CCelsius / Centigrade / Committee / Country
C&BCrash & Burn
C&GChuckle and Grin
C&ISMConsultant and Information Systems Marketing Group
C/SCC(IEEE Computer Society) Computer / Standards Coordinating Committee
C:-)Big brain
C|:-)Wearing a Bowler Hat
C4Nciao for now
CACAble / Cell Arrival / Certificate Authority / Collision Avoidance / Computer Associates / Computer Animation
CAAChaotic Ansi Artists
CABSCarrier Access Billing System
CACCalling-card Authorization Center / Canadian Advisory Committee / Carrier Access Code / Circuit Administration Center / Customer Administration Center / Connection Admission Control /
CACHCall Appearance Call Handling
CACHECan't Admit Computers hang Empty
CACHEKTSCall Appearance Call Handling Electronic Key Telephone Service
CACPCentral Arbitration Control Point
CACSCustomer Administration Communication System
CADComputer Aided Design/Drafting/Dispatch / Control-Alternate-Delete
CAD/CAMComputer-Aided Design / Computer-Aided Manufacturing
CADDComputer Aided Design Development
CADVCombined Alternate Data/Voice
CAECalifornia Association of Employers / Client Application Enabler (SQL) / Command Application Environment / Common Application Environment / Computer-Aided Engineering
CAEMComputer Aided Engineering and Manufacturing
CAFCall Attach Facility
CAFDControllers Automatic Message Accounting Format Description
CAFMComputer Aided Facilities Management
CAGRCompound Annual Growth Rate
CAICall Assembly Index / Common Air Interface / Computer Assisted Instruction
CAIAConference on Artificial Intelligence for Applications
CAISCollocated Automatic Intercept System
CALComputer Aided Learning
CALCCALCulate / Carrier Access Line Charge / Customer Access Line Charge
CALIMConsortium of Academic Libraries in Manchester
CALRSCentralized Automatic Loop Reporting System
CALSComputer-aided Acquisition and Logistic Support
CAMChannel Access Method / Common Access Method Computer Aided Machining/Manufacturing / Computer AIDS Ministries
CAMACentralized Automatic Message Accounting
CANCampus Area Network / Controller Area Network
CAPCarrierless Amplitude and Phase / Competitive Access Provider
CAROTCentralized Automatic Reporting On Trunks
CarrierAccess Code / Connection Admission Control
CASCentralized Attendent Service / Channel Associated Signaling / Circuit Associated Signaling / Column Address Strobe/Select / Communicating Application Specification / Computerized Autodial System / Customer Administrative Services
CASECommon Application Service Element / Computer Aided/Assisted Software Engineering
CASSCoding Accuracy Support System
CATCommon Authentication Technology / Computer Aided Test / Craft Access Terminal
CATANETConcatanated Network
CATCHCome Again? That Can't Help!
CATLASCentralized Automatic Trouble Locating & Analysis System
CATNIPCommon Architecture for the Internet Protocol
CATVCable Television / Community Antenna TeleVision
CAUComputer Anarchists Underground / Controlled Access Unit
CAU/LAMControlled Access Unit / Lobe Attachment Module
CAVConstant Angular Velocity
CBCitizens Band / Component Broker
CBBSComputerized Bulletin Board System
CBCCipher Block Chaining
CBDComponent Based Development
CBDBCurrency and Banking DataBase
CBDSConnectionless Broadband Data Service
CBECertified Banyan Engineer
CBEMAComputer and Business Equipment Manufacturers' Association
CBIComputer-based Instruction
CBLComputer Based Learning
CBMCommodore Business Machines
CBMSComputer - Based Messaging System
CBOContinuous Bitstream Oriented
CBPXIComputer Private Branch Exchange Interface
CBQClass Based Queuing
CBRConstant Bit Rate / Continuous Bit Rate
CBSCertified Banyan Specialist / Common Bom System / CrossBar Switching
CBSDComponent-Based Software Development
CBTComputer Based Training
CBXComputerized Branch/Business Exchange
CCCalling Card / Carbon Copy / Central Control / Clearing Center / Cluster Controller / Committee Chairman / Common Control / Connect Confirm / Connection Confirm / Continuity Cell / Controller Card / Cost Center / Country Code / Courtesy Copy / Credit Card
CCAConceptual Communications Area
CCAPHCommunications and Computer Applications in Public Health
CCBCommand Control Block
CCBSCompletion of Call to Busy Subscriber
CCCCentral Control Complex / Ceramic Chip Carrier / Chaos Computer Club / Clear Channel Capability / Community Computer Center / Computer Control Center
CCDCash Concentration and Disbursement / Charge-Coupled Device / Customer Configuration Document
CCDNCorporate Consolidated Data Network
CCEPCommercial Communications Endorsement Program / Commercial COMSEC Endorsement Program
CCFTCold Cathode Fluorescent Tube
CCHConnections per Circuit per Hour
CCH/SPHarmonization Coordination Committee Permanent Secretariat
CCICyber Crime International
CCIAComputer and Communication Industry Association
CCICCommittee on Computing Information and Communications
CCIP(IEEE) Committee on Communications and Information Policy
CCIRComite Consultif Internationale de Radiocommunications / International Consultative
CCIRNCoordinating Committee for Intercontinental Research Networks
CCISCommon Channel Interoffice Signaling
CCITTComitt‚‚ Consultatif International Telegraphique et T‚l‚phonique (the Consultative Committee on International Telegraphy and Telephony)
CCMCustomer Control Management
CCNCCommon Channel Network Controller / Computer Communications Network Center
CCNRCompletion of Call on No Reply
CCNUMACache Coherent NonUniform Memory Architecture (usually as ccNUMA)
CCOOComprehensive Cost of Ownership
CCPCertified Computing Professional
CCRCommitment Concurrency and Recovery / Current Cell Rate / Customer Controlled Reconfiguration
CCRMACenter for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics
CCRSECommitment Concurrency and Recovery Service Element
CCSCalling Card Service / Centum (hundreds) Call Seconds / Common Channel Signaling / Common Command Set / Common Communications Support
CCS7Common Channel Signaling
CCSACommon Central Switching Arrangement
CCSSCommon Channel Signaling System
CCSS7Common Channel Signaling System 7
CCTCentral Control Terminal / CNMA Conformance Testing / Cumulative Cycle Time
CCTACentral Computer and Telecommunications Agency
CCTACComputer Communications Trouble Analysis Center
CCTVClosed Circuit Television
CCUCOLT Computer Unit
CCUTFCorrupt Computer Underground Taskforce
CCVCalling Card Validation
CD(modem) Carrier Detect / Call Deflection / Capability Data / Compact Disk / Change Directory (DOS) / Collision Detection / Committee Draft / Current Data /
CDACall Data Accumulator / Capability Data Acknowledgment / Coin Detection and Announcement / Communications Decency Act / Compound Document Architecture / Crash Dump Analyzer
CDARCustomer Dialed Account Recording
CDCClark Development Company / Control Data Corporation / Cult of the Dead Cat (Virus) / Cult of the Dead Cow (Text) / Current Data Checking
CDCCPControl Data Communications Control Procedure
CDCFCumulative Discounted Cash Flow
CDCICult of the Dead Cat Inc.
CDDCommon Data Dictionary
CD-DACompact Disc - Digital Audio
CDDACompact Disc Digital Audio (red book)
CD-DACompact Disc Digital Audio (red book)
CDDICopper Distributed Data Interface
CDECommon Desktop Environment
CDFChannel Definition Format / Combined Distributing Frame
CDFSCD-ROM File System / Compact Disk File System
CDICircle Digit Identification / Compact Disc digital Interactive (green book)
CD-ICompact Disc digital Interactive (green book)
CDIACertified Document Imaging Architect
CDIFCASE Data Interchange Format
CDIPCeramic Dual In-line Package
CDMCustom Device Module
CDMACode Division Multiple Access
CDOCommunity Dial Office
CDOECommon Desktop Operating Environment
CDPDCellular Data Packet Data / Cellular Digital Packet Data
CDPRCustomer Dial Pulse Receiver
CDRCall Detail Recording / Call Dial Routing
CD-RCompact Disc - Recordable
CDRCompact Disc Reader / Compact Disc Recordable
CDRAMCache Dynamic Random Access Memory
CDRHCenter for Devices and Radiological Health
CD-ROMCompact Disc - Read Only Memory / Consumer Device Rendered Obsolete in Months
CD-RWCompact Disc - Re-Writable
CDRWCompact Disc Re-Writable
CDSCell Directory Service / Circuit Design System / Compound Document Service / Conceptual Data Store / Craft Dispatch System
CDSACommon Data Security Architecture
CDSLConsumer Digital Subscriber Line
CDTCell Delay Tolerance
CDUGDComputer Down UnderGround Digest
CDVCell Delay Variation
CDVTCell Delay Variation Tolerance
CEConsumer Electronics (as in the version of Windows CE) / Communications Entity / Creative Editing
CEBConsumer Electronic Bus
CECCommission of European Communities
CEFCable Entrance Facility
CEIComparably Efficient Interconnection
CELPCode Excited Linear Predictive Coding
CENComite Europeen de Normalisation (European Committee for Standardization)
CENELECComit‚ Europ‚en de Normalisation Electrotechnique (the European Electrotechnical Standards Committee)
CEOChief Executive Officer
CEPCanon Express Protocol / Connection EndPoint
CEPIConnection EndPoint Identifier / Comite Europeen des Administrations des Postes et des Telecommunications (European)
CERCell Error Ratio
CERFNETCalifornia Educational Research Network
CERNCentre de Reseau Nucleare
CERTCertified Order / Computer Emergency Response Team
CESCircuit Emulation Service / Circuit Emulation Specification / Computer Election Systems
CETComputer - Enhanced Telephony
CEUContinuing Education Unit
CEVControl Environmental Vault / Controlled Environment Vault
CFCarrier Flag / Coin First / Conversion Facility
CFACCall Forwarding All Calls
CFB(K-bit) Cipher Feedback / Call Forwarding Busy / Color Frame Buffer
CFCACommunications Fraud Control Association
CFDcall for discussion
CFMCubic Feet per Minute
CFNRCall Forwarding No Reply
CFOChief Financial Officer
CFP(Conference on) Computers Freedom and Privacy
CFRCode of Federal Regulations
CFUCall Forwarding Unconditional
CFVCall For Votes/Voting
CGChassis Ground
CGAColor Graphics Adapter
CGCMCertified Graphic Communications Manager
CGICommon Gateway Interface / Computer Graphics Interface
CGMComputer Graphics Metafile (usually as .CGM)
CGMIFComputer Graphics Metafile Interchange Format
CGNConcentrator Group Number
CGSConstructive Solid Geometry (modelers)
CGSACellular Geographic Serving Area
CHAPChallenge Handshake Authentication Protocol
CHCPCHange Code Page (Novell DOS)
CHDIRChange Directory (DOS)
CHEADConference for Higher Education in Art and Design
CHESTCombined Higher Education Software Team
CHILLCCITT HIgh Level Language (programming language)
CHINACommunist Hackers In North America
CHIPSClearing House Interbank Payments System
CHRPCommon Hardware Reference Platform
CHSCylinder-Head-Sector addressing
CHTCall Holding Time
CICall Intrusion / Cluster Interconnect / Computer Interconnect / Congestion Indicator / Connect Indication / Copy Inhibit
CI$Compu$erve Information Service
CIACentral Intelligence Agency
CIBChannel Input/output Bus
CIBYADCan I buy you a drink?
CICCarrier Identification Codes / CSNET Information Center
CICOCoffee In Coffee Out
CICSComputer Information Control System
CICSPARSCustomer Information Control System Performance Analysis Reporting System
CIDCrying In Disgrace
CIDRClassless Inter-Domain Routing
CIECommission Internationale de l'Eclairaqe / Customer-Initiated Entry
CIESINConsortium for International Earth Science Information Network
CIFCells In Frames
CIFSCommon Internet File System
CIGCommercial Internet Exchange
CIGOSCanadian Interest Group on Open Systems
CIICall Identity Index
CIMAPCircuit Installation Maintenance Access Package
CIMITICenter for Information Management and Information Technology Innovation
CIMTComputer Integrated Manufacturing and Technology
CINTCall Interception
CIOChief Information Officer
CIPCarrier Identification Parameter / Channel Interface Processor
CIRCommitted Information Rate / Computer Integrated Research
CIRUComputer Industry Research Unit
CISACertified Information Systems Auditor
CISCComplex Instruction Set Computer/Computing / Complex Instruction Set Code
CISSDCanadian International Society for Social Deviancy
CITComputer Integrated Telephony
CITTMCorporate Information Technology Training Manager (Council)
CIUCommunications Interface Unit
CIXCommercial Internet Exchange (Association)
CKOChief Knowledge Officer
CKSCelestial Knights
CLASSCentralized Local Area Selective Signaling / Custom Local-Area Signaling Services
CLBCommon Logic Board
CLDNCalling Line Directory Number
CLECustomer Located Equipment
CLECCompetetive Local Exchange Carrier
CLEICommon Language Equipment Identification
CLI(SQL) Call Level Interface / Calling Line Ident / Command Line Interface
CLIDCalling Line IDentification
CLIPCalling Line Identification Presentation
CLIRCalling/Connected Line Identification Restriction
CLLICommon Language Location Identification
CLLMConsolidated Link-Layer Management
CLMCareer Limiting Move
CLNAPConnectionless Network Access Protocol
CLNPConnectionless Network Protocol
CLNSConnectionless Network Services
CLPCell Loss Priority / Country List Price
CLRCell Loss Ratio
CLSCall Logging System / CLear Screen (DOS BASIC) / Connectionless Server
CLSFConnectionless Service Function
CLSIDCLasS Identifier
CL-TKClaim Token
CLTPConnectionless Transport Protocol
CLTSConnectionless Transport Service
CLUCommand Line Utility
CLVConstant Linear Velocity
CMCentimeter (usually as cm) / Configuration Management / Cubmaster
CMACommunication Managers Association
CMACCentralized Maintenance and Administration Center
CMAD(Workshop on) Computer Misuse And Detection
CMASCentral Massachusetts Administrative Services
CMCCarry-in Monthly Charge / Cellular Mobile Carrier / Construction Maintenance Center
CMDFCombined Main Distributing Frame
CMDSCentralized Message Data System
CMEComponent Management Entity
CMICable Microcell Integrator / Coded Mark Inversion
CMI/HICCable Microcell Integrator / Headend Interface Converter
CMIIWCorrect me if I'm wrong
CMIPCommon Management Information Protocol / Common Management Interface Protocol
CMIPDUCommon Management Information Protocol Data Unit
CMIPMCommon Management Information Protocol Machine
CMISCommon Management Information Service
CMISECommon Management Information Service Element
CMLCurrent-Mode Logic
CMMCapability Maturity Model
CMOSComplementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor(Silicon)
CMOTCommon Management information services and protocol Over TCP/IP
CMPCommon Management Protocol / Cooperative Management Protocol / Communications Plenum Cable / Cooperative Marketing Program/Partner
CMRCell Misinsertion Rate / Communications Riser Cable
CMSCall Management System / Circuit Maintenance System / Code Management System / Color Management System / Communications Management Subsystem / Conversation Monitor System
CMTCellular Mobile Telephone
CMUCOLT Measurement Unit
CMYKCyan Magenta Yellow Key / Cyan Magenta Yellow Black
CNChange Notice / Common Name / Connect / Copy Network / Country Name / Customer Name / Customer Network
CN/ACustomer Name & Address
CNACertified NetWare Administrator / Certified Novell Administrator / Communications Network Application
CNABCustomer Name - Address Bureau
CNCComputer Numeric Control / Concentrator
CNCCCustomer Network Control Center
CNCPCanadian National Canadian Pacific
CNECertified NetWare Engineer / Certified Novell Engineer / Certified Network Engineer
CNETCentre National d'Etudes des Telecommunications (National Center for the Study of Telecommunications
CNICertified NetWare Instructor / Certified Novell Instructor / Coalition for Networked Information / Common Network Interface
CNIPCalling Name Identification Presentation
CNIRCalling/Connected Name Identification Restriction
CNMCustomer Network Management
CNMACommunications Network for Manufacturing Applications
CNMSCylink Network Management System
CNOSComputer Network Operating System
CNP...Continued (in my) Next Post / Certified Network Professional
CNRComplex Node Representation (ATM Forum)
CNRSCentre Nationale de Recherche Scientifique (National Center for Scientific Research)
CNSCentral Nervous System / Certified Novell Salesperson / Complimentary Network Service
COCall Offer / Central Office / Company / Connection Oriented / Customer Owned
COACertificate Of Authenticity / Council Of Administration (usually as CoA)
COAMCustomer Owned and Maintained
COASTCache On A STick
COBOLCOmmon Buisness Oriented Language / Completely Obsolete Business Oriented Language
COCCentral Office Connections / Circuit Order Control / Corporate Operations Committee
COCFConnection Oriented Convergence Function
COCOTCustomer Owned Coin Operated Telephone
CODCareer Opportunity Days / Cash on Delivery / Connection Oriented Data
CODASYLConference of Data Systems Language
CODCFCentral Office Data Connecting Facility
CODECrackers of Digital Equipment
CODECCoder / Decoder
CODECCOder-DECoder / COMpression-DECompression
CODLSCOnnection-mode Data Link Service
COECentral Office Equipment
COEESCentral Office Equipment Engineering System
COEMCommercial Original Equipment Manufacturer
COERCentral Office Equipment Reports system
COLCaldera OpenLinux
COLDComputer Output to Laser Disk
COLPConnected Line Identification Presentation
COLTCentral Office Line Tester / Client Object Linking Technology
COMCommercial (usually as .com) / Common Object Model / Component Object Model / Communication (port) / Component Object Model / Computer Output MicroFilm / Continuation Of Message
COMBSCustomer Oriented Message Buffer System
COMDEXCOMmunications Development EXposition
COMMACommon Object Methodology Metamodel Architecture
COMPSACComputer Software and Applications Conference
COMPUSECComputer Security
COMSATCommunications Satellite
COMSECCommunications Security
COMSPECCommand Specifier
COMSTARCommon System for Technical Analysis & Reporting
COMTRUSTCOmpany Making Terrible Recurring Unending Security Troubles / A mis-spelling of CON TRUST
CONCentral Office News
CONCERTCOmmunications for North Carolina Education Research and Technology
CONPConnected Name Identification Presentation
CONSConnection Oriented Network Service / COnnection-mode Network Service
CONTACCentral Office NeTwork ACcess
CONTACTCentral Office Network Access
CONUSContinental United States
COPISCorporate Planning Information System
COPOLCouncil of Polytechnic Librarians
COPPConnection Oriented Presentation Protocol
COPSConcept Oriented Programming System / Connection Oriented Presentation Service
CORConfirmation Of Receipt
CORACanadian OSI Registration Authority
CORBACommon Object Request Broker Architecture
CORDISCommunity Research and Development Information Service
COREConnection Oriented Route Establishment / Criminals of Radical Extremes
CORENCorporation for Regional and Enterprise Networking (usually as CoREN)
CORISMACorporate Information Systems Modeling Architecture (usually as CorISMA)
CORPCreators of Revolutionary Pictures
COSCall Originate Status / Class Of Service / Corporation for Open Systems / Cost of Service (usually as CoS)
CoSAADCouncil of Subject Associations in Art and Design
COSACCanadian Open Systems Applications Criteria
COSECommon Open Software/System Environment
COSHEPCommittee of Scottish Higher Education Principals
COSINECooperation for Open Systems Interconnection Networking Europe
COSMICCOmmon Systems Main InterConnection (frame system)
COSMOSCentral System for Mainframe Operations / COmputer System for Mainframe OperationS
COSNConsortium for School Networking
COSSCommon Operational Support Services
COSSSCommittee on Open Systems Support Services
CoSysOpCo-Systems Operator
COTCentral Office Terminal / Central Office Trunks
COTFLGOHAHACrawling on the Floor Laughing Guts Out and Having a Heart Attack
COTPConnection Oriented Transport Protocol
COTSCommercial Off The Shelf
COUSNSCommittee Of UK Subject-based Network Services
COWCharachter-Oriented Windows (Interface)
CPCollision Prevention / Connect Presentation / Connection Processor / Control Program / Copy Protection / Chat Post (a chat message) / Customer Premises
CP/MControl Program for Microcomputers / Control Program Master
CPACentralized/Bulk Power Architecture / Connect Presentation Accept
CPCCall Progress Characterization / Cellular Phone Company / Circuit Provisioning Center
CPCSCommon Part Convergence Sublayer
CPDCentral Pulse Distributor
CPEConsumer Provided Equipment / Customer Premises Equipment
CPFMContinuous Phase Frequency Modulation
CPHCharacters Per Hour / Cost Per Hour
CPICharacters Per Inch (usually cpi) / Code Page Information (file format) / Common Part Indicator / Common Programming Interface / Computer to PABX Interface / Computer to PBX Interface / Corrupt Programming International
CPICCommon Programming Interface for Communications
CPI-CCommon Programming Interface for Communications
CPIWCustomer Provided Inside Wiring
CPLCharacters Per Line (usually as cpl) / Combined Programming Language / Control Panel Layout / Current Privilege Level / Control Program for Microcomputers / Copies Per Minute / Cost Per Minute
CPMPCarrier Performance Measurement Plan
CPMUCOSINE Project Management Unit
CPNCalling Party Number
CPOCorporate Product Operations
CPODAContention Priority Oriented Demand Assignment
CPPCalling Party Pays / Corporate Planning Process
CPRConnect Presentation Reject
CPSCharacters Per Second (usually as cps) / Cycles Per Second
CPSRComputer Professionals for Social Responsibility
CPTWGCopyright Protection Technical Working Group
CPUCentral Processing Unit
CRCarriage Return (ASCII) / Connect Request / Control Register
CRAFTCan't Remember A F**king Thing
CRAMCard Random Access Memory / Computational Random Access Memory
CRAPCompletely Redundant Array of Pointers (programming)
CRASCable Repair Administrative System
CRBTCrying Real Big Tears
CRCClass Responsibility and Collaboration / Customer Record Center / Customer Return Center / Cyclic Redundancy Check / Cyclical Redundancy Checking
CRCGCommon Routing Connection Group
CREFComputer Ready Electronic File (guideline)
CREGConcentrated Range Extension and/with Gain
CRENCorporation for Research and Educational Networking
CRFCable Retransmission Facility
CRFMPCable Repair Force Management Plan
CRGCentral Resource Group
CRISCustomer Record Information System
CRMCourtesy Reply Mail
CRNComputer Reseller News
CRQCall Request
CRSCell Relay Service / Centralized Results System / Configuration Report Server
CRSABCentralized Repair Service Answering Bureau
CRSOCellular Radio Switching Office
CRTCathode Ray Tube [the video screen]
CRTCCanadian Radio & Television Commission
CRUDCreated Retrieved Updated or Deleted
CRUSCreate / Retrieve / Update / Delete
CSCapability Set (One or Two) / Card Services / Carrier Selection / Code Segment / Convergence Sublayer / Coordinated Single-layer / Customer Service / Cursor Stability (isolation level)
CSACanadian Standards Association / Carrier Servicing Area / Confederate States of America / Covenant Sword and Arm of the Lord
CSACCCustomer Service Administration Control Center
CSARCentralized System for Analysis Reporting
CSCCell Site Controller / Computer Sciences Corporation / Customer Support Center / Customer Support Consortium
C-SCANSClient-Systems Computer Access NetworkS
CSCC(IEEE Computer Society) Computer Standards Coordinating Committee
CSCWComputer Supported Co-operative Work
CSDCircuit Switched Data / Corrective Service Diskettes
CSDCCircuit Switched Digital Capability
CSDNChinese Software Distribution Network / Circuit - Switched Data Network
CSECoordinated Single-layer Embedded
CSELTC┼ántro Studi e Laborat•ri Telecommunicazioni (Telecommunications Study Center and Labo
CSFSCable Signal Fault Signature
CSGChuckle Snicker Grin / Corporate Systems Group
CSIConvergence Sublayer Indication
CSIDCalling Station Identification
CSIMClient Side Image Map
CSLComputer Systems Laboratory
CSLIPCompressed Serial Line Internet Protocol
CSLTCustomized System Load Tape
CSMComputer Systems Manufacturing / Corrupt Society Magazine
CSMACarrier Sense Multiple Access
CSMA/CACarrier Sense Multiple Access / Collision Avoidance
CSMA/CDCarrier Sense Multiple Access - Collision Detection
CSMCCommunications Services Management Council
CSMUXCarrier Switched Multiplexer
CS-MUXCarrier Switched Multiplexer
CSNCarrier Service Node
CSNETComputer and Science (Research) Network / Computer Science Network
CSOCentral Services Organization / Complimentary Solutions Organization
CSPCoin Sent Paid / Commerce Service Provider / Compucom Speed Protocol
CSPDNCircuit Switched Public Data Network
CSPPComputer Systems Policy Project
CSRCell Missequenced Ratio / Centrex Station Rearrangement / Customer Service Record / CyberScout Roundtable
CSR-TCommunications Standard Review - Telecommunications
CSSCascading Style Sheets / Computer Special Systems / Computer Sub-System / Conceptual Signaling and Status / Controlled Slip Second
CSSEComputer Services System Engine
CSSFEControlled Slip Second
CSSGCustomer Service Solutions Group
CSSMCommon Security Services Manager
CSTAComputer Supported Telecommunications Applications / Computer Supported Telephony Appl
C-STEPCultural Societal Technological Economic Political
CSTOComputer Systems Technology
CSUChannel Service Unit / Careers Services Unit / Central Switching Unit
CSVCircuit Switched Voice / Comma Separated Values / Common Separated Variables
CSYCan't Stop Yawning
CTCall Transfer / Collection Time / Conformance Testing / Continuous Tone / Current Transformer / Computer Telephony / Current Transformer
CTAKCipher Text Auto Key
CTBCache Transfer Bus
CTCCanadian Telephone Corporation / Central Test Center
CTCSCategory Theory and Computer Science
CTDCell Transfer Delay
CTERMCommand TERMinal (protocol)
CTIComputer Telephone Integration / Computer Telephony Integration / Computers in Teaching Initiative
CTIACellular Telecommunications Industry Association
CTIP(Commission on) Computing Telecommunications and Information Policies
CTISSComputers in Teaching Initiative Support Service
CTMContact Trunk Module / Cordless Terminal Mobility
CTMSCarrier Transmission Measuring System
CTNCorporate Telecommunication Network (With ETSI the acronym used is CN).
CTNECompa¤ia Telef¢nica Nacional de Espa¤a (National Telephone Company of Spain)
CTOCall Transfer Outside / Chief Technology Officer
CTOSConvergent technologies Operating System
CTPComputer To Plate (technology)
CTRCurrency Transaction Report
CTRGCollaboration Technology Research Group
CTSCarpal Tunnel Syndrome (a wrist injury caused by repetitive activity such as typing with bad posture) / Clear to Send / Clear To Send Signal / Communications Technology Satellite / Configuration Technical Specialist / Conformance Testing Service
CTSLANConformance Testing Service Local-Area Network
CTSSCompatible Time Sharing System / Cray Time Sharing System
CTSWANConformance Testing Service Wide - Area Network
CTTCartridge Tape Transport
CTTCCartridge Tape Transport Controller / Copper To The Curb
CTTHCopper To The Home
CTTNCable Trunk Ticket Number
CTTYConsole TeleTYpe
CTVCell Tolerance Variation
CTYConsole TeleType
CUSee You (as in Goodbye) Cracking Up / Common Update / Computer Underground / Control Unit / Customer Unit / Computer Underground /
CUACommonly Used Acronym(s) / Common User Access
CUBClosed User Group
CUCOCommission on University Career Opportunity
CUCRITCapital Utilization Criteria
CUDCelerity Utilities Division / Computer Underground Digest
CUGClosed User Group
CUHSComputer Underground Historical Society
CUICentre Universitaire d'Informatique / Common User Interface
CULCatch You Later (Goodbye) / See you later
CUL(8R)see you later
CUL8erSee You Later
CUL8RSee you later
CUMCult of the Uncircumcised Masturbater
CUNTyeah yeah - real funny - get lost
CUNYCity University of New York
CURLConsortium of University Research Libraries (UK)
CUSIConfigurable Unified Search Interface
CUTControl Unit Terminal
CVCode Violation
CVAL&EComputer Viruses Artificial Life and Evolution
CVALEComputer Viruses Artificial Life and Evolution
CVCPCode Violation CP-bit Parity / Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals
CVCRCCode Violation Cyclical Redundancy Check
CVDQComputer Virus Developments Quarterly
CVFCompressed Volume File
CVFECode Violation Far End
CVOCommercial Vehicle Operation
CVPCode Violation "P" bit
CVPRComputer Vision and Pattern Recognition
CVRCompass Voice Response
CVSDContinuous Variable Slope Delta (modulation)
CVTCConversational Voice Technologies Corporation
CWCall Waiting / Continuous Wave / Cyber Warriors
CWARCCanadian Workplace Automation Research Center
CWCCity-Wide Centrex
CWDCall Waiting Deluxe
CWICentrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica (Center for Mathematics and Information)
CWISCampus Wide Information System
CWTCall Waiting
CWYLChat With You Later
CYASee Ya / Cover Your As*
CYAL8RSee You Later (Seeyalata)
CYBORGCYBernetic ORGanism
CYMKCyan Yellow Magenta Key
CYRECCyberspace Research and Education Center


CAD              :- Command Area Development

CAG              :- Controller of Auditor General

CAIR            :- Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

CAS               :- Conditional Access System

CASE            :- Commission for Alternative Sources of Energy

CAT               :- Control for Advance Technology

CAT               :- Central Administrative Tribunal

CAZRL         :- Central Arid Zone Research Institute

CBDT           :- Central Board of Direct Taxes

CBI               :- Central Bureau of Investigation

CBI               :- Crime Branch of India

CBSE            :- Central Board of Secondary Education

CCEA           :- Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs

CCIC            :- Central Cottage Industries Corporation

CCI               :- Consumer Confidence Index

CCL              :- Central Coal-fields Limited

CCIT            :- Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism

CCS              :- Cabinet Committee on Security

C-DAC         :- Centre for Development of Advance Computing

CDC             :- Consulting Development Centre

CDRL          :- Central Drug Research Institute

CDS             :- Compulsory Deposit Scheme

CEA             :- Central Electrical Authority

CENTO       :- Central Treaty Organization

CERN         :- Council European Organization for Nuclear Research

CFRI           :- Central Fuel Research Institute

CFTRI         :- Central Food Technological Research Institute

CGCRI        :- Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute

CGWB         :- Central Ground Water Board

CHOGM     :- Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting

CID              :- Criminal Investigation Department

CIFT             :- Committee on Invisible Financing Related Trade

CIMA           :- Centre of International Modern Art

CIRDAP       :- Council of Integrated Rural Development for Asia and the Pacific

CIRTES        :- Central Institute for Research and Training in Employment Services

CIS                :- Commonwealth of Independent States

CISF              :- Central Industrial Security Force

CITU             :- Centre of Indian Trade Union

CIWTC         :- Central Inland Water Transport Corporation

CLASP          :- Child Labour Action and Support Project

CMC             :- Cauri Monitoring Committee

CMAG          :- Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group

CMAL          :- Coal Mines Authority Limited

CMDRO      :- Central Marine Design Research Organization

CMMACS    :- Centre for Mathematical Modelling and Computer Simulation

CMPDI         :- Central Mine Planning and Design Institute

CMS             :- Central Monitoring Series

CNG             :- Compressed Natural Gas

COD             :- Central Ordinance Depot

CODESA     :- Convention for a Democratic South Africa

COFEPOSA :- Conservation of Foreign Exchange and Prevention of Smuggling Act

COSPAR        :- Committee On Space Research

COPU             :- Committee on Public Undertaking (under                                                                                                   Parliament)

CORE             :- Congress on Racial Equality

CPCB              :- Central Pollution Control Board

CPCRI            :- Central Plantation Crops Research Institute

CPO                :- Central Passport Organization

CPRI               :- Central Power Research Institute

CRP                :- Central Reserve Police

CRR               :- Cash Reserve Ratio

CSE                :- Centre for Science and Environment

CSCE              :- Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe

CSIR               :- Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

CTEPC           :- Cotton Textiles Export Promotion Council

CTS                 :- Computerised Tomography Scanner

COCA             :- Control of Organized Crime Act

CVC                :- Central Vigilance Commission

CVR                :- Cockpit Voice Recorder