Matrix / Distributed Systems Manufacturing / District Sales Manager
DSMADigital Sense Multiple Access
DSMCDigital Service Monthly Charge
DSNData Source Name / Defense Switched Network / Digital Services Network / Digital Signal (Level) N
DSODays Sales Outstanding / Digital Storage Oscilloscope
DSOMDistributed System Object Model
DSPDefense Standardized Profit / Digital Signal Processor / Directory System Protocol / Domain Specific Part
DSPUDownStream Physical Unit
DSRData Send/Set Ready / Date Set Ready / Dynamic Service Register
DSRIDigital Standard Relational Interface
DSSData Station Selector / Decision Support System / Digital Satellite System / Digital Signal Standard / Digital Signature Standard / Digital Subscriber Service / Digital Subscriber Signaling / Direct Station Selection / Distributed Security Service
DSS/BLFDirect Station Selection / Busy Lamp Field
DSS1Digital Subscriber Signaling (system No.) 1
DSSIDigital Small Storage Interconnect / Digital Storage Systems Interconnect
DSSSLDocument Style Semantics and Specification Language
DSTARDigital System Technical Architecture Research
DSTPData Source Transfer Protocol
DSUData Service Unit / Digital Service Unit
DSUWGData Systems Users Working Group
DSVDDigital Simultaneous Voice and Data
DSV-ISDesign Specification and Verification of Interactive Systems
DSVISDesign Specification and Verification of Interactive Systems
DSXDigital Signal Cross-Connect (X-Connect) DSX Digital Signal Cross-Connect (X-Connect)
DTData Transfer / Data Transmit / Definition Term / Detection Threshold / Dial Tone / Di-group Terminal
DT&EDevelopment Test and Evaluation
DTADisk Transfer Area
DTAMDocument Transfer Access and Manipulation
DTASDigital Test Access System
DTCData Technology Corporation / Datacommunications and Terminal Controller / Digital Trunk Controller / Di-group Terminal Controller / Distributed Transaction Coordinator
DTDDocument Type Definition
DTDSDisaster Tolerant Disk Systems
DTEData Terminal Equipment
DTFDial Tone First
DTFSDirect Tape File System
DTGDirect Trunk Group
DTIDark Towers International / Department of Trade and Industry / Digital Trunk Interface
DTIFDigital Tabular Interchange Format / Digital Transmission Interface Frame
DTMFDual Tone Modulation Frequency / Dual-Tone-Multi-Frequency
DTNDigital Telephone Network
DTPDeskTop Publishing / Distributed Transaction Processing
DTRData Terminal Ready (signal) / Dedicated Token Ring / Draft Technical Report
DTRTDo The Right Thing
DTSData Transfer System / Deposit Tracking System / Digital Termination Service/System / Digital Transcoding Switch / Digital Transmission System / Distributed Terminal Subsystem / Distributed Time Service
DTSTDial Tone Speed Test
DTSXData Transport Station for X.25
DTUDi-group Terminal Unit
DTVDesktop Video
DUData Unit
DUADallas Underground Association / Directory User Agent
DUARTDual Universal Asychronous Receiver Transmitter
DUCWICDo You See What I See?
DUCWIMDo You See What I Mean?
DUHWIHDo You Hear What I Hear?
DUNDial-Up Networking
DUSRDigital Authorized Used Systems Resellers
DUVData Under Voice
DUXDigital Voice eXchange
DVDigital Video
DVBDigital Video Broadcasting
DVCDigital Video Cassette / Digital Video Conference
DVDDigital Versatile Disk / Digital Video Disk
DVDROMDigital Versatile Disk Read Only Memory
DVD-ROMDigital Versatile Disk Read Only Memory
DVEDigital Video Effects
DVIDigital Video Interactive/Interleaved
DVMData Voice Multiplexor
DVMRPDistance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol
DVNDigital Video Network
DVTDesign Verification Test
DVXDigital Voice Exchange
DWData Warehousing
DWCIDecWindows Compiler Interface
DWIDoc Writers Incorporated
DWIMDo What I Mean
DWIMCDo What I Mean Correctly
DWISNWIDDo What I Say Not What I Do
DXCDigital Cross-Connect
DXFData eXchange Format (graphic format)
DXIData eXchange Interface
DYJHIWDon't you just hate it when...
DYLANDYnamic LANguage
DAVP              :- Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity

DCA                :- Drug and Cosmetic Act

DCI                 :- Dredging Corporation of India

DDT                :- Dichloro Diphenyle Trichloroethane

DDP                :- Desert Development Programme

DFDR             :- Digital Flight Data Recorder (Black Box)

DIG                 :- Deputy Inspector General

D.Lit                :- Doctor of Literature

DGCA             :- Director General of Civil Aviation

DICGC           :- Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation

DIG                 :- Defence Intelligence Group

DLO                :- Dead Letter Office

DGCEI           :- Directorate General of Central Excise Intelligence

DM                 :- District Magistrate

DMK              :- Dravida Munetra Kazhagam

DMRL            :- Defence Metalurgical Research Laboratory

DNA                :- Di-oxyribo Nucleic Acid

DNEM            :- Dynamic Numeric Encoding Method

DPAP               :- Drought Prone Area Programme

DPCS              :- Defence Satellite Communication System

DPC                :- Dabhol Power Company

DPCO             :- Drug Prices Control Order

DPSA              :- Deep Penetration Strike Aircraft

DRDO            :- Defence Research and Development Organization

DRI                 :- Director of Revenue Intelligence

DSP                 :- Digital Signal Processing

DST                :- Department of Science & Technology

DTH               :- Direct To Home

DOTS             :- Directly Observed Treatment Shortcourse

DVC               :- Damodar Valley Corporation

DVD               :- Digital Versatile Disk