BByte / Bearer channel (ISDN)
B-)Smiling with glasses or sunglasses or wearing cool shades / Horn Rimmed Glasses
B/CBecause / because
B:-)Sunglasses on Head
B4NBye for Now
B6ZSBipolar with 6 Zero Substitution
B8ZSBinary 8-Zero Substitution / Bipolar with 8 Zero Substitution
B911Basic 911
BABritish Academy
BAABroad Agency Announcement
BACBasic Access Control
BACPBandwidth Allocation Control Protocol
BADBroken As Designed
BAGSBristol's Anti-Gay Society
BAIBank Administration Institute
BAIKBoy Am I Confused
BAKBack at keyboard
BALUNBALanced / UNbalanced
BAMAFBellcore Automatic Message Accounting Format
BAMFBad Assed Mother F-
BANCSBell Administrative Network Communications System / Bell Application Network Control System
BANMBell Atlantic Nynex Mobil
BAPCOBellsouth Advertising & Publishing Company
BAPIBridge Application Program Interface
BARRNETBay Area Research Network
BASBig A$$ Smile / Basic Activity Subset
BASCBad Austrian Swapping Crew
BASICBill's Attempt To Seize Industry Control. / Beginner's All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
BAUDBits At Unit Density (rate: How fast a modem talks)
BBbe back / beavis & butthead / Bad Brains
BBABudget By Account
BBCBritish Broadcasting Corp. / Broadband Bearer Capability
BBFNBye Bye For Now
BBHBouncing Busy Hour
BBIABBe back in a bit
BBIAFBe back in a few
BBIASBe back in a second
BBIAWBe back in a while
BBLBe back later
BBNBye Bye Now
BBRBurnt Beyond Repair
BBSBe Back Soon / Bulletin Board System / Bulletin Board Service
BBSRCBiotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (formerly AFRC)
BBUBattery Back-Up
BCBlind Copy / Block Check
BCCBlind Carbon Copy / Blind Courtesy Copy / Block Check Character / Blocked Call Cleared / Boys from Company C
BCDBinary Coded Decimal / Blocked Call(s) Delayed
BCDICBinary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
BCDMABroadband Code Division Multiple Access
B-CDMABroadband Code Division Multiple Access
BCGBusiness Center Group
BCHBlocked Calls Held
BCNFBoyce - Codd Normal Form
BCNUBe seein' you
BCOBBroadband Class Of Bearer
BCPBusiness Communications Project / Byte-Control Protocols
BCPLBasic Combined Programming Language / Basic Computer Programming Language
BCRBlocked Calls Released / Business Communications Review
BCSBarCode Sorter / Basic Combined Subset / Batch Change Supplement / Boston Computer Society / British Computer Society / Business Communications Systems
BCWBurst Code - Word
BDBack door
BDCBackup Domain Controller
BDCSBroadband Digital Cross-connect System
BDEBlock Diagram Editor / Borland Database Engine
BDKBeans Development Kit
BDLCBurroughs Data Link Control
BDNBell Data Network
BDRBackup Designated Router
BDSBlack Dragon Society / Building Distribution System
BDTBerkeley Design Technology / Billing Data Transmitter
BECBackward Error Correction
BECNBackward Explicit Congestion Notation/Notification
BEDOBurst Extended - Data Out (RAM)
BEFBand Elimination Filter
BEGBig Evil Grin
BEITABusiness Equipment and Information Technology Association
BELLCOREBELL COmmunications REsearch
BERBasic Encoding Rules / Bit Error Rate
BERKOMBERlin KOMmunikation
BERTBit Error Rate Test / Bit Error Rate Tester
BETBlack Entertainment Television
BETELBroadband Exchange over Trans-European Links
BETRSBasic Exchange Telecommunications Radio Service
BEZSBandwidth Efficent Zero Support/Suppression
BFBoy Friend / Bridge Function
BFDBig F'kin' Deal
BFFBinary File Format
BFMBus Functional Model
BFNBye for now
BFOBlinding Flash of the Obvious
BFTBinary File Transfer
BG/EEEBelow Ground Electronic Equipment Enclosures
BGABall Grid Array
BGEEEBelow Ground Electronic Equipment Enclosures
BGIBorland Graphics Interface
BGPBorder Gateway Protocol
BGTBroadcast and Group Translators
BHAWBanging Head Against Wall
BHCBusy Hour Calls
BHCABusy Hour Call Attempts
BHLIBroadband High Layer Information
BHSBlack Hand Society
BIBackplane Interconnect / Beginning Inventory
BIABurned - In Address
BIASBerkeley Integrated Audio Software / Burroughs Integrated Adaptive System
BIBBus Interface Board
BIBOBeer In Beer Out
B-ICIBroadband - ISDN Inter-Carrier Interface / Broadband Inter-Carrier Interface
BICIBroadband Inter-Carrier Interface
B-ICISAALBroadband Inter-Carrier Interface Signaling ATM Adaptation Layer
BICISAALBroadband Inter-Carrier Interface Signaling ATM Adaptation Layer
BICMOSBipolar Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
BICSIBuilding Industry Consulting Service International (usually as BiCSi)
BIDSBath Information and Data Services
BIFBasis in fact / Benchmark Interface Format
BILBand Interleaved by Line
BIMBasic Industry Marketing
BIMOSBipolar Metal Oxide Semiconductor
BINDBerkeley Internet Name Domain
BIOSBasic Input / Output System
BIOYABlow It Out Your A**
BIOYIOPBlow It Out Your I/O Port
BIPBand Interleaved by Pixel / Bit Interleave Parity
BIPSBillions of Instructions Per Second
BIPVBit Interleaved Parity Violation
BIRONBibliographic Information Retrieval Online
BISBorder Intermediate System (ATM Forum)
B-ISDNBroadband - Integrated Services Digital Network
BISDNBroadband Integrated Services Digital Network
BISPBusiness Information System Program
BISSIBroadband Inter Switching System Interface
BISTBuilt In Self Test
B-ISUPBroadband ISDN User's Part
BISYNCBinary Synchronous Communication / Binary Synchronous Control / Bisynchronous Communic
BITBasic Information Unit / Binary DigIT (sometimes as bit) / Built In Test
BITBLTBIT BLock Transfer / Bit-boundry BLock Transfer
BIT-BLTBit-boundry BLock Transfer
BITEBuilt In Test Equipment
BITNETBecause It's Time NETwork
BITNICBITNET Network Information Center
BIUBasic Information Unit / Bus Interface Unit
BIXBYTE Information eXchange
BJSBureau of Justice Statistics
BKERTBlocK Error Rate Tester
BLBlue Lightning / British Library
BLAHBig Long and Hairy
BLASTBlocked Asynchronous / Synchronous Transmission
BLCMPBirmingham Libraries Co-operative Mechanisation Project
BLEDBlue Light Emitting Diode
BLERBLock Error Rate
BLERTBLock Error Rate Test / BLock Error Rate Tester
BLFBusy Lamp Field / Busy Line Field
BLLIBroadband Low Layer Information
B-LLIBroadband Low Layer Information
BLNTBroadband Local Network Technology
BLOBBinary Large OBject
BLOPBasic Local OPeration
B-LOPBasic Local OPeration
BLRDDBritish Library Research and Development Department
BLSBusiness Listing Service
BLUBasic Link Unit
BLVBusy Line Verification
BMABroadcast Multiple Access
BMCBasic Monthly Charge / Bulk Mail Center
BMEWSBallistic Missile Early Warning System
BMIDEBus Managed Integrated Drive Electronics
BMOSBytex Matrix Operating System
BMPBatch Message Processing (program) / BER Management Protocol / Bitmap (usually as .BMP)
BMSBanyan Mail Services / Basic Mapping Support
BMUBasic Measurement Unit
BNBridge Number
BNABurroughs Network Architecture
BNCBaynet N-type Compact / Bayonet Navy Connector / Bayonet Nut Connector / Bayonet - Neill - Concelnan / Britsh National Connector
BNFBig Name Fan / Backus-Naur Form
BNIBatteries Not Included
BNLBrookhaven National Laboratory
BNRBell National Research
BNSBilled Number Screening
BNTB-ISDN Network Termination
B-NTBroadband Network Termination
B-NT1B-ISDN Network Termination 1
B-NT2B-ISDN Network Termination 2
BOBuffer (Brain) Overload
BOABasic Object Adapter / Bill of Aggregation / Blanket Order Agreement
BOCBut Of Course / Bell Operating Company
BOCOEXBoston Computer Exchange (usually as BoCoEx)
BODBoard Of Directors
BOFBirds of a Feather (Special Interest Group) / Beginning Of File
BOFHB**tard Operator From Hell
BOIBasic Operators Interface
BOISBusiness Office Information Systems
BOKYAGBend Over and Kiss Your A** Goodbye
BOMBeginning Of Message / Bill of Materials
BONDINGBandwidth On Demand InterNetworking Group / Bandwidth ON Demand INteroperability Group
BONESBlock Oriented Network Simulator (usually as BONeS)
BOOBill of Organization
BOOTPBOOT Protocol / Bootstrap Protocol
BOPBit-Oriented Protocol
BOPSBillion Operations Per Second
BOQBill of Quantities
BORBasic Output Report
BORSCHTBattery Overvoltage Ringing Supervision Coding Hybrid Test
BOSBig Orange Switch (Panic Button) / Business and Office Systems / Business Office Supervisor
BOSEBusiness and Office Systems Engineering
BOSSBilling and Order Support System
BOTBack on Topic / Beginning Of Tape / roBOT
BOTEBrothers of the Eye
BOWBrotherhood Of Warez (usually as BoW)
BPABusiness Publications Audit
BPBBIOS Parameter Block
BPDUBridge Protocol Data Unit
BPFBerkeley Packet Filter
BPFMBusiness Process Flow Management (system)
BPIBits Per Inch
BPLBits Per Line
BPMBooks Per Minute / Business Planning Manager / Base Product Marketing
BPNComstar Business Plan
BPNRZBiPolar Non-Return-To-Zero
BPOCBell Point Of Contact
BPPBits Per Pixel / Bridge Port Pair
BPRBusiness Process Re-engineering
BPRZBiPolar Return-To-Zero
BPSBits Per Second (usually as bps) / Bytes Per Second (usually as Bps)
BPSKBinary Phase Shift Keying
BPSSBasic Packet Switching Service / Bell Packet Switching System
BPVBiPolar Violation
BQSBerkeley Quality Software
BRABasic Rate Access
BRATBusiness Residence Account Tracking system
BRATSBusiness Residence Account Tracking System
BRBBe Right Back
BRCSBusiness Residence Custom Service
BRFBenchmark Report Format
BRIBasic Rate Interface (ISDN)
BRIEBerkeley Roundtable on the International Economy
BRMBasic Remote Module / Business Reply Mail
BRMASBusiness Reply Mail Accounting System
BRMTPBatch Simple Message Transfer Protocol
BRPBlade Runner Productions
BRSBig Red Switch (Panic Button) / Bibliographic Research Service
BSBackSpace (ASCII) / Banded Signaling / Bullsh*t
BSABasic Service Arrangement / Business Software Alliance/Association
BSBHBusy Season Busy Hour
BSCBinary Synchronous Communication/Control / Bi-Synchronous Communication / Business Service Center
BSCMBiSynchronous Communications Module
BSDBerkeley Software Distribution / Berkeley System Distribution
BSEBasic Service Elements
BSEGBig Sh*t Eating A Grin
BSFBut Seriously Folks / Bell Shock Force
BSIBritish Standards Institute
BSNBroadband Service Node
BSOCBell Systems Operating Company
BSODBlue Screen Of Death
BSPBell Systems Practice / Bulk Synchronous Parallelism
BSQBand SeQuential
BSRBoard of Standards Review
BSRAMBurst Static Random Access Memory
BSRFBasic System Reference Frequency
BSRFSBell System Reference Frequency Standard
BSSBasic Synchronized Subset
BSTBut Seriously though / Basic Services Terminal
BSTJBell System Technical Journal
BSVCBroadcast Switched Virtual Connections
BSWBuried Service Wire
BTBritish Telecom / Burst Tolerance / Bus Terminator
B-TAB-ISDN Terminal Adapter
BTABut Then Again (in response to IOW) / B-ISDN Terminal Adapter
BTAIMbe that as it may
BTAMBasic Telecommunications Access Method/Message
BTBBranch Target Buffer
BTDTBeen There Done That
BTDTGTSBeen There Done That Got the T-Shirt
BTEB-ISDN Terminal Equipment
B-TEB-ISDN Terminal Equipment ( 1 or 2 )
BTFMBeats the Funk out of Me
BTFTBeen There Fixed That
BTHOMBeats the hell outta me!
BTLBell Telephone Laboratories
BTMBenchmark Timing Methodology
BTNBilling Telephone Number
BTPBatch Transfer Program
BTRBit Transfer Rate
BTSBase Transciever Station
BTSOMBeats the sh*t out of me
BTSOOMbeats the stuffing out of me - or - Beats The Sh!t Out Of Me
BTUBasic Transmission Unit / British Thermal Unit
BTWBy The Way
BTWBOBe there with bells on.
BUBLBulletin Board for Libraries
BUCBus Unit Controller
BUGSBloody User Generated Symptoms
BUSBroadcast and Unknown Server
BVABilling Validation Application
BVAPPBilling Verification and Authorization for Payment Process
BVCBilling Validation Center
BWLBursting With Laughter
BWMBroadcast Warning Message
BWQBuzz Word Quotient
BWTBroadcast Warning TWX
BWTSBandWidth Test Set
BYABye [of course]
BZTBundesamt fur Zulassungen in der Telekommunikation
BAMS            :- Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery

BARC            :- Bhabha Atomic Research Centre

BBC               :- British Broadcasting Corporation

BC                  :- Before Christ

BCG               :- Bacillus Calmette Guerin (Anti TB Vaccine)

BCCI              :- Board of Control for Cricket in India

BCCL             :- Bharat Cooking Coal Limited

BDL               :- Bharat Dynamics Limited

BEL                :- Bharat Electronics Limited

BENELUX     :- Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg

BHEL             :- Bharat Heavy Electronics Limited

BICP              :- Bureau of Industrial Costs and Prices

BIFR              :- Board of Industrial Finance and Reconstruction

BIMSTEC     :- Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka,Thailand Economic Cooperation

BIS                  :- Bureau of Indian Standards/ British Information Service

BIS                  :- Bank for International Settlements

BLTF             :- Bodo Liberation Tigers Force

BPO               :- Business Process Outsourcing

B.PHARMA  :- Bachelor of Pharmacy

BRL               :- Bharat Refineries Ltd

BSF                :- Border Security Force

BTC               :- Bodoland Territorial Council