(Q) Which film actor has set up an insurance scheme for the stuntmen and stuntwomen of Bollywood ?

(A) Actor Akshay Kumar

(Q) Indian economy to grow at _____ % in 2017-18 - Jaitley ?

(A) 7.5%

(Q) Who wins men‘s doubles title at Monte Carlo Masters ?

(A) Bopanna

(Q) National Panchayati Raj Day is being observed on ________ ?

(A) 24th April

(Q) World‘s first virtual reality shop Tesco (Retail chain) opened in which country ?

(A) S.Korea in 2011.

(Q) Which country bans naming kids with numbers, swear words ?

(A) Russia

(Q) Who is Meghalaya CM ?

(A) Mukul Sangma

(Q) Name the Union Minister adopts Bengaluru Kalena Agrahara Lake ?

(A) Nirmala Sitharaman